Sojung surgeries successful, RiSe still unconscious, Ashley/Zuny return to hospital


Well, there’s at least one positive update about the whole Ladies’ Code situation, as member Sojung‘s facial surgeries have been successful and she’s now out of critical condition. Polaris Entertainment also released a statement: “Sojung, who suffered fractures, received a surgery for her upper jawbone and is currently in recovery. She will receive follow-up surgery depending on her recovery progress, ... Read More »

Hyeri DA BOSS eats fistfuls of food on ‘We Got Married’ & ‘Real Men’ cause she can


Hyeri is awesome. More awesome than a Yura laugh track. Yura and Hong Jung Hyun may have gotten married, but Hyeri needs to EAT. And her eating on ‘Real Men‘ didn’t hurt things either. Honestly, it’s sort of bizarre for me to see basically everything Hyeri does at the moment going viral. Like … positively. Cause before I’d only read ... Read More »