Indie Focus: Rhythm Power bring funk-flavored hip-hop with “The Trio – Stage One”


Rhythm Power has been part of the underground hip-hop scene for a while, but not by name. The trio was part of 킹더형 레코드 in 2009. Through circumstances, however, the hip-hop collective was distilled into what we know today as Rhythm Power, comprised of Hangzoo, Boi.B, and Geegu In (or Mr. G for short). They fall into the standard nomenclature ... Read More »

Indie Focus: Fromm delivers an international indie rock feel with ‘Arrival’


I’d actually only heard a few songs by Fromm before I saw that she released a full-length album, but that sample was enough to further my interest. ‘Arrival‘ is essentially a different, yet entirely recognizable indie rock album. With a voice like hers, I thought that Fromm would have produced a much lighter and mellow indie pop album, but I ... Read More »

[Review] AOA’s “Miniskirt” is another stupidly sexy single in the year of our lord 2014


With “Miniskirt“, AOA (Ace Of Angels) pick up right where they left off with “Confused” and adheres to a very similar formula, for better and for worse. Like a lot of young groups, it has been difficult to pin down a brand or identity for AOA. The group is largely interesting for its curious make up — one “part” being ... Read More »

T-ara N4 are coming to America with Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Ray J … Fuck. Yes.


Late yesterday, Damuer Leffridge of Popular Entertainment Group revealed that T-ara N4 would be coming to America with an album called “Miss Understood” featuring Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and Ray J. The COUNTDOWN has begun! T-ara N4 US Album "Miss Understood" feat. Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Ray J and more! STAY TUNED!!! #missunderstood — Damuer H. Leffridge (@Damuer) January 15, ... Read More »