Girl’s Day is coming back in January and their company is honest as fuck


Girl’s Day will be making a comeback in January, according to a DreamT Entertainment rep. A representative for Dream Tea Entertainment told Star News on the 10th: “Preparations for Girl’s Day’s new album are currently in their final stages with the goal being to make a comeback during the first week of January.” So that’s great, but what’s better is ... Read More »

SM Rookies lets you see their future company slaves: Seul Gi, Jeno, Tae Yong, Irene, Lami, Jae Hyun


SM Rookies are a pre-debut team of trainees under SM Entertainment, and the company is starting to whore them out now so that you stan them in advance and they can instantly make money when they officially debut instead of having to try and put effort into their concepts and music. So far, they’ve revealed Irene (22), Lami (10), Jae ... Read More »

Tsunku is going to make Morning Musume change their name yearly, everybody laugh at him


Tsunku recently announced that Morning Musume would be renamed Morning Musume ’14 and that their name would then be changed every following year. Tsunku said the group’s new name would be Morning Musume ‘14. Explaining the reasons for the name change, Tsunku said that questions about the group such as “When was that particular song released? “or “Which generation of ... Read More »

Jang Yoon Jung is pregnant, so her mother sent a message calling her a ‘bitch’ and saying she’ll stalk her


Singer Jang Yoon Jung recently announced her pregnancy, but her mother was not so happy about it, sending out a scathing message through her daughter’s anti-cafe. Yes, really. But before we get to that, how did this all start, right? Members of the community are asking for the truth about whether Jang Yoon Jung did indeed lose 1 billion KRW ... Read More »

SNSD is coming back in early 2014, but I really wish the “mannish” concept rumor was true


SNSD will be coming back early in 2014, and it was rumored that their concept was going to be ‘mannish’, which was a weird way of saying it would be a ‘tomboy’ concept. Unfortunately, SM Entertainment shot that idea/rumor down completely. SM Entertainment released an official statement, saying that “Girl’s Generation is currently preparing for their comeback next year, but ... Read More »

Tony An tries to get out of jail time for illegal gambling by saying that his career is shitty


I haven’t covered this ongoing gambling scandal in Korea much because I don’t think it’s much of a scandal, but I’m covering this story because Tony An‘s lawyer seriously said that he deserves to avoid a jail sentence because his career is in the shitter. The attorney for former H.O.T. singer Tony An, on trial this week for illegal gambling ... Read More »

Indie Focus: If K-rock is what you want, then Yellow Monsters’ ‘Red Flag’ fits the bill


The long awaited release of Yellow Monsters‘ third album unfolded in an interesting way for me. When I visited Seoul in November of 2012, I heard some of the songs in their early stages when I visited their practice room. When I visited again in April of 2013, I heard more of the songs from the album at the ‘Yellow ... Read More »

Netizen reported by Block B’s Jaehyo for sexual harassment is probably an Asian Junkie commenter


Block B‘s Jaehyo has been sexually harassed on Twitter recently, and his agency, Seven Seasons, decided to report the activity and take legal action. On December 5, Newsen spoke with Seven Seasons, who stated, “We have reported a netizen, who has sent several sexually harassing mentions [on Twitter] to Jaehyo. When it became too much, we decided to report it.” ... Read More »

Soompi’s 2013 Ulzzang Contest concluded, which means it’s okay to throw shade now


So Soompi‘s 2013 Ulzzang Contest ended recently (a joint venture with Nega Network), and they’ve picked the winners, which means it’s time for everybody to throw shade! Soompi Ulzzang Contest came back after a year off with a bang. We had over 800 entries from all over the world, with our fourth and final round pitting 14 girls and 12 ... Read More »