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Vocal Technique & Vocal Production: Or Why You Don’t Sound Like An Idol


There’s plenty of people these days who know all about the voice and the physiology of singing. I guess the obsession with vocal knowledge is the cancer that idol TV shows (in both the East & West) have inflicted on the world by continually treating music as a competition with measurable objective standards instead of as an entertainment art. It’s ... Read More »

Music Video Lessons: New Champ uses debut to promote micro-penis acceptance


Hip-hop artist New Champ from PJR Entertainment has recently dropped his debut single, “Yahage“. New Champ is getting his career started off with a bang, ingeniously inviting After School‘s Kaeun, BESTie‘s Uji, and Hello Venus‘ Lime to dress sexy as fuck in his music video to help bring him attention. Hell, his entire hype campaign leading up to this was ... Read More »

“Cheap Creeper” & “Say Yes” were ok, but they made me wonder about K-pop in America


So in case you hadn’t heard yet, two songs by K-pop artists will appear on the soundtrack for “Make Your Move“: SNSD‘s “Cheap Creeper” and “Say Yes” by SNSD’s Jessica and f(x)‘s Krystal. I honestly didn’t hate either of them, and I see what SM Entertainment was trying to do. “Cheap Creeper” was catchy but sort of bleh, and “Say ... Read More »

Crayon Pop’s “UH-EE” MV entertaining as usual, but their showcases/lives always better


Crayon Pop‘s “UH-EE” music video dropped the other day, and I posted a quick post so everybody could react while I gathered my thoughts. And well, in a little over a day, the MV has since exceeded 1.2 million views, which is honestly ridiculous if you consider where they were at this time last year. In a nutshell, I enjoyed ... Read More »

Bro’s “That Kind Of Guy” is the anthem for thirsty losers everywhere; reply is pretty dumb too


So this bro singer named Bro has had a song called “That Kind Of Guy” go viral in Korea recently, and it’s a song basically complaining about women with delusional standards and materialistic women. It’s done in ballad format with a KakaoTalk lyric MV, and it has done a good job of appealing to men who are bitter and mad. ... Read More »

Sones have crafted a conspiracy theory where Kim Tae Hee, Suzy, and others all hate YoonA


SNSD‘s YoonA is a perfect angel that nobody can possibly think negatively about, which is why Sones have crafted an elaborate conspiracy theory where apparently every other popular celebrity schemes against YoonA out of jealousy. The theory is basically that opposing companies pay journalists to write negative* articles about YoonA so that their celebs will be used in CFs instead. ... Read More »

SNSD talks about the ‘Black Ocean’ + explaining what it was to K-pop newbies


On a recent episode of “Healing Camp“, SNSD talked about their experiences with the ‘Black Ocean‘ boycott back when they were rookies. Not too long after the girls debuted and were promoting “Into the New World”, the girls suffered a black-out protest at one of K-pop’s biggest annual events, ‘Dream Concert’. Usually, K-pop groups will have their own fan “colors” ... Read More »

Now that Sunye’s gone for 5 years, criticism of her is justified


Sunye and her husband will be going to Haiti for five years on a mission for Christianity. She left a letter on the Wonder Girls‘ official fancafe talking about her decision. Sunye explains she feels embarrassed about only focusing on personal success when there are so many people in Haiti who are dying without having heard the Gospel. Thus, she ... Read More »

Actor Woo Bong Shik commits suicide, K-netizens use it as an excuse to rage against idols


Actor Woo Bong Shik recently committed suicide in his home, which is just another sad case that is all too common in Korea and the entertainment industry. DongA Ilbo reported that Woo Bong Shik was found at his rented apartment in Gaepo-dong of the Gangnam District on March 9 at around 8 PM. The Seoul Investigation Unit commented, “Woo’s friend ... Read More »

CL’s “MTBD” deemed offensive to Muslims, but reaction more disturbing than action


2NE1‘s CL has been enjoying a great deal of positive press recently with the release of her group’s “CRUSH” album and fans enjoying her rap solo, “MTBD“. However, with the release of a solo live of the song today (don’t ask me why that prompted this), Muslim fans heard something in the song that sounded a lot like a melodic ... Read More »

Music production & songwriting credits explained or: Why the ‘true artist’ label is dumb


It’s hard to think up any music fandom with an insecurity complex bigger than any given K-pop fandom. People who are into K-pop (regardless of which group is their fave) can’t just seem to say, “I like this bubblegum shit, because it sounds good to me, and that’s that, and if you don’t like it fuck you!” No, they have ... Read More »

Rejoice! K-netizens drop their double standards and slut-shame Sunmi!


It looks like the K-netizens are becoming more consistent with their comments about celebrities as of late. First, it was Won Bin, and now it’s Sunmi‘s turn to face the wrath of their consistency! After Sunmi’s music video for “Full Moon” was dropped, the keyboard warriors went online to make comments about her rather interesting choreography — one that is ... Read More »

K-pop? Eh … here’s the 11 musical artists that everyday Koreans actually listen to


Are K-pop idols popular in Korea? Well, their influence runs rampant if your world is currently a high school environment. Other than that? Not really. A common misconception many foreigners have is that K-pop is incredibly popular amongst the adult population in Korea. The image people believe is that everyone bumps K-pop on their smartphones and laptops. That once your ... Read More »

Top Class Entertainment played the outrage machine for fools, Stellar wins in the end


I’m not a fan of Stellar, but I’m not … not a fan of Stellar either. I couldn’t have been either since I didn’t give a single shit about them until this recent promotion cycle. I didn’t know what they were doing, I didn’t know if they disbanded, and I didn’t care if they were coming back. I wasn’t going ... Read More »

Hwayoung’s new T-ara comments don’t fit desired narrative, netizen backlash continues


So now that Hwayoung is starting up activities again, OBVIOUSLY the one thing people want to ask her about is the T-ara issue, though it’s been clarified by her and T-ara members before. But still, it’s a popular issue that generates reactions, so journalists basically have to ask her about it. And just like last time, ask they did. She ... Read More »