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Around The Web: Mizuhara Kiko Not An Extremist? (!!!), Hyeri Not Evil (?!), Keiunkan Inn


RocketNews24: I think I actually hate them for showing me this place. The Keiunkan Inn is the oldest hotel in the world and now I basically have to go. —– Netizen Buzz: A Pann post that nobody will read cause it’s Pann comes up with the revelation that Mizuhara Kiko is not a right-wing Japanese extremist and is instead just ... Read More »

Around The Web: Koreaboo, ‘One Fine Day’, Sojin, EXID/BESTie, JAV Boobs For Charity


Time to start this shit up again, my god. —– Koreaboo (1|2): Koreaboo have announced exclusive partnerships with Dispatch and TV Report. In theory, this sounds like a significant announcement since they’ll get video and pictures that others don’t have, and they’ll get articles out first. However, I’d like to see evidence this will actually be the case, because allkpop ... Read More »

Taeyang speaks on the idol label, creative limitations, his love life, and more


Taeyang recently released his music video for “Eyes, Nose, Lips“, and Jaeki Cho of noonchi managed to get an exclusive and extensive interview with Taeyang, in which the star opened up about a bunch of things ranging from the idol label to his frustrations with creative limitations. —– On The Idol Label You and G-Dragon were in a hip-hop/R&B duo ... Read More »

Around The Web: Digipedi interview, top K-pop producers, KPOPALYPSE poll


noonchi: noonchi is a new site, but one that’s off to a great start. Here’s an interview with Digipedi, the minds behind Orange Caramel‘s “Catallena” music video. The whole thing is worth reading, but remember that whole shit where that Orange Caramel fan invented some complex narrative about the music video? Yeah, well the creators say they had no intention ... Read More »

Around The Web: Government Conspiracy Theory, Remake Overkill, Girl Power Problems

Provided without comment. Netizen Buzz: You know how 2013 has already been dubbed the year of scandals? Well, Korean netizens seem to think it’s not a coincidence, apparently because their government is trying to hide their own movements with the distraction of entertainment scandals. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, and normally I wouldn’t even mention it, but Netizen Buzz ... Read More »

Around The Web: Korean Netizens & allkpop, K-Pop Smut, Chad Future

Netizen Buzz: They explore what Korean netizens think of allkpop and are right on point. You should read it for perspective. I’m far from an allkpop apologist, but there’s a reason why I generally see segments of Korean netizens as a bit insane, especially when it comes to their thoughts on foreigners, even if those foreigners are Korean by blood. ... Read More »

Around The Web: K-Pop Infographic + Strategies Of Wonder Girls & SNSD In America

Soompi: Awesome infographic on K-pop. —– The Atlantic: Patrick St. Michel makes a solid argument regarding K-pop’s marketing strategies in America. The forecast is more favorable for Wonder Girls, who mirror Pink Lady’s appropriateness for the time, as their new American single “The DJ Is Mine” features several dubstep-aping portions. Although watching the trailer for their movie can prompt cringes, ... Read More »

Around The Web: K-Pop Year In Review


McRoth’s Residence: Best Mini-Album Of 2011 – Reader’s Choice – 2NE1 – “Second Mini-Album” McRoth’s Residence: Best Mini-Album Of 2011 – W&Whale – “Circussss” —– McRoth’s Residence: Best Album Of 2011 – Reader’s Choice – Navi – “Hello” McRoth’s Residence: Best Album Of 2011 – One Way – “Rainy Days” —– McRoth’s Residence: Top K-pop Songs Of 2011 Read More »

Around The Web: Infinite, TRAX, After School Reviews + Boyband Mashup


McRoth’s Residence: A music video mashup featuring the boys of K-pop! —– McRoth’s Residence: IMMATOP reviews Infinite‘s “White Confession” single. McRoth’s Residence: drowningn00b reviews TRAX‘s “Blind” album. McRoth’s Residence: drowningn00b reviews After School‘s “Diva” and “Bang!” Japanese singles. —– Anti K-pop Fangirl: While giving his thoughts on New.F.O, he mentions that he thought I was trolling him. It’s called a ... Read More »