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Han Ye Seul signs with KeyEast, people prove they still don’t get it


Actress Han Ye Seul, basically absent from the Korean entertainment industry for three years (besides news she was dating Teddy), has apparently decided to come out of hiding and get back to work. Han Ye Seul signed with KeyEast and is rumored to be in talks for a role on SBS‘s upcoming drama, “Birth Of A Beauty“. Key East Entertainment ... Read More »

You know, Seungri’s car accident WAS pretty average, we just happened to see it


K-netz and I-netz are upset and creating conspiracies. Why? Because police said that the accident Seungri was involved in would be “average” if he wasn’t famous. 1. [+1,299, -63] Yeah, I’m sure a Porsche flipping over while racing through the Gangbyeon Expressway is something normal, fu*k 2. [+1,149, -58] Since when are any car accidents average 3. [+1,164, -108] Just ... Read More »

So what’s the difference between K-pop and Western pop anyway?


Inquiring minds wish to know the differences between Korean pop and pop from other countries. What are the differences? How much has one influenced the other? Is it true that one is superior? I keep getting asked about this type of shit, so here’s another one of those posts where I wrap some vaguely educational information up in my usual ... Read More »

Hyosung does thing, people mad + ALS Ice Bucket Challenge haters just shut the fuck up


Hyosung did her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and it was a normal thing. I watched it on Instagram hours before an article was written on it and didn’t think anything of it. But people found shit to get mad about, because she was wearing a white shirt and black bra, which meant she was an attention-whoring slut and didn’t care ... Read More »

Park Bom leaves “Roommate” due to controversy, thus rendering reality TV pointless


Park Bom will no longer be on “Roommate” after the July 27 episode, and the producers have already been editing her out of episodes due to her drug controversy. Korean reality television fucking sucks. On July 24, Baek Jung Ryeol of SBS’s “Roommate” revealed that “Park Bom’s last appearance will be on July 27. She didn’t participate in the filming, ... Read More »

Beware of an SM Entertainment director impersonator at K-pop events


This controversy is actually a year old, but given the nature of it and that KCON is coming up soon, I thought it would be worth rehashing again in an Asian Junkie I-Team fashion (except totally serious), just as the K-pop sub-reddit apparently did. There's US company advertising for young women to audition for "SNSD's next MV". My advice is ... Read More »

K-netz mock J-ent’s popularity in Korea, which is amusing considering the history


A poll was taken in 11 countries regarding the Hallyu Wave, and Japan’s results said that half of the people polled believed that the Hallyu Wave is over. Nationalistic? Racist? Biased? Possibly and even probable in some cases, as I can always rely on issues like this to bring out the nationalistic stupid in human beings. But looking at the ... Read More »

Stage presence: what it is, what it isn’t, and why idols don’t have it


I dropped a comment a while back stating that CL was the only female K-pop idol who displayed anything resembling stage presence. This horrified nearly everyone — fans of 2NE1 were concerned that this praise for CL was uncharacteristic of my normal online behaviour and perhaps indicative of massive hard drug use or mental breakdown, whereas everyone else was like, ... Read More »

Vocals 101: Judging


Vocals 101: Introduction Vocals 101: The Voice Vocals 101: The Technique – Part 1 Vocals 101: The Technique – Part 2 Judging Vocal Performances A vocal performance is judged by focusing on the following criterion: Primary Aspects: Pitch, breath support, and stability. Secondary Aspects: Musicality and musicianship. Judging Vocalists A vocalist is judged based on their consistency within the limitations ... Read More »