Pope Francis flies halfway around the world to meet BoA


Pope Francis will be flying halfway around the world to meet the world’s queen, BoA, in South Korea for ‘Asia Youth Day‘, which is like some kind of Christian indoctrination camp or something. BoA will be attending a luncheon with Pope Francis as the honorary ambassador on August 15 for this year’s ‘Asia Youth Day’ which will be held from ... Read More »

IU revealed on ‘Healing Camp’ that she suffered from bulimia


IU recently admitted on ‘Healing Camp‘ that she suffered from bulimia as a result of what sounds like depression. Singer IU confessed that she has suffered from the eating disorder known as bulimia and received treatment in the past on the “Healing Camp” episode of July 14th. IU mentioned that, “Once I started disliking myself, this deepened by being lethargic ... Read More »

Girl’s Day. Yura. Trouble Maker.


Yura covered Trouble Maker at Girl’s Day‘s recent concert. What else is there to say? Hong Jung Hyun, Yura’s “husband” on ‘We Got Married‘, was rumored to be a participant, but it apparently didn’t happen. Too bad, would’ve made amusing fodder for the show. Read More »

Lee Da Hae antis arrested for fabricating prostitution rumors, face punishment


A while back, actress Lee Da Hae had malicious rumors spread about her regarding alleged involvement in a prostitution ring. The rumors turned out to be false and fabricated by antis, and now those antis have been arrested. On the 13th of July, Seoul Metropolitan Police arrested 4 people who have been leaving hateful comments and spreading harmful rumors about ... Read More »

[Review] Girl’s Day’s “Darling” is an average summer release wrapped in glorious packaging


It’s near impossible to discuss Girl’s Day without examining the dichotomy in the group’s image. What started off as a group largely defined by its insanely (and somewhat aggravating) cute image evolved into a group dedicated to all the sexiness this side of SISTAR. “Darling” splits the difference between Girl’s Day’s past and present, and while the group appropriates both ... Read More »