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Davichi don’t seem to hate each other and people just can’t stand it

Dude in the back is me reading these shitty netizen comments.

If you didn’t know, Davichi have a terrible relationship with one another and hate each other because Kang Min Kyung constantly bullies duo partner Lee Haeri. How do we know this? Because people who selectively read into their relationship based on their reality shows, talk show appearances, and their SNS accounts just KNOW. I’m not gonna post up every article, ... Read More »

Park Myung Soo goes upside Seolhyun’s head, but it’s okay cause oppa didn’t mean it


On the variety show ‘Brave Family‘, comedian Park Myung Soo went upside the head of AOA member Seolhyun for dropping an egg. This caused a bit of a controversy and ignited a debate over if it was just malicious editing or not. In any case, the producer of the show responded and basically said that it wasn’t a big deal. ... Read More »

Clara hits back against Polaris Entertainment, says she has receipts


The ongoing lawsuit/contract drama between Clara and Polaris Entertainment recently took another step forward after Clara rebutted Polaris claims that she was basically making the whole sexual harassment angle up. So what started as a mysterious contract dispute has now taken a much more ugly turn, and this doesn’t look anywhere close to over. This is especially true since Clara, ... Read More »

Group of I-SONEs declare doxxing campaign against alleged SNSD haters, are insane people


A group of I-SONEs have joined forces in a campaign to doxx all of SNSD‘s haters and the harassers of SONEs. And by “haters” and “harassers”, they mean anybody who doesn’t fit into their worldview of what a SONE is or anybody who doesn’t like SNSD. Said people have already doxxed and harassed a community member at Netizen Buzz, for ... Read More »

Jonghyun’s “Crazy” builds to glory with Iron, but MV features like 500 SME ads


SHINee‘s Jonghyun made his solo debut with the mini-album ‘BASE‘, and expectations were high since he had his hand in the lyrics, composition, and (obviously) performing. The lead single from the album is “Crazy“, and it features rapper Iron … and like 5000 advertisements. I’m not quite as sold on him going to the ‘Adam Levine falsetto’ well so often, ... Read More »

Hello Venus use butts in ‘Wiggle Wiggle’ to distract us from whatever ‘Sticky Sticky’ was


Let’s just get this out the way: “Sticky Sticky” was a disaster. It was lame. It’s basically the musical equivalent of a chocolate teapot — sweet to look at, but absolutely fucking useless. After Hello Venus‘s golden era between 2012 and 2013, you would think that their company, Fantagio, would try to build upon the brand they had forged and ... Read More »

IATFB’s List Of The Top 100 Songs Of 2014 + Why We Approach Lists Wrong


Rankings or lists of anything that isn’t objectively measurable in any meaningful way, like, oh I dunno, music, will always have a ton of disagreements to the point of people getting insane over it. I never really cared about these debates, but over time I’ve noticed I care a lot less, simply because I’ve come to understand that the way ... Read More »

Yes, SME made an SM TOWN cafe because they want to rob kids, but how is that new?


So SM Entertainment is releasing this literal SM TOWN cult ground to extort their stans of the most amount of money possible, and that move has fallen under criticism. In particular, there’s a post showing the prices of food at SM TOWN cafes: Those prices are ridiculous (well, except for those cool hat cupcakes), so people are understandably upset about ... Read More »

M.I.B’s Sims disses (?) Bobby & this is building to gloriousness, whining fans PLZ GO


Continuing on the Bobby dissing train, M.I.B‘s SIMS released a song that seemingly took shots at Bobby and basically everybody else. Please, PLEASE let this escalate. We are now getting steps closer to the full blown IDOL RAP BATTLE that I didn’t know I was waiting my whole life for but now I see the light. Anyways, SIMS’s diss song ... Read More »

Dust Off: Cast Of ‘Happy Together’ Was An Impressive Collection Of Future Stars


“Happy Together” was a television show on SBS that was a hit in 1999, but was unfortunately about a beat before the ‘Hallyu Wave’ took off. Thus, its influence was muted by the wave of popular dramas that followed after. Nevertheless, when I recently stumbled upon the cast list of the show, I was really taken by how many future ... Read More »

Like money — K-pop music video production costs explained


In K-pop, the music video is often as important as the song. I’d even go out on a not-very-dangerous limb and say it’s a lot more important than the song in most cases, and for a bunch of different reasons, ranging from building a brand, to building interest in the performers, to product placement, to connecting to global audiences and ... Read More »

TSE say rival agency is behind B.A.P’s lawsuit; address accusations but avoid key points

(Via Koreaboo)

TS Entertainment has been under heavy scrutiny recently, not only for the recent B.A.P lawsuit, but also for their alleged treatment of SECRET and Untouchable. In the meantime, TSE had not stated much in their defense, instead preferring to seemingly pretend nothing was happening. Today, though, TSE decided to address all the controversies in an official statement. —– TSE starts ... Read More »

Dok2, Masta Wu, Bobby form ‘dream team’ for ‘Come Here’, deliver same basic shit


Netizens were circlejerking to high heaven when it was revealed that YG Entertainment‘s second project group was Dok2, Masta Wu, and Bobby, because the trio was comprised of two well-respected rappers and one of the up-and-coming idol stars. And yet, even with all that “talent”, the trio predictably combined to deliver a basic rap track in “Come Here“. Three things ... Read More »

LOCO & WASSUP apologize to Muslim fans; K-pop needs to send message or get a clue


Since I’ve been ‘gone’, two incidents occurred where K-pop offended their Muslim fanbase, which I’m assuming surprised nobody. The first incident was rapper LOCO using a Muslim call to prayer in his ‘Act Serious‘ track. In Islamic tradition, azan is a call for prayer and worship sung by the muezzin, or mosque leader, during certain times of the day. Some ... Read More »