‘Chubby’ girl group Chubbiness debuts with music video for ‘Manmadeiya’


Remember Chubbiness? We covered them before and their unique concept got mixed reactions. Well, they’ve finally released their first music video, “Manmadeiya“. Um … honestly? Yeah, I get that a handful of them are overweight for idols, but it does look like they’ve even lost weight since their introduction pictures. I mean, the ones in green and yellow are actually ... Read More »

Kim Hyun Joong releases terrifying statement on assault charges, confirms it got physical


KeyEast, Kim Hyun Joong‘s agency, released a statement on his behalf regarding charges of assault brought forward by a now ex-girlfriend. And as you read the statement, try to remember that this is what they are admitting because they think it’s: 1) a defense 2) it makes him look good. The agency stated, “After confirming [with Kim Hyun Joong], we ... Read More »

‘Miss Seventeen 2014′ winners are Kashimoto Rinka, Yokota Mayu, Kawazu Asuka


‘Miss Seventeen 2014‘ was held recently, and the contest had a total of 6147 applicants. The winners of the contest, from left to right, were Kashimoto Rinka, Yokota Mayu, and Kawazu Asuka. But who cares, right? Well, normally I agree, but this contest has a reputation for hosting future stars, including Kitagawa Keiko, Mizuhara Kiko, and Hashimoto Ai. So it ... Read More »

SM Entertainment is straight trolling Super Junior, release ‘MAMACITA’ teasers


Super Junior has released teaser pictures for their upcoming album release, ‘MAMACITA‘, and it has become abundantly clear to me that SM Entertainment are using them as test subjects at this point. SME want the answers to questions like “How far can we push shitty concepts before a group revolts?” and “If we humiliate popular K-pop veterans, will other groups ... Read More »