GACKT & ICONIQ have broken up, leaving us with a legacy of fandom trolling


Singers GACKT and ICONIQ have broken up after about two years together due to constant arguments over capitalization or something. Probably. According to Japanese media outlet Sankei Sports on August 7, “Gackt and Iconiq [Ayumi’s stage name], who dated since 2012, have broken up.” Quoting a source, they said, “Due to personality differences and busy schedules, the two broke it ... Read More »

Jin Akanishi releases auto-tuned mess “Good Time”, wasted Kuroki Meisa’s money


Jin Akanishi now an independent artist after starting up his own label, Go Good Records, but he’s not independent of Kuroki Meisa‘s income and is probably doing unspeakable things for her to keep getting allowance. Anyway, he recently released his debut single under the label, called “Good Time“, and I have no idea why he did this. 99% chance he ... Read More »

I too do not understand how JYJ’s “Back Seat” could be seen as sexual


JYJ‘s boning anthem, “Back Seat“, recently got banned by KBS for being sexually suggestive. And while I’d like to believe most of these comments asking why “Back Seat” is sexually suggestive are just conspiracy mongers or people being saracastic, it sure doesn’t appear that way. 1. [+4,894, -271] What a mess ㅋㅋ How did they interpret back seat to mean ... Read More »