Clara grinds/pegs G-Dragon in a club, fangirls mad + Min rides Hyoyeon cowgirl, nobody cares


Controversy clusterfuck Clara was allegedly grinding up on G-Dragon oppar at ‘The A‘ during Jay Park‘s label launchparty/Justin Beiber‘s after-party. Obviously this means she’s a dirty whore who needs to leave Korea! 1. [+1,493, -115] Clara clearly doesn’t know how Korean society works if she thinks she can grind against G-Dragon 2. [+1,410, -135] That’s not even grinding, she’s completely ... Read More »

Tanaka Koki kicked out of KAT-TUN, partially due to his cock ring pics


Back on Oct. 9, Johnny & Associates announced that they would be terminating their contract with KAT-TUN member Tanaka Koki, effective Sep. 30. Here’s what Johnny’s, Koki, and the remaining members of KAT-TUN had to say: “We have decided to cancel our exclusive contract with KAT-TUN’s Tanaka Koki as of September 30th, due to his repeated violation of the company ... Read More »

True meaning of Perfume’s “1mm” revealed by Nakata Yasutaka, Random J translates explicit version PV

Asian Junkie | Nocchi can't see the dick

Perfume‘s ’80s electropop crassic “1mm” won the hearts of fans and haters ever since the girls premiered it on their radio show, ‘Perfume LOCKS‘. Many wondered what exactly the song was about, and where the concept of it stemmed from. We can now confirm here at Asian Junkie that the subject matter of the song originates from a conversation that ... Read More »

Kahi releases music video for “It’s Me”, achieves the mature sophistication idols try so hard for


Former After School member Kahi recently released the music video for “It’s Me“. Unlike Tigerpunch — and apparently most of you on this site — I was never a big fan of hers, but I have to admit that this song and this music video is basically what I believe a lot of idol groups are aiming to achieve in ... Read More »

IU dances like a drunk rhinoceros in “Red Shoes” MV


Kicking off one of the year’s most hyped comebacks yet, IU has finally released her music video for “Red Shoes“. It’s a stylish homage to both the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale and the hottest film of the year. If Daisy Buchanan was ever meant to get her just desserts, then this MV showed us how. A few highlights to note ... Read More »

Ask Asian Junkie: Why do K-pop concerts show non-Asian fans all the time?


Today’s ‘Ask Asian Junkie‘ focuses on the obsession that K-pop concert broadcasters have with showing ‘foreign’ fans. Why is it that when the camera zooms in on the fans at K-pop concerts, they mostly focus on non-Asian fans, even though the non-Asian fans are the minority at the concert? Or is it just that there are actually that many non-Asian ... Read More »

Hyun Bin & KARA’s Hara win Korea’s most asinine award


Typically, celebrities receive awards based on their projects, their looks, their fashion sense, and their humanitarianism. On Oct. 29, two of the industry’s hottest stars will collect trophies for… Being mince as fuck with their money. “A representative from the Financial Services Commission revealed that Hyun Bin and KARA‘s Goo Hara have been included in the list of recipients accept ... Read More »

Mizuhara Kiko allegedly complains to friends about G-Dragon’s little ding-a-ling, needs to get with Seungri


Half-American, half-Korean model Mizuhara Kiko allegedly whines to friends about G-Dragon‘s tiny ding-ding and that he’s bad in bed. Take it with a mound of salt considering the source, but maybe if she wants dat good diq, she needs to go see Seungri for a towel-throwing session. “‘Miss M’, who likes to party every night, always talks about this whenever ... Read More »

Netizens believe & support Busker Busker’s Brad’s sharing of experiences, lament CJ E&M’s power


So a lot of you were waiting for the netizen reaction to Busker Busker‘s Brad‘s interview with VICE magazine’s NOISEY, expecting mainly negative reactions due to a foreigner talking shit about how their music industry works. However, netizens actually supported/believed Brad 100%, which in a lot of ways, makes total sense. 1. [+2,856, -32] Brad, you’re the best for revealing ... Read More »

DSP Media announces that Nicole is effectively out of KARA, Jiyoung’s still thinking


DSP Media has released a statement confirming that KARA‘s Nicole won’t be KARA’s Nicole by January, as she’s decided to not renew her contract with the company. Group member Jiyoung is considering her future with DSP as well. DSP Media announced through an official press release, “We are announcing our official position on the matter of Nicole’s domestic contract with ... Read More »