Jiyeon’s taking no prisoners in her new “1MIN 1SEC (Never Ever)” teaser


Aside from having one of the most aggravating titles to type out, Jiyeon looks to be aiming for all the nosebleeds with her upcoming music video for “1 MIN 1SEC (Never Ever)”. Yup, still a much too convoluted title in English. Somehow though, Hyosung has some competition: Hopefully the slower, more deliberate beat is kept in place because it really ... Read More »

[Review] Hyosung’s “Goodnight Kiss” is a flawed song playing over the best silent film ever


After what has seemed like an unjustifiable eternity, Hyosung finally has a solo release. Solo releases are an opportunity for a label to keep an existing act in the news cycle, but it’s also an opportunity for a pop star to distinguish him or herself from the pack. With “Goodnight Kiss”, the results are a mixed bag for both Hyosung ... Read More »

G.NA’s secret in “G.NA’s Secret” is to be cutesy basic while having the creepiest MV ever


G.NA‘s teaser for her comeback MV, “G.NA’s Secret“, was relatively disappointing, not just because of a lack of anticipated sexy concept, but because it honestly was awkward as hell. And musically, I don’t think anybody wanted her to do an A Pink impersonation. After watching the whole music video, I can now confirm that the concept is a mess. Cute/aegyo ... Read More »

Crayon Pop (Soyul/Gummi) win on ‘Dream Team 2′ AGAIN, form Thugyon Pop Dynasty


Crayon Pop members Soyul and Gummi were invited back to ‘Let’s Go Dream Team 2‘ again, because apparently the show doesn’t want anybody else winning. And in true Thugyon Pop fashion, they came through when it mattered. Narsha didn’t want none. Dis chick let out an audible sigh when matched up against glorious Soyul. Soyul had great starting technique but ... Read More »

Yamashita Tomohisa banned from spa for seeking rub-and-tug, tried to sneak back in anyway


Yamashita Tomohisa allegedly went to a spa recently and had a bit of a misunderstanding when he thought it was a rub-and-tug but it was just a rub-and-rub, according to Shukan Bunshun. Yamapi was subsequently banned from the spa, even after pulling the old “Don’t you know who I am?” act. “Yamasahita has been here a few times already and ... Read More »

Ga-In revealed to be dating actor/ecstasy fan, Joo Ji Hoon


Ga-In and actor Joo Ji Hoon have been confirmed to be in a relationship for a few months now, though that’s not really the story for me. Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In and actor Joo Ji Hoon are officially a couple, according to APOP Entertainment, the singer’s agency. Rumors had been circulating about a possible romantic link between the ... Read More »

Happiness releases MV for “JUICY LOVE”, which continues the LDH path to glory


Happiness are back with their MV for “JUICY LOVE“, and it’s actually been 10 months away for them even if it doesn’t seem like it because of E-Girls‘ recent successes. Enjoyed basically everything about this, which is not surprising because my only complaint about them before was that the music didn’t fit what they were trying to do in terms ... Read More »