Stellar comeback with “Mask” music video, build on their sexy concept


Stellar are back with “Mask” after creating a wonderful clusterfuck with “Marionette“. People are going a bit delusional, saying that this is better than “Marionette” as a song because the video isn’t as sexual. “Marionette” was actually pretty great as a song, but this was rather mediocre and basic… …but my god, the styling is on point and they look ... Read More »

Orange Caramel for September 2014′s Ceci + “My Copycat” dance MV & BTS


Orange Caramel were featured in the September 2014 issue of Ceci and they all did their job of looking amazing. Did I mention there’s video? Did I mention that Nana spanks Lizzy in said video? Well. And Raina for KPOPALYPSE. Additionally, here’s their promo pics for “My Copycat“… …along with the dance version of the music video and a behind-the-scenes ... Read More »

[Review] Orange Caramel’s “My Copycat” predictably (and unpredictably) marvelous


At this point, Orange Caramel operates in a gleeful paradox. The group is consistent but their concepts are not like anything else in the K-pop scene. They don’t shock, but it’s incredibly hard to predict what they’re going to do next. The only thing that can be confidently predicted about each Orange Caramel release is that it will be memorable ... Read More »