MBC staffer eats snacks fangirl sent to Jonghyun, proceeds to mock fan on Facebook


An MBC staffer has become the center of a controversy because she jacked a fan package from Poland intended for SHINee‘s Jonghyun and then flaunted it on Facebook like a dipshit. The reason for this is that a SHINee Jonghyun fan from Poland sent snacks to the broadcasting company asking the package to be forwarded to SHINee Jonghyun. However, the ... Read More »

NS Yoon G’s ‘Original Version’ MV & “Let’s Dance” for “Yasisi” makes it all work


Most agreed that the MV for NS Yoon G‘s “Yasisi” was a letdown because it was less sexy than the teasers promised, and maybe she heard the screams of dying boners and parched vaginas, as she released a sexier ‘Original Version’ of the music video. Also, the “Let’s Dance“. This makes the comeback much better, but in terms of impact, ... Read More »

Perfume’s new single “Hold Your Hand” is “Sweet Refrain” recycled, but it might be better


Perfume‘s producer Nakata Yasutaka must be bored stiff and running low on fucks to give, because what he’s phoned in for Perfume’s new single “Hold Your Hand” is so lazy that it’s lying horizontally with its eyes rolled back, and yet it still manages to shit on your faves’ latest single and snatch the wigs of those poor hos in the ... Read More »

Hyoyeon’s ex (Kim Jun Hyung) tries to clarify the police event, doesn’t achieve much


Kim Jun Hyung, better known as SNSD‘s Hyoyeon‘s ex-boyfriend, gave his side of the story regarding the recent controversy involving him, Hyoyeon, and the police. And while he filled in some details, I’m not sure what exactly he actually clarified. When asked to explain about what happened that night of the incident, Kim Jun Hyung responded, “I was scared that ... Read More »

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu gets it poppin’ at a “Family Party” with robot Wii Sports


J-pop’s busiest pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has released her latest video for her ninth physical single, “Family Party“, and it is your standard Pussy Pam affair. Colourful, lots going on, quirky visuals, and at least two wig changes, with viewers being left with no idea what the fuck is going on. Despite the song being called “Family Party”, the ... Read More »

Dust Off: Heartsdales’ “So Tell Me”


Welcome to the ‘Dust Off‘, where on a random basis we re-introduce our old pop favorites for the tired palate. Born in Tokyo but raised in Yonkers, Heartsdales consisted of sisters Rum and Jewels. The duo made a splash with their debut single “So Tell Me“, and being pals with m-flo‘s Verbal certainly didn’t hurt. Flawless debut. When they retired ... Read More »

Around The Web: Digipedi interview, top K-pop producers, KPOPALYPSE poll


noonchi: noonchi is a new site, but one that’s off to a great start. Here’s an interview with Digipedi, the minds behind Orange Caramel‘s “Catallena” music video. The whole thing is worth reading, but remember that whole shit where that Orange Caramel fan invented some complex narrative about the music video? Yeah, well the creators say they had no intention ... Read More »