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Park Bom leaves “Roommate” due to controversy, thus rendering reality TV pointless


Park Bom will no longer be on “Roommate” after the July 27 episode, and the producers have already been editing her out of episodes due to her drug controversy. Korean reality television fucking sucks. On July 24, Baek Jung Ryeol of SBS’s “Roommate” revealed that “Park Bom’s last appearance will be on July 27. She didn’t participate in the filming, ... Read More »

Beware of an SM Entertainment director impersonator at K-pop events


This controversy is actually a year old, but given the nature of it and that KCON is coming up soon, I thought it would be worth rehashing again in an Asian Junkie I-Team fashion (except totally serious), just as the K-pop sub-reddit apparently did. There's US company advertising for young women to audition for "SNSD's next MV". My advice is ... Read More »

K-netz mock J-ent’s popularity in Korea, which is amusing considering the history


A poll was taken in 11 countries regarding the Hallyu Wave, and Japan’s results said that half of the people polled believed that the Hallyu Wave is over. Nationalistic? Racist? Biased? Possibly and even probable in some cases, as I can always rely on issues like this to bring out the nationalistic stupid in human beings. But looking at the ... Read More »

Stage presence: what it is, what it isn’t, and why idols don’t have it


I dropped a comment a while back stating that CL was the only female K-pop idol who displayed anything resembling stage presence. This horrified nearly everyone — fans of 2NE1 were concerned that this praise for CL was uncharacteristic of my normal online behaviour and perhaps indicative of massive hard drug use or mental breakdown, whereas everyone else was like, ... Read More »

Vocals 101: Judging


Vocals 101: Introduction Vocals 101: The Voice Vocals 101: The Technique – Part 1 Vocals 101: The Technique – Part 2 Judging Vocal Performances A vocal performance is judged by focusing on the following criterion: Primary Aspects: Pitch, breath support, and stability. Secondary Aspects: Musicality and musicianship. Judging Vocalists A vocalist is judged based on their consistency within the limitations ... Read More »

Vocals 101: The Technique – Part 2


Vocals 101: Introduction Vocals 101: The Voice Vocals 101: The Technique – Part 1 Vocal Resonance During vocal resonance, the vibrations of the vocal cords are amplified with the help of the vocal resonating cavities. The air fills these cavities to produce a rich reverberating sound before the air leaves the body. Vocal resonance is good voice projection and vocal ... Read More »

Vocals 101: The Voice


Vocals 101: Introduction The Voice When most people sing they mainly use three parts of the voice: lower register (chest voice), middle register (modal voice), and upper register (head voice and/or falsetto). Each part of the voice requires a different placement (which I will get to later) and produces a different sound. However, the basic technique required remains the same ... Read More »

Vocals 101: Introduction


What Is “Singing”? Singing is a physical manifestation of our increased emotional expression, state and personality, through the production of musical sounds, a larger and sustained form of speech. The act of singing consists of three components: Body: Skilful use of the body parts in order to sing properly, also known as vocal techniques. Mind: Consciousness, habit, concentration/focus, musical creativity ... Read More »

YG’s statement begins to backfire, but Park Bom’s narrative still makes sense


YG spelled out a plausible and rational timeline yesterday in response to reports that Park Bom had attempted to smuggle drugs into Korea. Unfortunately, that did not cause the criticism to dissipate, and that’s partially because people have trouble being reasonable and partially because YG’s own statement was passive, emotional, and ripe for the picking in terms of flaws. Right ... Read More »

TIME names SNSD’s “Mr. Mr.” as Top 25 song of 2014, which makes perfect sense


TIME named SNSD‘s “Mr. Mr.” one of its Top 25 songs of 2014 so far, and a lot of people are extremely confused as to why that is. The track is described by the publication thusly: Fans of K-pop juggernaut Girls’ Generation (a.k.a. SNSD) won’t be disappointed by their latest dance-friendly single, and the addition of a scratchy electronic bass ... Read More »

Jiyeon blasted for mentioning Choi Jin Shil, netz should take a long look in mirror instead


Jiyeon recently brought up Choi Jin Shil‘s name and was predictably eviscerated for it by netizens, both because she’s Jiyeon and because Choi Jin Shil is still a sore subject ever since her suicide back in 2008. And while a lot of people need to reflect over mentioning Choi Jin Shil’s name, Jiyeon certainly isn’t one of them. 1. [+1,078, ... Read More »

Past issues between Kris & SME come to light, Chinese companies allegedly involved


The Kris versus SM Entertainment saga has finally had all the rumors start to bubble to the surface, as it’s now being reported that Kris had left EXO on at least three separate occasions, and the sway of a career in China with a Chinese company may have been involved in his eventual decision. In light of Kris’s lawsuit with ... Read More »

Analyzing Analysis: Do sexy concepts work? Probably.


James Turnbull of The Grand Narrative wrote about and translated a Korean editorial which questioned whether sexy concepts even work in the world of K-pop. The editorial compares sexy concepts with non-sexy concepts, and then contrasts the two based on fan club membership, YouTube views, digital downloads, music show wins, and the amount of media attention. Well as it turns ... Read More »