5 Dempagumi.inc members hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning


Five members of idol group Dempagumi.inc, along with five staff members, were taken to a hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning while filming on a TV Asahi/Toei joint production. They were filming at a quarry site of Oyaishi (Utsunomiya-city, Tochigi) for their net digital and movie contents which was a collaborative production between TV Asahi and Toei on June 15th at ... Read More »

Indie Focus: Pavlov’s garage rock sound in ’26′ is one of the best of the year


I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about Pavlov through Love Rock Company’s Facebook and Twitter recently, and while I had heard of the band from the label a while ago in passing, I’ve been waiting for a release to really dig in with the music. So when ‘26‘ finally dropped on iTunes, I bought it and started listening. I ... Read More »

Music Video Lessons: TAHITI’s “Oppa Is Mine” says to kidnap & torture guys you like


TAHITI are back with “Oppa Is Mine“, a bubbly, cutesy, sexy song all rolled into one along with themes of stalking, kidnapping, and torture … wait, what? Yes indeed, valuable life lessons are provided for delulu fangirls in this gem. So the girls of TAHITI are basically a gang that have a boy on their mind, and they dance around ... Read More »

Indie Focus: MasterClass & Darley bring their best for ‘Darley’s MasterClass’


While I don’t listen to MasterClass as much as I’d like to, his instrumentals are some of the best to listen to in the background while still being productive. I stumbled upon ‘Darley’s MasterClass‘ after MasterClass had shared the info on Facebook, and I ended up buying the album almost immediately. The album was a collaboration with Darley, who I ... Read More »

Actress Ha Ji Won is going to try singing again, did not learn from “Home Run”


Ha Ji Won is going to venture into singing and will release a digital single tentatively called “Right Here“. That’s sort of “whatever”, but what’s important is that this means she officially didn’t learn from what transpired over a decade ago when she released the hot mess, “Home Run“. But at least we got this out of it: #TeamSchadenfreude If ... Read More »