Rainbow announce February comeback on piece of cardboard, which figures


After a hiatus of one year and seven months during which they weren’t exactly missed in K-pop, Rainbow will be making a comeback. It will be the group’s first release since ‘Rainbow Syndrome Part 1‘ and ‘Rainbow Syndrome Part 2‘ back in 2013 (if you forgot all about the Rainbow BLAXX which debuted in 2014, that’s understandable). DSP Media recently ... Read More »

ChoA’s deleted front-flip vid recovered, K-Much careful in Malaysia, model Kim Si Eun


ChoA‘s dive was deleted from her Instagram, presumably because it was too awesome, but somebody captured it beforehand. Thus, we got that glorious masterpiece seen above. —– I mentioned this briefly on Twitter, but K-Much are in Malaysia (or were), and word about B1A4‘s plight has traveled, because one of the member put a shirt around his arm before accepting ... Read More »

Momoiro Clover Z & KISS collab for “Yume No Ukiyo Ni Saitemina” MV


Remember that KISS and Momoiro Clover Z collab? No, it wasn’t a delusion, and you weren’t totally wasted when you read about that. It actually happened, it’s called “Yume No Ukiyo Ni Saitemina“, and there’s a music video for it. It’s actually visually appealing and the music video is executed well. Plus, the song has moments where it’s catchy, but ... Read More »

3 Malaysian girls in viral video with B1A4 will not have arrest warrant issued against them


The three Malaysian fangirls of B1A4, who dared to touch them, are no longer in danger of going to prison over it, as the threatened arrest warrant will not be issued. The Federal Territories Islamic Department (JAWI) has admitted it cannot pursue the three Malay girls shown embracing Korean pop stars in a recent viral video, despite previously saying it ... Read More »

Joo leaves JYPE, netizens revise history instead of reflecting on how people were dicks


Joo and JYP Entertainment have parted ways after her debut initially sort of flopped (helped along by controversy), and then she couldn’t promote due to stage fright, which is basically her having anxiety or panic disorder. Netizens essentially blamed her failure on her being a iljin thug whore or whatever: 1. [+1,511, -62] She ruined her career with her iljin ... Read More »

Clara’s reps reveal a whole lot of nothing, her statements indicate not much more coming


When we last left off on the Clara/Polaris Entertainment drama, Clara was claiming that Polaris/Dispatch had given the public less than half the story, and that she had receipts in the form of messages and e-mails. Reasonable enough, I figured, so I patiently waited for the rebuttal and backed a Shindong portion of popcorn into my driveway, ready to unload ... Read More »

Clara’s lawyers say only ’30-40%’ of texts revealed, they have recordings & e-mails


After the damning texts were released by Dispatch/Polaris Entertainment, Clara fired back (of course) against, well, basically everything. For starters, they say the sexual harassment labeling didn’t come from them. Regarding the issue of “sexual harassment” “The article that was released about ‘sexual harassment’ had nothing to do with us. We never revealed any documents or information. The first ones ... Read More »

Kim Hyun Joong only fined $5000 for assaulting ex-gf cause it was practice for UFC debut


Kim Hyun Joong was fined $5000 for two cases of assault against his ex-girlfriend, and he got off easy because he was “showing her his fighting skills”. What? “Kim [Hyun Joong] stated that he had ‘no intentions of intentionally hitting her,’ and that he was ‘showing her his fighting skills when she was accidentally hurt,’ but the injuries on her ... Read More »

Soyul threatens former teacher, ChoA opens Instagram, Gummi plays beer pong


Crayon Pop‘s Soyul — a known right-wing extremist, gang member, iljin thug — has now forced her former teacher to improve her public image under the threat of violence. A former teacher of Soyul wrote recently on Crayon Pop’s official Daum fancafe in a post titled ‘Thank you Soyul~~! I didn’t forget and even got here~~ Teacher’ and mentioned how ... Read More »