Ueto Aya Marries Her Father, EXILE's HIRO

Ueto Aya (27) announced today that she got married to EXILE‘s HIRO (43), thus putting Asian Junkie commenter JR on suicide watch. On September 14th, actress Ueto Aya is celebrating her 27th birthday, but that almost fades into the background thanks to the announcement she made on the occasion. All the rumors about her and EXILE’s HIRO (43) have finally ... Read More »

The Whole Story? Big Bang's Seungri Wants To Choke You Out, Not Kiss You, Then Jizz On You

Asian Junkie previously informed you about a FRIDAY headline that involved Big Bang‘s Seungri, a sex scandal, and BDSM, but now the whole story from the tabloid is out. “Currently residing in Japan, Seungri’s bed scandal was revealed… A woman who slept with him shared, ‘Seungri has the habit of choking [the other individual involved] during sexual intercourse,’‘” the magazine ... Read More »

Korean Media Hypes Anti-Hallyu Movement In Japan As Significant, Jang Geun Suk Is Like "Nah"

As expected, the recent political tensions between Japan and Korea have boiled over into their respective entertainment industries, and why not, right? Hell, who wouldn’t want political input from a bunch of kids who get paid to be half naked on stage? Well anyway, the Korean media seems intent on hyping up this alleged anti-Hallyu Wave movement going on in ... Read More »

[Review] [Album] Psy – "Psy 6 (Six Rules) Part 1"

For many, Psy‘s success with “Gangnam Style” came from nowhere. And yet “Gangnam Style”, the undisputed release of this summer, represents the crowning moment of a slow, and at certain junctures, painfully arduous climb to the top. After spending over a decade in the business, Psy, after six albums, has finally mastered the rules of the game. That’s not a learning curve most ... Read More »

[Review] [Single] Lexy – "NOLZA"

Oh, how things change. Early in the aughts, Lexy (then signed to YG Entertainment) was the R&B foil to pop diva Hyori (then signed to DSP Entertainment). By now, we know how that story panned out – Hyori went on to become the reigning queen of K-pop, while rival Lexy saw her star fall. Eventually, she split with YG – though on amicable terms – and sought to ... Read More »

Psy signs with Island Records, gets invited to the MTV VMAs, gets wasted with Scooter Braun

Psy has officially inked with Island Records, and they will serve as his management company for worldwide promotions, barring Korea, of course, where he’s still with YG Entertainment. Plus, he’ll be at the MTV Video Music Awards (yes, the real one). Psy’s representative revealed on September 4th, “Psy has signed on with Island Records for his management worldwide with the ... Read More »

Netizens label YG Entertainment's Jennie Kim a bullying bitch based on … uh … nothing

So Jennie Kim, an alleged member of YG Entertainment‘s new girl group and current star of G-Dragon‘s new music video, has been recently labeled by netizens as a bully and a bitch based on the testimony of an anonymous person who attended school with her in New Zealand. A person claiming to have attended the same school as Jennie Kim ... Read More »

Korea Media Rating Board shocked and betrayed that Eminem's show wasn't PG

The Korea Media Rating Board actually seriously really totally believed that Eminem would put on a show appropriate for 12 year olds. lol The Korea Media Rating Board has filed a complaint with the police against the promoter of Eminem’s Seoul concert for violating a public performance law, officials said on Thursday. The hip-hop star performed 26 songs at his ... Read More »

Netizen hate of T-ara makes no meaningful impact as "Five Fingers" falls & "Sexy Love" booms

Netizens are still trying to find whatever angle they can use to hate on T-ara, but their disdain for them must stop with digging up inane shit to find faults with, as the ratings for “Five Fingers” are plummeting while viewership of “Sexy Love” is booming. Let’s start with the delusional netizen hate of the day though — as if ... Read More »