SNSD is a mess, SME is a mess, SONES are a mess, everything is a mess


Alright, so SNSD is a mess, SM Entertainment is a mess, and SONES are a gigantic mess. That’s what we know right now. Everything else is a bundle of rumors and reports that nobody can confirm and probably nobody will, but because #TeamSchadenfreude is out here, I figure I should at least inform everybody of what’s going on. Everything I’m ... Read More »

Strawberry Milk’s title track is ‘OK’ + Soyul & Ellin continue Instagram war


Crayon Pop sub-unit Strawberry Milk will comeback with a mini-album called “Jackpot” and a title track called “OK” on Oct. 15. Most importantly, the teaser pics are out. Disgustingly cute. :o —– Back to Instagram, I swear to god that Soyul and Ellin are having some type of competition, because ever since Soyul joined, they’ve both been going overdrive with ... Read More »

Seungri left hospital early to participate in ISIS activities, now back in hospital


When Seungri got off the ambulance after his car crash, the explanation given was that he simply thought he was alright. But that didn’t sit well with a bunch of people, who obviously thought there was a conspiracy afoot, one where YG Entertainment bought off police and government for … reasons (I still don’t know). Well, now it’s been reported ... Read More »

Media reports Tyler Kwon & Jessica to get married, Tyler Kwon says ‘nah’ + analysis


So the Internet was filled with speculation that SNSD‘s Jessica and Tyler Kwon were set to get married next year because of media reports out of Korea. That was, obviously, of interest because of the seemingly sudden divorce of SNSD, SM Entertainment, and Jessica, but that report might’ve been bullshit. According to Sports Donga and various insider sources, Jessica and ... Read More »

GLAM’s Dahee & Lee Ji Yeon charged, Lee Byung Hun blackmail details uncovered


We’ve covered the blackmail situation with GLAM‘s Dahee, model Lee Ji Yeon, Lee Byung Hun, and (unfortunately) Lee Min Jung, and though the blackmail was certain, the details themselves were shady. Recently though, police cleared up a bunch of questions, and they also concluded that there was no evidence of an affair. According to the prosecution’s findings, the three first ... Read More »