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allkpop & Koreaboo slap fight over rumor that remaining Chinese EXO-M members leaving


allkpop and Koreaboo are currently engaged in a source war over an EXO rumor, with the two outlets apparently attempting journalism, which means it’s worth a post just for the lulz potential of it all. Basically, the rumor is that the remaining Chinese members of EXO-M are also planning to leave along with Luhan in order to form a group ... Read More »

Critical Eye: Ladies’ Code’s tragedy is apparently clickbait time for K-pop sites


So the other day after RiSe of Ladies’ Code passed away, I had a little Twitter meltdown because I was pretty pressed and I kept seeing pageview-seeking practices put into play by K-pop sites for this event. Stop posting fucking updates on random shit on this and [BREAKING] and [EXCLUSIVE] on deaths, you pageview-seeking fucking leeches. — Asian Junkie (@asianjunkiecom) ... Read More »

Who’ll be first to publish a mad editorial about Hyomin? + Asian Junkie has been exposed


So as you guys know, Hyomin is making her solo debut with “Nice Body“, and judging by the comments about it, both international netizens and Korean netizens are going to be mad about it because “SHE’S A DIRTY WHORE!!!” or whatever similar shit. So if we were doing odds on who would be the first to write an upset screed ... Read More »

Critical Eye: allkpop’s policy on breaking news is to throw shit against the wall and pray


So allkpop has recently started to break “exclusives” more and more frequently through whatever sources they’ve acquired over the years (because breaking news has gone so well for them in the past), and while doing so isn’t a bad thing and I don’t doubt that they absolutely know people with access to what companies are doing/thinking, their methodology is consistently ... Read More »

Analyzing Analysis: Do sexy concepts work? Probably.


James Turnbull of The Grand Narrative wrote about and translated a Korean editorial which questioned whether sexy concepts even work in the world of K-pop. The editorial compares sexy concepts with non-sexy concepts, and then contrasts the two based on fan club membership, YouTube views, digital downloads, music show wins, and the amount of media attention. Well as it turns ... Read More »

Critical Eye: For the sake of my sanity, I’m gonna assume this was on purpose


So … allkpop tweeted out and posted this article about Korean celebs in Jamaica ‘meeting’ Usain Bolt. Korea’s resident reggae duo, Skull and HaHa, along with friends Noh Hong Chul and Jung Hyung Don, snapped a photo with Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt! “It was great to meet u last night!” HaHa said. For my sanity, I’m gonna assume this was ... Read More »

Soompi’s 2013 Ulzzang Contest concluded, which means it’s okay to throw shade now


So Soompi‘s 2013 Ulzzang Contest ended recently (a joint venture with Nega Network), and they’ve picked the winners, which means it’s time for everybody to throw shade! Soompi Ulzzang Contest came back after a year off with a bang. We had over 800 entries from all over the world, with our fourth and final round pitting 14 girls and 12 ... Read More »

allkpop takes down censored photos of Ailee on original post … ONLY THE TRUTH FOLKS


Remember when allkpop was on that “WE ONLY TELL THE TRUTH! NOT OUR FAULT IF IT’S TOO HARDCORE FOR Y’ALL!” shit? Yeah, well besides it being bullshit to begin with, now they’ve taken down the censored, watermarked Ailee nude photos in the original post. lol Not sure how this might connect to them removing sources and pictures site-wide after it ... Read More »

allkpop CEO nipslip pics leaked by Reddit! + allkpop becomes Soompi to avoid legal issues?


So it’s been mostly quiet on the Ailee/allkpop front recently, which is probably for the best considering what an absolute mess it was for a while. However, over on Reddit in the K-pop subreddit, they had SUPER FUCKLEN IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS that allkpop CEO Johnny Noh had nipslip pics leaked! [BREAKING] [NSFW] Purported nip-slip photos of Johnny Noh leaked An ... Read More »

K-media outlets preparing multiple ~$1 million lawsuits against allkpop for copyright infringement, according to reports


One news item making noise in Korea that has been seemingly glossed over by Western K-pop publications recently is that a bunch of Korean media outlets are preparing to go after allkpop on grounds of copyright infringement. The title of one of the articles reporting on this is ‘allkpop & Ailee controversy, allkpop facing lawsuit for habitual copyright infringement‘. It ... Read More »

[UPDATE] Dispatch releases ex-bf audio, SBS interviews ex-bf at allkpop, who admits he contacted Dispatch


The Ailee nude photo scandal has been a bit of a back and forth affair, with Dispatch, YMC Entertainment, and allkpop all in the ring. After allkpop released the nudes, Dispatch revealed details about an ex-bf of Ailee’s who wanted to sell pics to them. Then YMC Entertainment made their statement and revealed that one of her ex-bfs works at ... Read More »

allkpop touts truth-telling but refused to post Taecyeon’s leaked pics, citing privacy + media ethics musings


In the Ailee nude photo scandal, one of the most popular things paraded about by people defending allkpop‘s right to run the pictures was that the site is simply in the business of truth-telling, regardless of their personal feelings about Ailee or anything else. After all, here’s what they said about the decision to publish, either through their own tweets ... Read More »

K-netizens really ain’t buying the shit that allkpop’s selling in their Asia Econ interview + observations


In light of the recent Ailee nude picture scandal and allkpop‘s alleged involvement in it, Asia Econ secured an interview with allkpop founder/CEO Johnny Noh, which Netizen Buzz translated. 1. How did this happen? At the end of June, we received an offer in our tip box regarding nude pictures of singer Ailee. When we called him, we were able ... Read More »

allkpop releases a denial regarding YMC Entertainment’s statement linking employee to Ailee’s scandal


Last we left off, Ailee‘s nude picture scandal was shown to have been propagated by an ex-boyfriend, according to reports by Dispatch. Then, according to a statement by YMC Entertainment, that ex-bf was an employee of allkpop, the site that publicized her pictures. Today, allkpop’s parent company, 6Theory Media, released a denial that attempts to paint said employee, Daniel Lee, ... Read More »

Ailee’s nude photos leaked by ex-bf, who’s allegedly an allkpop employee + conclusions & reactions


So after Ailee‘s nude pictures got leaked, a clusterfuck of stuff happened. First of all, I-netizens blamed allkpop for leaking the pictures themselves before posting the pictures. For their part, allkpop immediately denied leaking the pictures. unfortunately the #Ailee scandal was bound to happen. it's a shame since her career was taking off. don't see her surviving this. #allkpop — ... Read More »