G-Dragon gets called “ching chong” during Paris Fashion Week


G-Dragon visited Paris Fashion Week, where he was greeted with a “ching chong” and some “ni hao” shit cause all Asians are Chinese or something? Progressive Europe, not barbaric like America! I have no commentary, really, but it’s something noteworthy that happened. I’d say it’s less about him and more about how Asians are viewed around the world by default. Read More »

Sulli remains missing from f(x), so it’s conspiracy theory time


Sulli has been noticeably missing from f(x) as they promote “Red Light” on music shows, and that absence is felt more and more since they’re winning #1s and giving speeches. SM Entertainment‘s official explanation is that she’s sick and they’re letting her rest. On July 18 SM Entertainment told Mydaily, “Sulli has been sick since yesterday and although she has ... Read More »

Indie Focus: leeSA thrives with breezy pop hooks on ‘Where is leeSA?’


I will be the first to admit that I did not care for leeSA‘s ‘Wiv Hcube‘, which I thought did not blend the r&b and singer-songwriter elements very well. I enjoyed her original songs, but her covers didn’t quite hit home with me. Her latest album, however, puts all of my worries to rest. —– Leaning more on her singer-songwriter ... Read More »

Stage presence: what it is, what it isn’t, and why idols don’t have it


I dropped a comment a while back stating that CL was the only female K-pop idol who displayed anything resembling stage presence. This horrified nearly everyone — fans of 2NE1 were concerned that this praise for CL was uncharacteristic of my normal online behaviour and perhaps indicative of massive hard drug use or mental breakdown, whereas everyone else was like, ... Read More »

HyunA’s picture teasers for ‘A Talk’ are part horrifying, part amazing


HyunA‘s making a solo comeback with ‘A Talk‘ and has been releasing teasers, but honestly I wasn’t posting them partially because I was horrified. Don’t get me wrong, I still like HyunA, but let’s be honest, there was a ton wrong with the teasers. There’s everything from her eyes looking like she’s undead to serial killer glares to kabuki makeup, ... Read More »

SM Rookies unveil website, apparently love SEXTUBE.COM


SM Entertainment recently opened the homepage of SM Rookies, and the first episode of ‘RookieStation‘ on YouTube features trainees Mark and Donghyuck introducing the site. By far the best part of it, though, is that the computer they’re using wants to access the SEXTUBE.COM details! ALWAYS DELETE YOUR BROWSER HISTORY IT’S A ROOKIE MISTAKE But what is SEXTUBE.COM, right? Surely ... Read More »