52 charged with illegal vehicle modifications, 26 idol vans averaged 11+ speeding tickets


52 individuals were recently charged by police for illegally modifying vehicles, and a whole bunch of them were connected to the entertainment industry. The vehicles had siren lights attached so they could speed through traffic, and they helped idols speed to and from events. A road manager for nine entertainment companies, 17 executive members, car remodeling operator Mr. Kim, and ... Read More »

FEMM go out with a bang in their “Whiplash” music video


FEMM are not going anywhere, but their “Whiplash” music video concludes the promotion cycle for their debut album, “Femm-Isation” (iTunes/Oct. 1). Amazing. The choreo, though. FEMM is just evidence that J-pop can be awesome when the Japanese companies actually put effort into their shit, you know, as if they gave a single fuck. Also helps their international appeal if they ... Read More »

So Julien Kang had a grand ol’ time on the streets of Gangnam yesterday, huh?


Julien Kang got shitfaced and wandered around the streets in his underwear yesterday. Yup. Most importantly (to Koreans), he tested negative for “real” drugs. But why did he do this? Who the fuck knows? The representative also added, “He was in a club with acquaintance, and someone he wasn’t familiar with gave him a drink. The next thing he knew, ... Read More »

Jieun’s “Don’t Look At Me Like That” MV was a letdown for me, but others love it


SECRET‘s Jieun recently released the music video for her solo effort, “Don’t Look At Me Like That“, but Dispatch fucking lied when they promised Bang Yong Guk would feature. Worse yet, the promises of tackling a bevy of ‘unconventional loves’ was also mainly bunk, but my main issue was honestly the genre. This type of track really isn’t my type ... Read More »

T-ara released an EDMCLUB “Sugar Free” MV + counting the cuts & transitions for lulz


You know how it’s a running joke that T-ara‘s music videos are maddeningly epilepsy/headache inducing? Well after they upped the ante with “Sugar Free“, they decided to go one step further with the ‘EDMCLUB’ version of the music video. I got as far as the opening that spins around before I got vertigo and barfed everywhere. Also, here’s a video ... Read More »

[Review] TaeTiSeo’s ‘Holler’ mini-album hits all the right notes


If there’s one thing I’m thankful for with regards to how SM Entertainment has been handling TaeTiSeo, it’s that they don’t just put out boring ballads on the grounds that they’re “the voices” of SNSD. While “Twinkle” wasn’t exactly a masterpiece — it lacked the spunk light-heartedness that material like that demands — I’d like to think that “Holler” is ... Read More »