V6′s Morita Go rumored to be dating porn star Miyuki Alice


Morita Go of the Johnny’s Entertainment group V6 is rumored to be in a relationship of about a year with porn star Miyuki Alice (Miyuki Arisu), according to tabloid Shuukan Josei. Last week’s issue of Josei Seven reported that V6′s Go Morita is in a relationship with “an ex-gravure model who hails from Hokkaido”, but the current issue of Shuukan ... Read More »

Avril Lavigne mocks notion that “Hello Kitty” MV was racist; nuance is a lost art


Unsurprisingly, people were not happy with Avril Lavigne‘s “Hello Kitty” music video. I wasn’t happy either, because it fucking sucked, but some went as far to accuse of her of being a racist. She responded like most people who get called out for doing iffy shit in a reasonable and mature manner: RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!! I love Japanese culture and I ... Read More »

Avril Lavigne tries to skin Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & wear her as a coat for her “Hello Kitty” MV


So I’ve been sent this new Avril Lavigne music video for a song called “Hello Kitty“, and I could already tell it would be a hot mess just by the title and the video still. Invariably, the link went hand-in-hand with the question, “What the fuck is this?” Answer: I have no goddamn idea. Holy shit. This is what I ... Read More »

Gravure model Konno Anna bathes with younger brother … yup; BOMB.TV shoot + candids


Gravure model Konno Anna is trying to hawk her latest DVD, which is basically a camera following her around role playing as an older sister who thinks “incest” is more “wincest” than absolutely disgusting. And Anna apparently wants to tie that gravure DVD persona into her real life, so she decided to involve her own younger brother. She commented on ... Read More »

G-Dragon unfollows everybody on Instagram, fans go nuts on Mizuhara Kiko


G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko have never officially been confirmed in a relationship, but it was basically the worst kept secret in K-pop. Keeping it consistent, it seems they’ve made their breakup public without actually announcing it, in probably the most modern way possible: by unfollowing each other on Twitter and Instagram. It didn’t take long for fans to figure it ... Read More »

Crayon Pop on ‘Weekly Idol’ with English subs; Gummi has … oral talent


Crayon Pop appeared on ‘Weekly Idol‘ recently, and somehow we’ve already gotten English subs. Disappointed by lack of hammering each other on the head with that weapon. Thrilled by the amount of Ellin fail, ChoA Engrish, Soyul trot, Gummi sexual innuendo, and Way eating. ===== Also, here’s a Crayon Pop giveaway that’s going on. You should join in if you ... Read More »

Asian Junkie I-Team investigates anonymous lawsuit between ex-trainee and boy band member


It’s been a while since the ESTEEMED FLAWLESS Asian Junkie I-Team has been called into action, but I found the clues to a recent lawsuit order rather obvious. So what was the lawsuit about? Well, basically, a “well-known entertainment label” was ordered to pay five grand to a former trainee because the former trainee claimed he suffered from assault by ... Read More »

Pop Goes The Music: Wagakki Band – “Senbonzakura”


Your random reminder that the whole of Korean and Japanese music is more than just the summation of idol tracks. Wagakki Band is … something. A mix of J-pop, metal, and traditional Japanese instruments and vocal style, they’re certainly something original if nothing else. Here’s their most recent effort, “Senbonzakura“, which is on Avex‘s YouTube channel, because Wagakki Band are ... Read More »

Jin Akanishi & Tanaka Koki set to form a duo in a rumor I desperately want to believe


Former KAT-TUN members Jin Akanishi and Tanaka Koki have a plan. That plan? To form a duo, a glorious duo, according to Tokyo Sports. Akanishi left Johnny’s with the perspective of expanding his activities overseas but his major financial backers are only lukewarm to the idea. As per someone in the entertainment world familiar with the matter, the financial backers ... Read More »