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Comment Of The Forever: “Asian Boyz” – mybiasbitchslapsyourbias


If you hadn’t heard, Day Above Ground wrote this dumbass, racist song about “Asian Girlz” using every Asian stereotype imaginable … that was a thing that happened. And, well, in response, Asian Junkie commenter mybiasbitchslapsyourbias flipped the script and wrote it an ode to Asian boys. It’s a heart-wrenching tale of yearning yet to be fulfilled. Asian boy, he’s my ... Read More »

DNA evidence says Koreans and Japanese are from the same stock, netizens are PISSED

As most intelligent, educated people have already figured out, if not through education than through sheer common sense, Japanese and Korean DNA is essentially the same. However, this conclusion goes against the wishes and agenda of nationalists from both countries, as their crazed theories hinge on their ethnic group being precious flowers whose traits are all inherent due to genetics. ... Read More »