Kris said to be working on movie with Hangeng + mini-album, which is amazing


Former EXO member Kris is wrapping up the movie he’s been shooting (‘Somewhere Only We Know‘), but that’s not to say he’s stopping there. Anonymous (dubious, I’m guessing) sources out of China have heard that Kris is not only trolling by doing a movie with Hangeng, but also plans on releasing a solo mini-album. He was accompanied by Zong Shuai, ... Read More »

SECRET’s “I’m In Love” dance practice is here and it’s glorious


SECRET‘s “I’m In Love” music video was at least a quality offering, if not an exceptional one, but I think it’s safe to say most were looking forward to the dance practice video anyway. So without further delay… These always make me wonder why the fuck they even put any effort into making music videos. Most companies/directors/stylists just end up ... Read More »

Indie Focus: Beenzino effectively delivers a concept rap album with “Up All Night”


Beenzino has been blowing up big time. Ever since debuting with ‘24:26‘, the third leg of 1llionaire Records has worked with so many people, from Hi Lite Records’ Okasian and Sean2slow to big names like Verbal Jint, Dynamic Duo, and Hyori. Seriously, the kid’s on fire, and he hasn’t even released a second LP yet. Fucking bonkers. While working on ... Read More »

[Review] SECRET’s “I’m In Love” a great example of basic K-pop executed flawlessly


SECRET may not be doing anything new with “I’m In Love”, but when everything is working in sync like it is here, that ends up not mattering much at all. SECRET has made a career out of repurposing retro 50s and 60s tunes and putting a modern K-pop twist on them, and “I’m In Love” wisely continues that tradition. The ... Read More »