Rookie girl group She’z boasts first transsexual and first soulless demon in K-pop

So there’s this new girl group called She’z, and their company’s marketing tactic is apparently bragging about how many people they know. Great. New girl group She’z is drawing attention with powerful showbiz entertainment industry connections even before their official debut. She’z consists of four members Lee Jin Ah, Lee Tae Yeon, Kim Se Yeon, and Kim Ji Young, who ... Read More »

“K-Pop Star” criticized for doing what everybody else does … being Westernized

SBS‘s “K-Pop Star” has come under fire recently for being too much like SBS’s “Pop Star”, inferring that the show is swaying towards Western music and away from Korean music. As we reported earlier, for the final mission of the last episode of “SBS K-Pop Star” the two finalist contestants will do something interesting. The mission is for the final ... Read More »

Korean Actress Says Sex Abuse Scandal & Prostitution Ring Nothing New

In light of both the Open World Entertainment sex abuse scandal and the allegation by a former entertainment manager that a broker runs a prostitution ring with celebrities, an actress has come forward to confirm both cases as realistic and says that such things aren’t a rarity. Allegations that senior government officials and business tycoons got together with female celebrities ... Read More »

SNSD’s Yuri In CF That Angers Public By Saying Girls Should Sell Themselves

SNSD‘s Yuri‘s latest commercial for Mamonde has caused a bit of controversy recently. Why? Well, probably because the moral of the commercial is to get a sugar daddy to buy you things. The CF began airing on television on April 22nd, and in it, Yuri shares the easiest method to obtaining a new luxury-brand handbag. The commercial introduced several ways ... Read More »

[Review] [Single] BEAST’s Dongwoon – “In The Cloud”

This week, K-pop producer Shinsadong Tiger released his collaborative single “In The Cloud” featuring BEAST‘s Dongwoon on vocals. The song is part of S. Tiger’s project album, “Supermarket – Another Half“, and will be accompanied by several other songs by Cube Entertainment artists 4minute and G.NA. As “In The Cloud” essentially serves as the appetizer to what I’m looking at ... Read More »

Former Entertainment Manager Talks About Underground Celebrity Prostitution Ring In Korea

With the Open World Entertainment sex abuse scandal currently being handled by the authorities, another behind-the-scenes story has broke, with a former entertainment manager revealing that there’s a broker who sets up female celebrities with male sponsors. It has recently been discovered that there is allegedly a broker that connects female celebrities with “sponsors”. Let’s just call it what it ... Read More »