[Review] Dal Shabet’s “B.B.B” a surprisingly good song in fairly conventional packaging


With “B.B.B” (“Big Baby Baby“), Dal Shabet jumps on the sexy trend train that the rest of K-pop has been riding hard, but the final product looks a tad stale when compared to the energetic song which accompanies it. Like most of Dal Shabet’s singles, “B.B.B” is a perfectly pleasant listening experience. Whereas most Dal Shabet singles could be described ... Read More »

‘Chocolate Love': or Record contracts, corporate marketing, and the K-pop fan (that’s you)


Lately, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions of this nature: So if you’ve had similar questions about: 1. How much money do idols make? 2. How much are both fans and idols being played like suckers by entertainment companies? Then this article has the answer, in both short and long form. —– In short form, the answers are: 1. ... Read More »