What the fuck is m-flo doing though? Like seriously.


So this is m-flo’s music video for their collab with Kawakami Yoohei on “FLY“. The song has a music video, so I assume it’s a lead single. And it’s terrible. ) Besides all the poorly executed switches in tempo, the Engrish of the vocalist, and all that stuff, what the fuck is Verbal doing with his flow? Trying to be ... Read More »

Orange Caramel’s “Catallena” MV is about them eating themselves as sushi … yes


I was anticipating Orange Caramel‘s comeback because … are you kidding? Because they’re awesome and hot and weird as fuck and who knows what they’re going to do. Well their “Catallena” music video continues that trend as they eat themselves in a sushi restaurant. ) That happened. So basically they are beautiful mermaids that get captured and thrown in with ... Read More »

Hyomin’s & Jiyeon’s solos to be modern ’10 Minutes’ & ‘Adult Ceremony’, oh yes


IATFB speculated that the solo debuts of Hyomin and Jiyeon would be gold no matter what, and they’re already off to a great start. Apparently their debuts will involve making ’2014 versions’ of classic K-pop soloist tracks. Hyomin will be doing a modern version of Hyori‘s “10 Minutes“, while Jiyeon will be doing a modern “Adult Ceremony” by Park Ji ... Read More »

Actor Woo Bong Shik commits suicide, K-netizens use it as an excuse to rage against idols


Actor Woo Bong Shik recently committed suicide in his home, which is just another sad case that is all too common in Korea and the entertainment industry. DongA Ilbo reported that Woo Bong Shik was found at his rented apartment in Gaepo-dong of the Gangnam District on March 9 at around 8 PM. The Seoul Investigation Unit commented, “Woo’s friend ... Read More »

Crayon Pop’s title track is ready to RULE and it’s the return of Dumb & Dumber


So according to “multiple industry officials”, Crayon Pop‘s title track for their “early April” comeback is done and they’re doing finishing work on it now. We sort of already knew that, but it was also announced that Dumb & Dumber would be returning. [Info] Crayon Pop's April (first week) comeback track will be composed/written by Dumb & Dumber (composed Dancing ... Read More »

WINNER’s Nam Taehyun apparently being stalked by sasaengs through hacked security feeds


WINNER‘s Nam Taehyun is apparently already being stalked by sasaeng fans, but not through typical taxi cab and follow ways. No no no, crazy fans have advanced with the times, so instead of renting out a taxi for the day, they’ve simply hacked the security cameras around the areas the idols visit/live. Like this convenience store: Not an official news ... Read More »

Hyomin & Jiyeon to both get solo debuts, Eunjung about to go ‘White’ on bitches


T-ara‘s Jiyeon and Hyomin will each be making solo debuts soon, which will either end in awesome realness or complete and utter disaster, either of which will be highly entertaining. T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media announced on March 10, “Jiyeon and Hyomin will be releasing solo albums that are completely different in style. Jiyeon teamed up with Duble Sidekick, while ... Read More »

[Review] TVXQ’s “Spellbound” does just that to the viewer


TVXQ is one of the most dependable duos working K-pop today, and both Yunho and Changmin could headline any group they damn well please and it would be solid. Together, they’re usually golden, and “Spellbound” is no exception. The production for “Spellbound” is pretty good. A smooth neo-soul beat straddles the line between cheesy and classy. Saxophones will always be ... Read More »

Music Core’s 400th episode special was full of special stages that gave me life


‘Music Core‘ had a special episode for their 400th broadcast, and it was full of special stages, which meant it shit on all the year-end programs, IMO. I love these types of things more than watching the idols perform their own songs like 99% of the time. —– Girl’s Day Covers S.E.S.’s “I Love You” SECRET Covers Fin.K.L’s “Now” Ga-In ... Read More »