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[Review] SISTAR’s “Touch My Body” brings fantastic simmering summer heat


With their latest comeback “Touch My Body”, SISTAR proves that even their more easygoing singles can bring enough heat to power the long summer months. If “Touch My Body” surprises, it’s with its relatively laid-back hip-pop beat. SISTAR singles usually vacillate between sensual disco numbers and energetic pop songs, so a more subdued, warm backing track is a pleasant shift. ... Read More »

Beware of an SM Entertainment director impersonator at K-pop events


This controversy is actually a year old, but given the nature of it and that KCON is coming up soon, I thought it would be worth rehashing again in an Asian Junkie I-Team fashion (except totally serious), just as the K-pop sub-reddit apparently did. There's US company advertising for young women to audition for "SNSD's next MV". My advice is ... Read More »

K-netz mock J-ent’s popularity in Korea, which is amusing considering the history


A poll was taken in 11 countries regarding the Hallyu Wave, and Japan’s results said that half of the people polled believed that the Hallyu Wave is over. Nationalistic? Racist? Biased? Possibly and even probable in some cases, as I can always rely on issues like this to bring out the nationalistic stupid in human beings. But looking at the ... Read More »

Indie Focus: leeSA thrives with breezy pop hooks on ‘Where is leeSA?’


I will be the first to admit that I did not care for leeSA‘s ‘Wiv Hcube‘, which I thought did not blend the r&b and singer-songwriter elements very well. I enjoyed her original songs, but her covers didn’t quite hit home with me. Her latest album, however, puts all of my worries to rest. —– Leaning more on her singer-songwriter ... Read More »

Stage presence: what it is, what it isn’t, and why idols don’t have it


I dropped a comment a while back stating that CL was the only female K-pop idol who displayed anything resembling stage presence. This horrified nearly everyone — fans of 2NE1 were concerned that this praise for CL was uncharacteristic of my normal online behaviour and perhaps indicative of massive hard drug use or mental breakdown, whereas everyone else was like, ... Read More »

[Review] Girl’s Day’s “Darling” is an average summer release wrapped in glorious packaging


It’s near impossible to discuss Girl’s Day without examining the dichotomy in the group’s image. What started off as a group largely defined by its insanely (and somewhat aggravating) cute image evolved into a group dedicated to all the sexiness this side of SISTAR. “Darling” splits the difference between Girl’s Day’s past and present, and while the group appropriates both ... Read More »

[Review] f(x) produces another winner with rejuvenating album, ‘Red Light’


First of all, let me begin this review by stating that I absolutely loathe the term ‘hipster’ being applied to music. The word has been tossed around more than Attila The Hun‘s dick to describe this album, and it actually makes me angry — mainly because the concept of a hipster makes me angry. But also, trying to equate K-pop ... Read More »

Indie Focus: Humming Urban Stereo remakes his hits with the help of idols on ‘Reform’


For all his adventures in electronic music, Lee Jeereen, or Humming Urban Stereo, loves dance music. Throughout his career as a producer, Humming Urban Stereo firmly placed his music in upbeat dance that’s seemingly energetic and quiet at the same time. So it’s appropriate that for his tenth anniversary in the business, Humming Urban Stereo released ‘Reform‘, in which the ... Read More »

Indie Focus: Phonebooth brings melodic rock realness with ‘Wonder’


When Phonebooth released ‘Wonder‘, I knew that I had heard of the band before somewhere. And when I went to my library, sure enough, I found a couple of their previous albums. But while I had heard of Phonebooth, I hadn’t recalled a whole lot about them, so ‘Wonder’ became a new first impression for me. —– Overall, the album ... Read More »

Vocals 101: Judging


Vocals 101: Introduction Vocals 101: The Voice Vocals 101: The Technique – Part 1 Vocals 101: The Technique – Part 2 Judging Vocal Performances A vocal performance is judged by focusing on the following criterion: Primary Aspects: Pitch, breath support, and stability. Secondary Aspects: Musicality and musicianship. Judging Vocalists A vocalist is judged based on their consistency within the limitations ... Read More »

Vocals 101: The Technique – Part 2


Vocals 101: Introduction Vocals 101: The Voice Vocals 101: The Technique – Part 1 Vocal Resonance During vocal resonance, the vibrations of the vocal cords are amplified with the help of the vocal resonating cavities. The air fills these cavities to produce a rich reverberating sound before the air leaves the body. Vocal resonance is good voice projection and vocal ... Read More »

Vocals 101: The Voice


Vocals 101: Introduction The Voice When most people sing they mainly use three parts of the voice: lower register (chest voice), middle register (modal voice), and upper register (head voice and/or falsetto). Each part of the voice requires a different placement (which I will get to later) and produces a different sound. However, the basic technique required remains the same ... Read More »

Vocals 101: Introduction


What Is “Singing”? Singing is a physical manifestation of our increased emotional expression, state and personality, through the production of musical sounds, a larger and sustained form of speech. The act of singing consists of three components: Body: Skilful use of the body parts in order to sing properly, also known as vocal techniques. Mind: Consciousness, habit, concentration/focus, musical creativity ... Read More »