Youngji & Jackson probably hookup on ‘Roommate’, Sunny dances for Choi Hong Man


“Roommate” clusterfuck time! This episode has Youngji and Jackson “fighting” AKA flirting AKA total hookup sesh off-camera, Youngji and Sunny trying to impress gigantic troll man Choi Hong Man, and the cast making some gud-ass kimchi. —– The lovers’ quarrel is a good place to start. You can understand what they’re doing just from the physical humor, but basically Youngji ... Read More »

Gummi is on Instagram with ab pics and … gay pride? + Ellin … um … doesn’t need a bf


Crayon Pop‘s Gummi is now on Instagram (well, it’s unprivated now) and sharing workout progress pics. Between this and Soyul‘s biceps, I’m thinking they workout more than they let on. :o She also has these two pictures up, which are either from a gay pride parade or her time with Lady Gaga. Also, Ellin posted this picture, which shows she ... Read More »

[Review] AOA’s ‘Like A Cat’ is the equivalent of delicious empty calories


AOA is back with a sexy concept (again) with the help of the production team of Brave Brothers (again). Considering the success that the two teams enjoyed together on “Miniskirt” and “Short Hair“, it may not come as surprise that the two adhere closely to the same formula of disco dance beats and fantastically sexy concepts that have come to ... Read More »