Unflinching Reviews

[Review] Crayon Pop’s “UH-EE” a convincing case to fly to planet Crayon Pop


Is it even possible to review Crayon Pop by any reasonable standard? Isn’t part of the joy of the group the fact that they seem to defy every convention, as if the group were some science experiment done by a slacking alien teenager who got assigned Earth for some intergalactic science class report? Can an act built on non-convention stay ... Read More »

[Review] “Miss Korea” is literally an underrated gem of a period drama


You may be wondering what is so special about an SM Entertainment-produced drama starring Lee Yeon Hee that only averaged seven percent in ratings. Normally, I would be right there with you in your skepticism in regards to “Miss Korea“. However, if you can peer straight through your misconceptions regarding Lee Yeon Hee and SM Entertainment, you will be able ... Read More »

Indie Focus: Urban Zakapa successfully employs a band-centric approach in ’03′


My history with Urban Zakapa was different from their actual trajectory to notoriety. Instead of becoming enamored with their titular songs “Caffe Latte” and “Sweety You” like most others, I first encountered the group as part of the Tribute90 project, with their cover of “Just A Feeling”. I fell in love with their three-part harmonies and mistook Urban Zakapa as ... Read More »

[Review] 4minute’s “Whatcha Doin’ Today?” is a safe plea of insanity


The Brave Brothers and 4minute love-fest continues with “Whatcha Doin’ Today?”, and while the results this time around are a bit more consistent, if a little underwhelming musically, they are also still visually inconsistent and overwhelming. 4minute’s love of synth-laden funk beats should fall right into Brave Brothers’ wheelhouse, but as has been the case with his collaborations with 4minute ... Read More »

Indie Focus: Taru uses a variety of styles to impress with ‘Blind’


I’m a big fan of Taru‘s voice when she expands beyond the more pop-style songs she sometimes sings. ‘Blind‘ comes after ‘Puzzle‘, but carries a much more mature sound. Containing five songs, with one of them being an iPhone version of “나는 나를 미워해요”, ‘Blind’ contains just the right sound that I enjoy the most. The single “Rainy” is a ... Read More »

[Review] Orange Caramel’s “Catallena” is pure-strain Orange Caramel


Orange Caramel operates in a weird space for one who doesn’t like aegyo or cute concepts (me). On the one hand, Orange Caramel does a lot right. The group has it’s own visual and musical style. They don’t follow trends and their concepts are often visually memorable. In a sea of similar sounds and looks, Orange Caramel sticks out like ... Read More »

[Review] TVXQ’s “Spellbound” does just that to the viewer


TVXQ is one of the most dependable duos working K-pop today, and both Yunho and Changmin could headline any group they damn well please and it would be solid. Together, they’re usually golden, and “Spellbound” is no exception. The production for “Spellbound” is pretty good. A smooth neo-soul beat straddles the line between cheesy and classy. Saxophones will always be ... Read More »

[Review] 2NE1′s “Happy” is the filleriest filler to ever fill


2NE1 decided to go all out with the release of “CRUSH” by releasing two music videos for it. While one could understand the sentiment of wanting to go big, “Happy” doesn’t justify its own music video release, as it’s definitely lacking compared to “Come Back Home”. It all starts with the song, which was reviewed on this site here: “Happy” ... Read More »

[Review] 2NE1′s “Come Back Home” was well worth the wait


2NE1 decided to celebrate the release of “CRUSH” with two music videos, one for “Come Back Home” and the other for “Happy“. While “Happy” can best be described as empty calories, “Come Back Home” is clearly the one where 2NE1 devoted most of its resources. Thankfully, all that effort and all those delays have resulted in an incredibly worthwhile video. ... Read More »

[Review] SNSD comes back with a nauseating music video for “Mr. Mr.”


After having to delay the comeback due to data corruption, SNSD finally came back … with a clumsily produced music video that is rather headache inducing due to the incessant amount of filters used. After seeing how shit this music video is, there is no doubt in my mind that SM Entertainment really did fuck up and lose the most ... Read More »

[Review] 2NE1′s “CRUSH” has slight case of “hit or miss” syndrome; similar to SNSD’s release


2NE1, YG‘s favourite girl group, have finally released their second full length album, ‘CRUSH‘. After being pushed back more times than SME has released pointless trailers for SNSD‘s new music video, we finally have access to ‘CRUSH’, the first 2NE1 collection in Korea since 2011. That was nearly three fucking years ago, so this had better be spectacular. —– 2NE1 ... Read More »

[Review] 2NE1′s ‘CRUSH’ doesn’t surprise (and in a good way)


After a slight delay to avoid dropping at the same time as SNSD’s “Mr. Mr.“ to properly celebrate Queen CL’s birthday, 2NE1 has finally released their second full-length album in “CRUSH“. After a year which featured three 2NE1 singles ranging from downright bad (‘Falling In Love’) to “not as bad as ‘Falling In Love’” (‘Do You Love Me’, ‘Missing You‘), ... Read More »

[Review] 2NE1 finally release “CRUSH” album after like 50 delays, was it worth the wait?


After a contest to see who could fail the worst with SM Entertainment/SNSD, YG Entertainment finally decided to actually release 2NE1‘s second full album, “CRUSH“, after like a dozen delays. Was it worth the wait for all da muzik improvement that YG claimed?! Let’s take a quick listen/review of all the tracks. —– The hook for “Crush” is terrible for ... Read More »

[Review] SNSD’s “Mr. Mr.” mini is quality, but single could be one of the group’s best ever


After so many errors and screw ups that almost made Core Contents Media seem competent, SNSD finally released their fourth mini-album, “Mr. Mr.”. It’s SNSD’s first K-pop release since the group last assaulted ear drums and threatened to break pop music’s very structure with “I Got A Boy”, and there’s no music video yet due to “data corruption”, but the ... Read More »

[Review] SNSD’s “Mr. Mr.” mini is tad underwhelming, but has bright spots


So we finally have the release of SNSD‘s fourth mini album, entitled “Mr. Mr.“, after the insanity of SM’s incredibly faulty release schedule. We had it for a bit, then we didn’t, then it was back, and that’s pretty much as far as I understand. Either way, here is a little review of said album. —– The mini album is ... Read More »