Polaris Ent, police & fire dept release accident details + Ladies’ Code member updates


After an understandably hectic day yesterday, more details are starting to emerge about the accident. Ladies’ Code‘s company, Polaris Entertainment, talked about both the vehicle used in the fatal crash and the driver of the van. “Ladies’ Code’s vehicle was driven for the first time that day. We are extremely upset that this accident occurred on the first use of ... Read More »

Ladies’ Code’s agency’s statement + van comes into question + Eru speaks the truth


Ladies’ Code‘s agency, Polaris Entertainment, has released a statement on the fatal accident, which sheds some light on exactly what led to the death of member EunB and the critical conditions of members RiSe and Sojung. “Near Suwon around 1:30 AM, the car that Ladies’ Code had been riding in after finishing up their schedule in Daegu experienced a problem ... Read More »

Ladies’ Code’s RiSe & Sojung out of surgery, Sojung is stable but RiSe remains in ICU


Unfortunately, the tragic consequences of Ladies’ Code‘s van accident don’t end with EunB‘s death, as members RiSe & Sojung were both in critical condition and were reported to be in surgery, raising concern that their lives could also be in danger. The latest update is that both of them are now out of surgery, but their conditions are different. RiSe ... Read More »

Ladies’ Code’s van accident leads to EunB’s death & others critical, when will something change?


Ladies’ Code‘s van was involved in an accident where it apparently lost traction while going down a wet road. The accident led to the death of member EunB, while members RiSe and Sojung are in critical condition, and the other two members and two staffs are hospitalized. At around 1:20 AM in South Korea, the girls’ van ran into a ... Read More »

Koda Kumi releases “So Fever”, “Never Give It Up”, “Kimi Omoi” PVs for pachinko promo


Koda Kumi has released three music videos for a pachinko promotional campaign with Sankyo Fever, and it’s called ‘FEVER Koda Kumi Legend Live‘. Koda Kumi having pachinko machines is nothing new, but this is clearly a heavy marketing push, and they’ve setup a special site for it and everything. The three music videos are for “So Fever“, “Never Give It ... Read More »

“Roommate” outs Nana as a fake thug, will hurt her rap career + Jo Se Ho’s thirst is real


“Roommate” took a visit back to Nana‘s high school, and despite her apparent thug iljin gangster rep (for … drinking and clubbing), apparently she went to school normally. In her student record, Nana wrote that her special skill was makeup application and her hope was to become a stylist in the future. It was also recorded by her teachers that ... Read More »