Jin Akanishi releases auto-tuned mess “Good Time”, wasted Kuroki Meisa’s money


Jin Akanishi now an independent artist after starting up his own label, Go Good Records, but he’s not independent of Kuroki Meisa‘s income and is probably doing unspeakable things for her to keep getting allowance. Anyway, he recently released his debut single under the label, called “Good Time“, and I have no idea why he did this. 99% chance he ... Read More »

I too do not understand how JYJ’s “Back Seat” could be seen as sexual


JYJ‘s boning anthem, “Back Seat“, recently got banned by KBS for being sexually suggestive. And while I’d like to believe most of these comments asking why “Back Seat” is sexually suggestive are just conspiracy mongers or people being saracastic, it sure doesn’t appear that way. 1. [+4,894, -271] What a mess ㅋㅋ How did they interpret back seat to mean ... Read More »

Kemy’s company, DOO Republic, make statement about Park Bom diss, try for sympathy


DOO Republic, the company for A.KOR and Kemy, released a statement about the Park Bom diss controversy, which was kind of disappointing. The agency showed concern as they continue to attract negative attention from YG fans and even had to deal with a false apology on Twitter through an impersonator as well as diss tracks from Park Bom’s fans. The ... Read More »