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Celebrity (BoA) talks about hardships, people use it to whine about their lives … rinse, repeat


A bunch of people on the Internet are offended that a celebrity talked about the hardships in their lives and resorted to whining about celebrities who make money again. Oh joy. Article: BoA “I never rested for longer than two weeks for 14 years… I worked like a cow” Source: TV Report via Naver 1. [+5,122, -726] It’s hard for ... Read More »

[Review] AOA’s ‘Like A Cat’ is the equivalent of delicious empty calories


AOA is back with a sexy concept (again) with the help of the production team of Brave Brothers (again). Considering the success that the two teams enjoyed together on “Miniskirt” and “Short Hair“, it may not come as surprise that the two adhere closely to the same formula of disco dance beats and fantastically sexy concepts that have come to ... Read More »

Lovelyz’s Seo Ji Soo now on hiatus, police request warrants + what’s wrong with neutral?


The mess involving Lovelyz‘s Seo Ji Soo continued on recently, and she’s now on hiatus from the group. Perhaps more importantly though, Woollim Entertainment and Seo Ji Soo went to the police to clear this up, and the police subsequently requested warrants. Related: No new information (as far as evidence goes) in here that we didn’t know yesterday, but if ... Read More »

Music Business 101 – What’s the real deal for aspiring K-pop stars?


Entering the music industry on any level in 2014 is exceptionally difficult, yet there are many people who wish to become pop stars. And with the steady rise of K-pop’s profile globally, Korea and K-pop is positioned in the hearts and minds (mainly the hearts) of young people around the world as a desirable field to hopefully break into. How realistic ... Read More »

[Review] SPICA’s “Ghost” is predictably and unfortunately flawless


If there is a fear to be had when it comes to SPICA, it’s that the group may have already maximized what it does best. There is comfort in finding one’s comfort zone in pop music and SPICA has seemingly known theirs from the start. Strong ballads and R&B tunes worked together perfectly when paired with SPICA’s five great vocalists. ... Read More »

Video of foreign pickup artist harassing Japanese women goes viral


So there’s a video of a pickup artist named Julien Blanc going around the interwebs at the moment, and it’s two things: 1) him at a seminar talking to people who are paying him for pickup advice 2) video of him basically harassing/assaulting Japanese women and thinking it means he’s a pimp. His site is literally, in real life, called ... Read More »

Red Velvet’s Wendy impersonates white and black people, sucks at it


Red Velvet guested on (the now hilariously named) ‘C-Radio Idol True Colors‘, and during the middle of it, Wendy, who grew up in Canada, did impersonations of white and black people because every foreigner is asked to do this for whatever reason. Here’s the thing about this: she SUCKS at it. So cringe. She’s from fucking Canada but she’s doing ... Read More »

Asian Junkie I-Team: New evidence in Kim Ji Min “scandal” points to SNSD


When the issue of Kim Ji Min and the mystery girl group that allegedly shit on her was first revealed, I took a look at the candidates and concluded that the groups were, in order of likelihood: Brown Eyed Girls, SNSD, KARA, and SeeYa. Recently though, Korean netizens dug up a picture from a small fanmeet for SNSD from 2009 ... Read More »

Indie Focus: Startline continue down the same great path with ‘Across The Night’


When it comes to melodic pop punk, Startline have established themselves firmly as a band to watch. With their previous EP, ‘Light My Fire‘, and single, “Time Goes By,” they’ve shown that the three members know how to craft really great songs. ‘Across The Night‘ isn’t anything different from past releases, and that’s perfectly fine. —– “Great Escape” is the ... Read More »

Indie Focus: J. Rabbit’s music has continually progressed, and ‘Stop & Go’ is no exception


I have been a big fan of J. Rabbit since they released ‘Looking Around‘ two years ago. “Happy Things” is still one of my go-to feel-good songs, and I am always excited when they release a new video. So, I was really surprised when I had not heard about their new album ‘Stop & Go‘ until now. With every album, ... Read More »

CL & Ailee set sail for ‘Murica — is it all a waste of time?


Korean idols making their way over to America is nothing new, and the US-of-A has already received the likes of SNSD, Wonder Girls, BoA, SPICA, and quite a few others. So far, it’s indisputable that the most successful venture belongs to PSY, whose accidental worldwide smash “Gangnam Style” raised the profile of Korean music across the globe, thus seemingly also ... Read More »

Park Si Hoo is coming back to the entertainment world, which makes me uneasy


Park Si Hoo is apparently making a return to the entertainment world after over a year away due to the rape allegations against him. The comeback will be in a film called “After Love“, and his co-star will be Yoon Eun Hye. Actress Yoon Eun Hye is apparently not afraid of a little controversy. The actress, who recently appeared in ... Read More »

Fandom of 15&’s Yerin is mad at her for being a human, are entitled, lazy morons


15&‘s Yerin (JYP Entertainment) has angered some members of her fandom due to alleged special treatment for some in the fandom and for lashing out at fans who spoke negatively about her getting close with certain fans. Basically, what happened is that Yerin hung out in Hongdae with a small group of fans, then other fans asked why the fuck ... Read More »

Indie Focus: Unchained’s ‘Thorn’ is a bold and convincing debut album


Unchained is a Busan-based rock band that has been around for quite a while, releasing EPs and singles here and there, yet I had never heard of them before. Their last EP was in 2005, and they’ve been relatively quiet ever since. So their recently released full-length album, ‘Thorn‘, really came out of the blue — but at full force. ... Read More »