So … Lady Jane’s mom is apparently sort of a bitch


Lady Jane and her mom appeared on KBS 2TV‘s “Mamma Mia“, during which her mom used the platform to take a dump all over her daughter’s relevancy and career. She said her daughter never changed even after she started to make her own money. More interestingly, the mother stated, “Even when I walk around with her, no one recognizes my ... Read More »

Jay Park hits on Nicki Minaj via Instagram, tries to get her to go Asian, gets ignored

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Jay Park tried to hit on Nicki Minaj on Instagram, but his efforts were in vain, as she did not reply. Surprising, since he even begged her to try Asian guys with the absolutely not embarrassing ‘#ushouldtryasianguys‘ hashtag. Also, to prove he is not completely thirsty for her vagina, he included an ‘#Aplusplus‘ hashtag. So yup, you got to see ... Read More »

EXO fans allegedly petition to get them exempted from military service, I’m starting to feel bad for the boys


So EXO fans/antis/sasaengs/psychopaths started a petition asking that EXO group members be exempt from the military, which sounds logical and reasonable. As one of the alternative options, they suggested that the plebs should just serve longer to compensate for them. Spiffy. One issue that’s ruffling some feathers is an alleged petition asking for the Korean members of EXO to be ... Read More »

Netizens hate the sexuality in Trouble Maker’s MV, so they go hunting for a nipslip + I-Team investigates!


The latest thing netizens are pressed as fuck about regarding Trouble Maker is the alleged appearance of HyunA‘s nipple in their “There Is No Tomorrow” music video. Because that would mean they could call her a DIRTY FILTHY WHORE for an even LONGER period of time AND try to get the music video banned. 1. [+163, -6] ㅋㅋㅋ Daebak, how ... Read More »

Review: Every Single Day – ‘Sky Bridge’


Every Single Day have been relatively quiet since their 2011 release, ‘Moment‘. They did release some OST songs and a single before ‘Sky Bridge‘ (‘구름다리’), but it’s been a long time since an official EP. Containing five songs, ‘Sky Bridge’ highlights all the abilities of Every Single Day. For people who don’t know Every Single Day, they started releasing music ... Read More »

Trouble Maker’s “There Is No Tomorrow” MV under fire for “We Found Love” MV similarities … uh, ok … and?


Trouble Maker‘s music video for “There Is No Tomorrow” has been a hit in terms of sales and has also recently come under fire for being similar to Rihanna‘s music video for “We Found Love“, and the reasons have been pictured and listed. Unsurprisingly, Trouble Maker has become the hot topic of discussion lately with their comeback. However, it is ... Read More »

Trouble Maker’s “There Is No Tomorrow” music video is a masterpiece


Trouble Maker released the music video for “There Is No Tomorrow” off their ‘Chemistry‘ mini just hours ago. In short, this is everything I wanted out of the group’s overall concept and this teased concept. They both get a Ph.D from Troll So Hard University, because not only did it have the sexuality angle covered, but it incorporated even more ... Read More »

No, IU did not plagiarize Nekta’s “Here’s Us” for “The Red Shoes”, here’s why

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IU, for all her success with “Modern Times“, has now run into a bit of trouble with her single “The Red Shoes“. Basically she’s being accused by netizens of plagiarizing Nekta‘s “Here’s Us“. They are wrong, let me explain. Many listeners have been commenting that the track, composed by Lee Min Soo and lyrics written by Kim Ee Na, is ... Read More »

Trouble Maker release 19+ drama MV teaser & 6 pictures, declare they have not yet begun to troll


Trouble Maker, not content with the trouble they’ve already caused, have gone on to release six more teaser pictures and a 19+ music video teaser for “There Is No Tomorrow” off their ‘Chemistry‘ mini. Besides basically inferring sex in the pictures, HyunA and Hyunseung actually kiss in the music video teaser, which is just trolltastic. People have cited ‘Bonnie & ... Read More »