Indie Focus: Rhythm Power bring funk-flavored hip-hop with “The Trio – Stage One”


Rhythm Power has been part of the underground hip-hop scene for a while, but not by name. The trio was part of 킹더형 레코드 in 2009. Through circumstances, however, the hip-hop collective was distilled into what we know today as Rhythm Power, comprised of Hangzoo, Boi.B, and Geegu In (or Mr. G for short). They fall into the standard nomenclature ... Read More »

Indie Focus: Fromm delivers an international indie rock feel with ‘Arrival’


I’d actually only heard a few songs by Fromm before I saw that she released a full-length album, but that sample was enough to further my interest. ‘Arrival‘ is essentially a different, yet entirely recognizable indie rock album. With a voice like hers, I thought that Fromm would have produced a much lighter and mellow indie pop album, but I ... Read More »

[Review] AOA’s “Miniskirt” is another stupidly sexy single in the year of our lord 2014


With “Miniskirt“, AOA (Ace Of Angels) pick up right where they left off with “Confused” and adheres to a very similar formula, for better and for worse. Like a lot of young groups, it has been difficult to pin down a brand or identity for AOA. The group is largely interesting for its curious make up — one “part” being ... Read More »

T-ara N4 are coming to America with Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Ray J … Fuck. Yes.


Late yesterday, Damuer Leffridge of Popular Entertainment Group revealed that T-ara N4 would be coming to America with an album called “Miss Understood” featuring Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and Ray J. The COUNTDOWN has begun! T-ara N4 US Album "Miss Understood" feat. Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Ray J and more! STAY TUNED!!! #missunderstood — Damuer H. Leffridge (@Damuer) January 15, ... Read More »

Pretending that certain idols own their sexuality in order to shame others is the worst


I’ve said most of what I’ve needed to say about the moralizing/concern trolling of concepts before, but there’s still a common refrain that I hear used as an example or argument all the time in K-pop: that we should approve of ‘Idol A’ because he/she owns their concept, but ‘Idol B’ is problematic because they’re just puppets of their companies. ... Read More »

Now Jiyoung’s confirmed to be out of KARA … so how much longer do they last?

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Yesterday we discussed Nicole leaving KARA and the possibility of Jiyoung also leaving, but now we have confirmation that Jiyoung will also bounce from the group, leaving KARA as a trio. Sports Chosun also interviewed Kang Ji Young’s father, Kang Gun Wook through the telephone, who reported that “We have sent the contents certification. Before that, we notified DSP Media ... Read More »