Bumkey has been charged with dealing meth and ecstasy; trial is underway


Singer Bumkey from Brand New Music is currently under charges of being a drug dealer due to his alleged selling of meth and ecstasy. He’s also being accused of using ecstasy on two separate occasions. According to the prosecutor’s office, Bumkey is being charged for selling approximately six grams of Philopon and ten Ecstasy pills to two of his acquaintances ... Read More »

SM ROOKIES’ Taeyong was one of those goddamn eBay scammers you wanted to murder


SM ROOKIES member Taeyong has admitted that the rumors of him being involved in repeated online scamming incidents were true, and SM Entertainment released an apology on his behalf. It was recently revealed through netizens’ post on various online communities that Taeyong had allegedly staged a number of scams on an online trading site, through which he used false advertising, ... Read More »

Journalist reports that Sunye is done with entertainment, JYPE is confused


Wonder Girls‘ Sunye is done with her entertainment career to pursue a career in converting people to Jesus or whatever the fuck. That was the story put forth recently by a journalist, and it was represented as an interview with a Korean-American newspaper. In an interview with a Korean American newspaper, Sunye allegedly said, “I won’t be going back to ... Read More »

VIXX’s Ravi disses iKON’s Bobby with surprising effectiveness … but the intro is comedy


VIXX‘s Ravi has released a diss track to iKON‘s Bobby. Yes, really. #ThankYouBased2014 Okay, but what started this? Well, Bobby made some vague “disses” in a song, which I ignored cause “meh”. But now that somebody has responded, god I’m just praying for an idol rapping clusterfuck of comedy. Bobby’s lyrics are currently in controversy on various community sites for ... Read More »

Girl’s Day’s Sojin says members kiss and flirt with each other “often”, wants me to die


Girl’s Day‘s Sojin hosts ‘Idol School‘, and on a recent episode, she continued her quest to give fanboys massive amounts of blood loss to their brains by talking about how the members flirt with each other and kiss often. The star was speaking during the recording of a section of the MBC Music show “Idol School” called “Truthful Talk – ... Read More »

IU was wearing dresses for peons to award shows before it was cool


Kang Sora recently made several oddly celebratory headlines for her decision to wear a $30 H&M dress to the 2014 MAMAs, and with celebrities wearing affordable clothes to award shows being framed as something of a revelation, it is now being revealed that IU actually did the whole “wear-H&M-commoners-dress-to-elite-award-show” bit first. The dress, which was worn for the 2014 Melon ... Read More »

Suzy’s cleavage was out and about in China, K-netz are so so so thirsty


Suzy took the girls out for a joy ride during a recent concert or something in China recently, which I GREATLY appreciate, but Korean netizens were so fucking mad and thirsty. Goddamn, it’s glorious. 1. [+305, -19] Why is she discriminating against her Korean fans, why don’t we get to see outfits like this????????????? 2. [+203, -83] Guess Suzy’s gotta ... Read More »

PRN’s Top 50 Songs Of 2014: #50-46 – FIESTAR, 4Minute, Block B, S, JYJ


It’s been a roller coaster of a year for K-pop — member departures, “scandal,” and general tragedy left and right. At one point of the year, my friends and I just gave up on K-pop like nothing could redeem this year. But to my surprise, as I was putting together this year-end countdown, I realized that 2014 was a really, ... Read More »