allkpop with clutch [EXCLUSIVE] that they don’t know shit, Jessica at airport with Tyler Kwon


So what’s the latest update on Jessica‘s situation with SNSD and SM Entertainment? We don’t know, and that’s what allkpop just wasted an exclusive on … like they usually do. [Exclusive] Statement from SM Entertainment regarding Girls’ Generation’s Jessica leaving the group Well done, allkpop, you’ve gotten to the bottom of… We reached out to our contacts at SM Entertainment, ... Read More »

Jessica announces on Weibo that she did SNSD Benghazi or something


Jessica has been dropped from SNSD, according to herself on Weibo. Everybody start panicking! #FalseFlag #NeverForget #LooseChange #Benghazi #Illuminati Is it hax? Is this the ultimate bullying scandal?! Were her and Tyler Kwon running a drug trafficking ring?! The anticipation over what will probably be a gigantic letdown of nothing is killing me. —– Apparently she was not at a ... Read More »

ChoA & Way are ‘Strawberry Milk’, should be ‘Thugs R Us’ + Crayon Pop on ‘Dream Team’


The previously mentioned Crayon Pop sub-unit of twins ChoA and Way will be called Strawberry Milk, which eliminates my hope for Thugs R Us, Deus Ex Duo, and Twin Killas. Should be adorable, but hopefully weird. Honestly, I just want Crayon Pop to do a K-pop remix of “Hit ‘Em Up“. —– Meanwhile, Gummi, Ellin, and Soyul are set to ... Read More »

[Review] Ailee’s “Magazine” mini-album represents creative & dynamic growth


Ailee is, hands-down, one of the most effortlessly talented acts in K-pop today — she’s proof that pure talent can and will take you places. I admit that this usually makes me slightly more lenient towards her releases because her vocals take precedence over whatever repertoire-related issues her EPs have, but it’s not as if her material has been especially ... Read More »

2PM’s Jun. K accuses ‘unknown’ competition of chart rigging, the struggle is real


In short, just read that tweet from 2PM‘s Jun. K in which he just happens to throw out there that maybe the reason why they ain’t stackin’ trophies is cause their competition is using sajaegi (digital chart manipulation). The candidates being mentioned right now for who he was addressing are TaeTiSeo, TEEN TOP, and Soyu/Urban Zakapa. Right off the bat, ... Read More »