Youngji & Jackson probably hookup on ‘Roommate’, Sunny dances for Choi Hong Man


“Roommate” clusterfuck time! This episode has Youngji and Jackson “fighting” AKA flirting AKA total hookup sesh off-camera, Youngji and Sunny trying to impress gigantic troll man Choi Hong Man, and the cast making some gud-ass kimchi. —– The lovers’ quarrel is a good place to start. You can understand what they’re doing just from the physical humor, but basically Youngji ... Read More »

Gummi is on Instagram with ab pics and … gay pride? + Ellin … um … doesn’t need a bf


Crayon Pop‘s Gummi is now on Instagram (well, it’s unprivated now) and sharing workout progress pics. Between this and Soyul‘s biceps, I’m thinking they workout more than they let on. :o She also has these two pictures up, which are either from a gay pride parade or her time with Lady Gaga. Also, Ellin posted this picture, which shows she ... Read More »