allkpop & Koreaboo slap fight over rumor that remaining Chinese EXO-M members leaving


allkpop and Koreaboo are currently engaged in a source war over an EXO rumor, with the two outlets apparently attempting journalism, which means it’s worth a post just for the lulz potential of it all. Basically, the rumor is that the remaining Chinese members of EXO-M are also planning to leave along with Luhan in order to form a group ... Read More »

Seungri left hospital early to participate in ISIS activities, now back in hospital


When Seungri got off the ambulance after his car crash, the explanation given was that he simply thought he was alright. But that didn’t sit well with a bunch of people, who obviously thought there was a conspiracy afoot, one where YG Entertainment bought off police and government for … reasons (I still don’t know). Well, now it’s been reported ... Read More »

Critical Eye: Ladies’ Code’s tragedy is apparently clickbait time for K-pop sites


So the other day after RiSe of Ladies’ Code passed away, I had a little Twitter meltdown because I was pretty pressed and I kept seeing pageview-seeking practices put into play by K-pop sites for this event. Stop posting fucking updates on random shit on this and [BREAKING] and [EXCLUSIVE] on deaths, you pageview-seeking fucking leeches. — Asian Junkie (@asianjunkiecom) ... Read More »

Minah & Son Heung Min have only been on 2 dates, netz mad netz mad netz mad


DreamT Entertainment created a bigger mess than necessary regarding the reported relationship of Girl’s Day‘s Minah and soccer player Son Heung Min, but that was allegedly because the pair have only been out with each other a couple times. And we all know never in history have the Korean media and companies given what Korean netizens say way too much ... Read More »

Who’ll be first to publish a mad editorial about Hyomin? + Asian Junkie has been exposed


So as you guys know, Hyomin is making her solo debut with “Nice Body“, and judging by the comments about it, both international netizens and Korean netizens are going to be mad about it because “SHE’S A DIRTY WHORE!!!” or whatever similar shit. So if we were doing odds on who would be the first to write an upset screed ... Read More »

Taeyang speaks on the idol label, creative limitations, his love life, and more


Taeyang recently released his music video for “Eyes, Nose, Lips“, and Jaeki Cho of noonchi managed to get an exclusive and extensive interview with Taeyang, in which the star opened up about a bunch of things ranging from the idol label to his frustrations with creative limitations. —– On The Idol Label You and G-Dragon were in a hip-hop/R&B duo ... Read More »

Critical Eye: allkpop’s policy on breaking news is to throw shit against the wall and pray


So allkpop has recently started to break “exclusives” more and more frequently through whatever sources they’ve acquired over the years (because breaking news has gone so well for them in the past), and while doing so isn’t a bad thing and I don’t doubt that they absolutely know people with access to what companies are doing/thinking, their methodology is consistently ... Read More »

Analyzing Analysis: Do sexy concepts work? Probably.


James Turnbull of The Grand Narrative wrote about and translated a Korean editorial which questioned whether sexy concepts even work in the world of K-pop. The editorial compares sexy concepts with non-sexy concepts, and then contrasts the two based on fan club membership, YouTube views, digital downloads, music show wins, and the amount of media attention. Well as it turns ... Read More »

Around The Web: Digipedi interview, top K-pop producers, KPOPALYPSE poll


noonchi: noonchi is a new site, but one that’s off to a great start. Here’s an interview with Digipedi, the minds behind Orange Caramel‘s “Catallena” music video. The whole thing is worth reading, but remember that whole shit where that Orange Caramel fan invented some complex narrative about the music video? Yeah, well the creators say they had no intention ... Read More »

Crayon Pop’s Gummi captured abusing a fan of hers! SHOCK!


Crayon Pop‘s Gummi has been captured on a fancam abusing a female fan of hers at a fanmeeting! Behind their cute new concept for “UH-EE” still lies the DELINQUENT ILBEYON THUGS repping dat Chrome Entertainment set. GIF Link Absolutely horrific! —– Let’s take a step-by-step look into the mind of a thug. She picks out her target. The smile is ... Read More »

Let’s Pretend: Crayon Pop’s songs have deep, insightful lyrics peons cannot understand


Recently I’ve went over the amusing nature of the reaction to the Crayon Pop/Lady Gaga collab from the international K-pop fandom. While Koreans seem to understand what Crayon Pop and K-pop exist for on some level, international K-pop fans appear to be taking K-pop extremely seriously, as if they have a complex about it. As such, they’ve cultivated a particularly ... Read More »

Critical Eye: For the sake of my sanity, I’m gonna assume this was on purpose


So … allkpop tweeted out and posted this article about Korean celebs in Jamaica ‘meeting’ Usain Bolt. Korea’s resident reggae duo, Skull and HaHa, along with friends Noh Hong Chul and Jung Hyung Don, snapped a photo with Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt! “It was great to meet u last night!” HaHa said. For my sanity, I’m gonna assume this was ... Read More »

The explicit version of Perfume’s “Fake It”, as translated by Random J.


As we currently know it, Perfume‘s “Fake It” is a song about non-commitment. But contrary to popular belief, this wasn’t always the case. “Fake It” was originally conceived out of Perfume’s songwriter and producer Nakata Yasutaka overhearing a conversation the girls were having about Kashiyuka’s ex-boyfriend and his weak sex game. Unbeknownst to Perfume, Nakata created “Fake It” as their inadequate man ... Read More »

[BREAKING] Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” found tortured and murdered (AP)


SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – A song was murdered on Monday by two women who have labeled themselves as musical artists. The victim was identified as Mariah Carey’s iconic “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, which was found tortured and murdered in the middle of an upscale recording studio. Area police described the the scene as ‘horrific’ and noted ... Read More »