Netizen reported by Block B’s Jaehyo for sexual harassment is probably an Asian Junkie commenter


Block B‘s Jaehyo has been sexually harassed on Twitter recently, and his agency, Seven Seasons, decided to report the activity and take legal action. On December 5, Newsen spoke with Seven Seasons, who stated, “We have reported a netizen, who has sent several sexually harassing mentions [on Twitter] to Jaehyo. When it became too much, we decided to report it.” ... Read More »

Soompi’s 2013 Ulzzang Contest concluded, which means it’s okay to throw shade now


So Soompi‘s 2013 Ulzzang Contest ended recently (a joint venture with Nega Network), and they’ve picked the winners, which means it’s time for everybody to throw shade! Soompi Ulzzang Contest came back after a year off with a bang. We had over 800 entries from all over the world, with our fourth and final round pitting 14 girls and 12 ... Read More »

Shows edited out Hyorin’s plastic surgery admissions, making her look shady and causing her grief


Hyorin recently appeared on MBC‘s “Radio Star” to address a plastic surgery controversy that she believes basically should have never happened if the powers that be weren’t fucking with her. During her previous appearance on “Radio Star,” Hyorin had mentioned that in the past, she had inquired at a hospital to get work done on her face. However, the doctor ... Read More »

allkpop takes down censored photos of Ailee on original post … ONLY THE TRUTH FOLKS


Remember when allkpop was on that “WE ONLY TELL THE TRUTH! NOT OUR FAULT IF IT’S TOO HARDCORE FOR Y’ALL!” shit? Yeah, well besides it being bullshit to begin with, now they’ve taken down the censored, watermarked Ailee nude photos in the original post. lol Not sure how this might connect to them removing sources and pictures site-wide after it ... Read More »

Nine Muses’ MV makes all the girls and boys shoot their “Glue” everywhere


Asian Junkie had previously featured the teaser pictures of Nine Muses for their newest release, “Glue“, and they were as smoking hot as one would expect from a group that is basically nine models. But that only increased expectations for the music video, especially with them hyping it was 25+ restricted, which made me think they were going to do ... Read More »

Hate Me Now: A death threat tweet from a CL stan


So unlike the previous ‘Hate Me Now‘ brought to us by an EXO stan, which was basically just fan stupidity, this one was actually hateful. @asianjunkiecom if I saw you posting harsh fake news about Lee Chaerin one more time and call her a "cockblocking ugly bitch" I'll kill you — Tamara (@YASS_GURL) October 26, 2012 I can’t recall exactly ... Read More »

DreamT & Yedang acquired by Wellmade STARM, who will now expand their music branch


Wellmade STARM has recently bought DreamT Entertainment and Yedang Entertainment, which will presumably help the film/drama agency truly expand into a player in the music business. On December 2, Lee Jong Suk’s agency Wellmade StarM announced through a press release that they bought out Dream Tea Entertainment and currently own all of the company’s shares. An official from Wellmade StarM ... Read More »

T-ara’s “What Do I Do” MV stars Hyomin at goddess level, an 8-bit midi, and Boram looking human


T-ara livestreamed their “What Do I Do” music video late yesterday and some nice person uploaded it to YouTube so that I can be entertained. Behold! Update: Replaced it with the official versions. Thoughts: 1) The song starts slow as shit, but I eventually warmed up to it. Reminded me of my reaction to miss A‘s “Hush“. Maybe that’s not ... Read More »

‘Infinity Challenge’ charged with racism after calling black man a ‘freshly cooked’ Noh Hong Chul


MBC‘s ‘Infinity Challenge‘ has been charged with racism by Korean netizens due to the above captioned photo, which reads, “It’s like seeing a freshly cooked Noh Hong Chul.” Netizens basically picked up on the fact that the intent was obviously to say he looked like a burnt, darkened version of Noh Hong Chul, which is sort of a fucked up ... Read More »