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Jang Ja Yeon ruled to have been abused & forced to serve, $23,000 fine for CEO


Korean courts have ruled that late actress Jang Ja Yeon was forced to serve at drinking sessions against her will and was subjected to abuse by her agency’s CEO, Kim Sung Hoon. As a result, Kim Sung Hoon has been ordered to pay her family about $23,000 in compensation. But the story of this case goes way deeper than just ... Read More »

Music show uploader in Japan arrested for sharing, Japan is dumb as hell


Japan is dumb as fuck. Let’s just get that out of the way. A few days ago on Oct. 7, police arrested Fujimura Hideaki for violating Japanese copyright law. Why? Because he uploaded Japanese television shows on Dailymotion. This is probably the highest profile incident since Japan’s newest shitty draconian laws were put into place, and it’s only fucking Japan ... Read More »

SNSD is a mess, SME is a mess, SONES are a mess, everything is a mess


Alright, so SNSD is a mess, SM Entertainment is a mess, and SONES are a gigantic mess. That’s what we know right now. Everything else is a bundle of rumors and reports that nobody can confirm and probably nobody will, but because #TeamSchadenfreude is out here, I figure I should at least inform everybody of what’s going on. Everything I’m ... Read More »

Media reports Tyler Kwon & Jessica to get married, Tyler Kwon says ‘nah’ + analysis


So the Internet was filled with speculation that SNSD‘s Jessica and Tyler Kwon were set to get married next year because of media reports out of Korea. That was, obviously, of interest because of the seemingly sudden divorce of SNSD, SM Entertainment, and Jessica, but that report might’ve been bullshit. According to Sports Donga and various insider sources, Jessica and ... Read More »

Han Ye Seul signs with KeyEast, people prove they still don’t get it


Actress Han Ye Seul, basically absent from the Korean entertainment industry for three years (besides news she was dating Teddy), has apparently decided to come out of hiding and get back to work. Han Ye Seul signed with KeyEast and is rumored to be in talks for a role on SBS‘s upcoming drama, “Birth Of A Beauty“. Key East Entertainment ... Read More »

You know, Seungri’s car accident WAS pretty average, we just happened to see it


K-netz and I-netz are upset and creating conspiracies. Why? Because police said that the accident Seungri was involved in would be “average” if he wasn’t famous. 1. [+1,299, -63] Yeah, I’m sure a Porsche flipping over while racing through the Gangbyeon Expressway is something normal, fu*k 2. [+1,149, -58] Since when are any car accidents average 3. [+1,164, -108] Just ... Read More »

So what’s the difference between K-pop and Western pop anyway?


Inquiring minds wish to know the differences between Korean pop and pop from other countries. What are the differences? How much has one influenced the other? Is it true that one is superior? I keep getting asked about this type of shit, so here’s another one of those posts where I wrap some vaguely educational information up in my usual ... Read More »

Hyosung does thing, people mad + ALS Ice Bucket Challenge haters just shut the fuck up


Hyosung did her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and it was a normal thing. I watched it on Instagram hours before an article was written on it and didn’t think anything of it. But people found shit to get mad about, because she was wearing a white shirt and black bra, which meant she was an attention-whoring slut and didn’t care ... Read More »