Crystal Kay sets up a Japanese Kickstarter to fund her US debut. #OPERATIONGETMONE¥ is in effect.


As we all suspected when J-R&B flop Crystal Kay was Instagramming non-stop from the States for weeks on end and tweeting about recording new material — Crystal Kay plans on making a US debut. I say ‘plans’ because it seems her record label won’t be supporting that shit. That’s right, Crystal Kay has resorted to posting on some Japanese Kickstarter ... Read More »

CHI CHI rumored to be no more + a note of thanks to the girl group


Rumors are running rampant about CHI CHI‘s alleged disbandment. On Oct. 24, an article surfaced about the girl group’s mysterious absence from the limelight. Fans have been suspecting this for some time now as the girls have not updated their individual Twitter or me2day accounts since the end of 2012 or the beginning of this year. In addition, Trophy Entertainment’s ... Read More »

Park Ji Yoon is a damn fine lady in “Mr. Lee” MV


I’m so glad the older singers are making a comeback these days, because the K-pop scene is starting to feel a little stale. It’s like giving your taste buds an Altoid after a day-long caffeine binge. (…Yeah, that was gross.) If Kahi blew us away with her sophisticated track, “It’s Me“, Park Ji Yoon made us smile with her unaffected ... Read More »

Trouble Maker gets expected netizen reaction, announce release of 19+ album, gets better reactions

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Trouble Maker released a concept picture yesterday for “There Is No Tomorrow“, and all day I was waiting for netizen reaction. Well, boy did I get it. 1. [+2,676, -201] During the 90s, FinKL won #1 wearing sneakers, baggy jeans, and loose fitting t-shirts. SES wore business casual outfits with ribbons in their hair and won #1. Young Turks Club ... Read More »

Trouble Maker returns with ‘sexually confident woman vs. man who’s never seen a woman naked’ concept

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Trouble Maker is making a comeback, and thankfully it doesn’t seem all that connected to the pictures HyunA posted on her Instagram a while back. However, their comeback DOES involve Hyunseung looking awkward as fuck in front of HyunA, who’s basically in her underwear looking sexual and sexy as fuck. Hyunseung has that ‘oh god why is this icky woman ... Read More »

Porn star says she wants to sex all the idol oppars, everyone wilds out because they’re dumb


Ever heard of Lee Yoo Rin? Well neither had I until today, when her name blew up out of fucking nowhere (literally) because she made a few comments about wanting to screw the living daylights out of several male idols. The porn star (adult theater actress*) left several ‘inflammatory’ posts on her personal blog, which read: *You are a porn ... Read More »