Around The Web: Koreaboo, ‘One Fine Day’, Sojin, EXID/BESTie, JAV Boobs For Charity


Time to start this shit up again, my god. —– Koreaboo (1|2): Koreaboo have announced exclusive partnerships with Dispatch and TV Report. In theory, this sounds like a significant announcement since they’ll get video and pictures that others don’t have, and they’ll get articles out first. However, I’d like to see evidence this will actually be the case, because allkpop ... Read More »

Clara hits back against Polaris Entertainment, says she has receipts


The ongoing lawsuit/contract drama between Clara and Polaris Entertainment recently took another step forward after Clara rebutted Polaris claims that she was basically making the whole sexual harassment angle up. So what started as a mysterious contract dispute has now taken a much more ugly turn, and this doesn’t look anywhere close to over. This is especially true since Clara, ... Read More »

Polaris Entertainment says that Clara is lying about sexual harassment claim


Polaris Entertainment released a statement in response to Clara‘s claim that she was sexually harassed by the company’s CEO. In the statement, Polaris asserts that Clara was lying about the sexual harassment and that it’s all about contract issues. “Following the signing of our contract last year, Clara repeatedly violated the contract so we sought to rectify [the situation], but ... Read More »

Clara files lawsuit against Polaris for sexual harassment by CEO; Polaris says “out of context”


Clara filed a lawsuit against Polaris Entertainment to terminate her contract, claiming that she was sexually harassed and humiliated. Previously, Clara’s agency filed lawsuit against her, and though the reason is said to be due to doing activities under her own (father’s) agency, nobody really knew why. Clara originally signed with Polaris Entertainment in June of 2014 for a contract ... Read More »

Group of I-SONEs declare doxxing campaign against alleged SNSD haters, are insane people


A group of I-SONEs have joined forces in a campaign to doxx all of SNSD‘s haters and the harassers of SONEs. And by “haters” and “harassers”, they mean anybody who doesn’t fit into their worldview of what a SONE is or anybody who doesn’t like SNSD. Said people have already doxxed and harassed a community member at Netizen Buzz, for ... Read More »

Soyul’s ‘Y-Shirt’ MV re-uploaded, this time without WW2 references + BTS & stuff


Soyul‘s solo music video for ‘Y-Shirt‘ was re-uploaded recently after it was mentioned that the newspaper in one of the shots had English text from the Wikipedia page of World War II. That was replaced by text from the Wikipedia page of Crayon Pop. Not sure if Chrome Entertainment or Rainbow Bridge Agency was the responsible party on this, and ... Read More »