f(x) end “Red Light” promotions, Sulli wishes to take break … oh boy


So there’s been a bunch of questions surrounding Sulli‘s absence and then f(x)‘s seemingly disappearing schedule, but nobody could really figure what the fuck was up. Well, now SM Entertainment has cleared things up, and f(x) is indeed ending “Red Light” promotions and Sulli wants a hiatus. [f(x)] member Sulli became mentally and physically exhausted from the continuous, malicious comments ... Read More »

BABYMETAL win Metal Hammer’s ‘Heavy Metal World Cup’, metal fans mad and pathetic


So BABYMETAL won this ‘Heavy Metal World Cup‘ online poll put on by a metal publication called Metal Hammer, which was obviously just a generic poll every site sets up (like for the NCAA Tournament and shit) to milk as many pageviews out of rabid fanbases as possible. That’s all fair game, but it’s utterly transparent shit that only teenage ... Read More »

Park Bom leaves “Roommate” due to controversy, thus rendering reality TV pointless


Park Bom will no longer be on “Roommate” after the July 27 episode, and the producers have already been editing her out of episodes due to her drug controversy. Korean reality television fucking sucks. On July 24, Baek Jung Ryeol of SBS’s “Roommate” revealed that “Park Bom’s last appearance will be on July 27. She didn’t participate in the filming, ... Read More »

f(x) cancelled schedules in Korean, but all is normal in English, so confusion reigns


The f(x) conspiracy theories were already running rampant due to Sulli going mysteriously missing from “Red Light” promotions, but that machine was thrown into overdrive recently when all of f(x)’s promotional scheduled vanished from their official site. As you can imagine, K-netizens and I-netizens were both freaking out, wondering what that meant for the group. And admittedly, I found it ... Read More »

SM Entertainment replaced the SM Rookies video that starred SEXTUBE.COM


SM Entertainment has unfortunately caught on to people pointing out that their debut SM Rookies website video showcased their love for SEXTUBE.com research, but at least we’ll always have the memories. Here’s the new one without the lulz: Now it’s just a boring video of two pre-pubescent looking kids talking about an idol website. All the amusement is lost without ... Read More »

Sojin is basically a vampire now, one that has glorious boobs + Girl’s Day want you to die


Girl’s Day‘s Sojin recently revealed on radio that during promotions she basically doesn’t sleep, thus making her undead. During July 21’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Old School, the Girl’s Day members were asked if they are too busy these days. So Jin answered, “To be honest, we’ve been really busy recently.” So Jin revealed, “For the past three weeks, ... Read More »

Lip Service are making a comeback, apparently with a new member


Lip Service‘s official Twitter tweeted the above picture out, and besides them making a return, the most important thing is that there are now three names, not two. BiPA, CORA, and ANNA, the latter of which is the name of the new addition they teased out earlier. [Lipservice_Upgrade] BiPA CORA and ? pic.twitter.com/DWG8bdmVp2 — Lipservice_official (@lipservice67) July 8, 2014 Also, ... Read More »

[Review] SISTAR’s “Touch My Body” brings fantastic simmering summer heat


With their latest comeback “Touch My Body”, SISTAR proves that even their more easygoing singles can bring enough heat to power the long summer months. If “Touch My Body” surprises, it’s with its relatively laid-back hip-pop beat. SISTAR singles usually vacillate between sensual disco numbers and energetic pop songs, so a more subdued, warm backing track is a pleasant shift. ... Read More »