Dust Off: King Giddra’s “Bullet Of Truth”


Japanese hip-hop legends King Giddra had a reality check for Japan with “Bullet Of Truth“. Calling out Japan in a song for its educational system and for kowtowing to foreign commercialism isn’t atypical of King Giddra, which is what made them great. The group also strongly believed that Japanese hip-hop should be less about party music mimicry of the American ... Read More »

PRN’s Top 50 Songs Of 2014: #40-36 – Red Velvet, Song Ji Eun, SISTAR, MAMAMOO, B1A4


#50-46 – FIESTAR, 4Minute, Block B, S, JYJ #45-41 – BoA, A Pink, VIXX, Fly To The Sky, INFINITE ===== [#40] Red Velvet – Happiness From: “Happiness” Released: August Territory: South Korea Previous Best Of Entries: First Appearance Other Notable Songs From 2014: “Be Natural” This will probably be the first “controversial” entry on this year’s best-of list, but for ... Read More »

BABYMETAL voted best metal album + top Asian artist on World Album Chart


BABYMETAL are shitting on everybody in 2014, and they recently pissed even more metalheads off by having their album voted the best in a poll for metal magazine MetalSucks. Tears are so delicious. Oh yeah, and one of the clones from One Direction fucks with BABYMETAL as well. Baby metal. — Harry Styles. (@Harry_Styles) December 9, 2014 :o Most importantly, ... Read More »

PRN’s Top 50 Songs Of 2014: #45-41 – BoA, A Pink, VIXX, Fly To The Sky, INFINITE


#50-46 – FIESTAR, 4Minute, Block B, S, JYJ ===== [#45] BoA – “Masayume Chasing” From: “Who’s Back?” Released: September Territory: Japan Previous Best Of Entries: 2010 – [#5] “Bump Bump”, [#30] “Ordinary Day” / 2012 – [#15] “Not Over You” / 2013 – [#43] “Call My Name” Other Notable Songs From 2014: “FUN” The K-pop foray into Japan has pretty ... Read More »

EXID’s #Hashtag interview features imitations, Voldemort, and fandom talk


EXID were on this week’s #Hashtag interview and they proved to be as charming as ever. They are pretty informal and jokey with one another, which I like since it opens up more opportunity for entertainment. The LE imitations, Voldemort, and Hani chanting “Hot body! Hot body!” were highlights. Also, pharkil, who shot Hani’s fancam that led to the breakout, ... Read More »

Witness testifies that Bumkey sold him meth, but testimony short on any specifics


As was surprisingly and suddenly revealed the other day, Bumkey‘s trial for allegedly dealing and using the drugs meth and ecstasy was already underway. The latest turn of events is that the prosecution called a witness that testified Bumkey sold him meth. Although a total of three witnesses were expected to attend the trial, only one of the three, Mr. ... Read More »

JYJ’s Junsu sued for lack of payment on Toscana Hotel, Junsu issues denial & countersuit


JYJ‘s Junsu is building the Toscana Hotel on Jeju Island, and recently that endeavor has come under fire from construction companies who claimed that Junsu failed to pay them around $5 million. In response, Junsu has denied all accusations and is planning a countersuit. The accusation basically revolves around loans and a supposed lack of repayment. According to the report, ... Read More »