Park Si Hoo is coming back to the entertainment world, which makes me uneasy


Park Si Hoo is apparently making a return to the entertainment world after over a year away due to the rape allegations against him. The comeback will be in a film called “After Love“, and his co-star will be Yoon Eun Hye. Actress Yoon Eun Hye is apparently not afraid of a little controversy. The actress, who recently appeared in ... Read More »

Mode Lifestyle Magazine says Clara is #2 most beautiful, she proudly posts her shoot


Something called Mode Lifestyle Magazine has named Clara the #2 most beautiful woman in the world, and she celebrated the ranking by posting the shoot on her Instagram for all of us. This ranking was mocked, obviously, just like Nana‘s was. And while I love Clara, I understand the reaction because it’s ridiculous to me as well. However, the outright ... Read More »

So are we going conspiracy with B.A.P’s hiatus or believing TS Entertainment?


So as you’ve probably heard by now, B.A.P cancelled their upcoming tour stops in South America, ostensibly because TS Entertainment decided that the boys needed a break. That would be admirable if it wasn’t so odd. Not only that a company would allow their artists to actually rest, but since concerts like this are a significant part of the revenue ... Read More »

Apparently I feel differently about why women’s heels would be in Eunhyuk’s room


Super Junior‘s Leeteuk recently revealed that he found high heels in Eunhyuk‘s room, and though he later revealed that it was Eunhyuk’s mom’s stuff, netizens weren’t gonna let that pass. During the recording, Leeteuk revealed, “The most important rule in our dorm is to not bring over friends of the opposite gender,” and explained that with the exception of their ... Read More »

Fandom of 15&’s Yerin is mad at her for being a human, are entitled, lazy morons


15&‘s Yerin (JYP Entertainment) has angered some members of her fandom due to alleged special treatment for some in the fandom and for lashing out at fans who spoke negatively about her getting close with certain fans. Basically, what happened is that Yerin hung out in Hongdae with a small group of fans, then other fans asked why the fuck ... Read More »

Media says Kris is flopping in China, netizens rejoice, and both are delusional


Former EXO member Kris is apparently getting blacklisted in China cause he was a disloyal ingrate and China fears losing business with Korea, this according to a report out of Korea from Sports Donga via an anonymous source. Article: ‘EXO Runaway’ Kris, even Chinese agencies are wary of him Source: Sports Donga via Naver Article talks about how Chinese agencies ... Read More »