[Review] Girl’s Day’s “Darling” is an average summer release wrapped in glorious packaging


It’s near impossible to discuss Girl’s Day without examining the dichotomy in the group’s image. What started off as a group largely defined by its insanely (and somewhat aggravating) cute image evolved into a group dedicated to all the sexiness this side of SISTAR. “Darling” splits the difference between Girl’s Day’s past and present, and while the group appropriates both ... Read More »

Kim Yoo Jung made to look in her mid-20s for July 2014′s BNT International


Star child actress Kim Yoo Jung (‘Sympathy For Lady Vengeance‘, ‘The Chaser‘, and like a billion other things) appeared in July 2014′s BNT International and they made the 14-year-old look damn near 25 in certain photos. Guessing this image is probably due to a desire to transition to more mature and/or leading roles, but it’s still sort of weird to ... Read More »

YoonA saves herself from certain death, abandons ‘Nodame Cantabile’


Much to the delight of people basically everywhere, YoonA has dropped out of the remake of ‘Nodame Cantabile‘, but… In the end, YoonA, who received an offer to star in the Korean remake of “Nodame Cantabile,” declined the drama and will, instead, be taking on a Korea and China co-produced film. YoonA recently notified the production company of the Korean ... Read More »

Girl’s Day release “Darling”, a basically perfect summer track … but they suck at darts


Girl’s Day are back with “Darling” for the summer and it lived up to the light and fun expectations set forth by their teasers. 1) It’s an upbeat summer track with shades of SECRET‘s “Shy Boy“, the greatest cute concept in history. So that’s an immediate plus and the song does grow on you (especially the chorus). 2) Washing cars. ... Read More »

FNC Entertainment files police report over AOA’s Mina’s likeness being used on porn site


FNC Entertainment has filed a police report over AOA‘s Mina‘s image being used on an overseas porn site without permission. FNC Entertainment has reached out to the police about the usage of AOA member Mina‘s photo on a pornographic site. On July 12, FNC Entertainment announced that they have filed a report and requested an investigation by the Cyber Police ... Read More »

[Review] f(x) produces another winner with rejuvenating album, ‘Red Light’


First of all, let me begin this review by stating that I absolutely loathe the term ‘hipster’ being applied to music. The word has been tossed around more than Attila The Hun‘s dick to describe this album, and it actually makes me angry — mainly because the concept of a hipster makes me angry. But also, trying to equate K-pop ... Read More »

AOA’s Mina’s picture used to advertise on tube porn site XVID … uh … a site


AOA‘s Mina (as you can see in the picture) was used to advertise for horny dudes browsing XVIDEOS.com (SO I’M TOLD I DON’T VISIT THOSE DEVIL SITES!), which is sort of odd since she’s dressed like a puritan in the picture. Newspaper ‘Sports Seoul’ (not to be confused with the online media outlet) revealed screenshots of an overseas porn site ... Read More »