Durex condoms congratulate SNSD’s Taeyeon & EXO’s Baekhyun with a tweet


Durex condoms congratulated SNSD‘s Taeyeon & EXO‘s Baekhyun on their now confirmed relationship in a rather genius social media marketing ploy that they ended up deleting, probably out of sheer fear. Along with the picture from Dispatch‘s report, the tweet read: “Members of SM Entertainment’s representative idol groups, SNSD’s Taeyeon & EXO’s Baekhyun, are said to be dating, according to ... Read More »

Hamasaki Ayumi now hawking fitness products, will probably retire to do infomercials


Hamasaki Ayumi has now been reduced to having her likeness used to hawk trendy fitness gimmicks … what the fuck? 1) Could they really not afford anything better than a green-screened background and fitness attire that looks straight out of the 90s? Holy shit, it’s embarrassing. Even if you couldn’t fly out to a scenic location for a badass background, ... Read More »

America is now going to ruin K-dramas, set to remake ‘Reply 1997′ into nostalgia ‘GLEE’


‘Reply 1997‘ and its sequel ‘Reply 1994‘ were both critically-acclaimed, well-crafted, enjoyable hit television series based on the nostalgia for the childhood/teen days of adults in my era. So what better way for America to fuck it all up than by making it ‘GLEE‘ set in the 90s? Fans of Korean TV series and dramas will recognise Reply 1997 as ... Read More »

Mamamoo finally make their official debut with “Mr. Ambiguous” MV and it’s glorious


Mamamoo, the four-member rookie girl group that feels like it’s already been around for a while, has actually gone ahead and made their official debut with their “Hello” mini-album and “Mr. Ambiguous” title track. To put my feelings simply, I’m down for anything jazz with blues rock influence. All in. The music video happens to fit the track perfectly and ... Read More »