Indie Focus: Humming Urban Stereo’s ‘Delicacy’ continues down the right path


Humming Urban Stereo is back with his newest album, ‘Delicacy‘. ‘Delicacy’ starts off right off with an instrumental song called “Ozon (Remake).” This song was a track off Humming Urban Stereo’s 2007 album ‘Baby Love‘, and there are three other remakes like it on this album. “Hello Stranger” was featured in Mint Paper Project‘s ‘고양이 이야기‘. It’s an adorable song ... Read More »

Jessica H.o. auditions for ‘Bad Girls Club’ on ‘Unpretty Rapstar’, tries to ruin career again


Jessica H.o. or Jessi or whatever the fuck she’s calling herself now, became her usual unhinged tryhard self on that “Unpretty Rapstar” show, thus killing three birds with one stone by doing great promo work for Mnet, auditioning for her future as a reality show “star” on ‘Bad Girls Club‘, and attempting to ruin her career … again. Gonna be ... Read More »

Davichi don’t seem to hate each other and people just can’t stand it

Dude in the back is me reading these shitty netizen comments.

If you didn’t know, Davichi have a terrible relationship with one another and hate each other because Kang Min Kyung constantly bullies duo partner Lee Haeri. How do we know this? Because people who selectively read into their relationship based on their reality shows, talk show appearances, and their SNS accounts just KNOW. I’m not gonna post up every article, ... Read More »

The witch-hunt is on! Hong Jong Hyun criticized for … uh … walking?


Hong Jong Hyun is being criticized for being captured walking for 15 seconds in public, which sounds about right in terms of how a celebrity is treated during any period of marginal controversy or debate. In light of the recent dating “scandal” involving actor Hong Jong Hyun and After School‘s Nana, Korean netizens are providing alleged “evidence” the against actor. ... Read More »

g.o.d. & BTOB fandoms fight over color, Park Joon Hyung schools everybody


g.o.d.‘s fandom is pissed at BTOB‘s fandom because the latter are using sky blue as their fandom color, which is the color of g.o.d.’s fandom. Yes, they are fighting over colors. The post reads, “I think many people think of the artist’s official color as a fandom’s identity. There are a limited number of colors, but these days, third generation ... Read More »

Kangnam reveals that Hani’s manager is her chastity belt + Star1 photoshoot


M.I.B‘s Kangnam recently revealed that Hani’s manager preemptively cockblocked him prior to his photoshoot for Star1 with EXID‘s Hani. Kangnam shared, “I did a photoshoot with Hani. An hour prior to shooting, Hani’s project manager called me and said, ‘Kangnam, you know what to do right? Don’t ask for her number, and don’t take pictures with her like you’re her ... Read More »

Park Myung Soo goes upside Seolhyun’s head, but it’s okay cause oppa didn’t mean it


On the variety show ‘Brave Family‘, comedian Park Myung Soo went upside the head of AOA member Seolhyun for dropping an egg. This caused a bit of a controversy and ignited a debate over if it was just malicious editing or not. In any case, the producer of the show responded and basically said that it wasn’t a big deal. ... Read More »