AKB48 halts high-fives for fans after theater performances, does it shift dynamic?


AKB48 will further restrict fans from accessing the group by eliminating high-fives following the conclusion of theater shows. This is a part of the continuing fallout from the saw attack at a handshake event earlier this year. The officials stated, “Starting today, when the theater performance is over the members will bid farewell to the audience from the stage. All ... Read More »

Behind the scenes of Strawberry Milk’s “OK” MV with English subs


Chrome Entertainment has released the behind-the-scenes video for Strawberry Milk‘s “OK” music video and the good people at CrayonPop.me provided the English subtitles for it. It helps answer the question if they ever stop fighting. I wonder if the other three ever have to strangle them to get them to stop? Probably. But remember, they will do the robot to ... Read More »

In a K-pop world of tears and chaos, there stands but one hero: Sulli


While groups are collapsing, idols are being worked until they’re hospitalized, and corruption accusations run rampant in Korea, there stands but one glorious lone wolf in all this madness: Sulli. What has Sulli been doing throughout all this shit? Clubbing with friends, getting shitfaced, and eating ddukbokgi, yo. “To all the DJs who made it a great night, to everyone ... Read More »

YG Entertainment addressed the Minzy situation, says it was just coincidence


So people were freaking out when 2NE1‘s Minzy removed the ‘2NE1′ tags from her Instagram and Twitter, and with 2014 being what it is, CL going solo in America, and YG Entertainment announcing a new group, many understandably feared the worst. Well, YG Entertainment talked with TV Daily, basically saying that it was all a coincidence. The statement says that ... Read More »

CL set for US debut, Minzy removes ‘2NE1′ IDs from SNS, YGE to debut girl group


Normally, the fact that CL is making a US debut would be noteworthy in itself, but it recently has another layer of drama added to it. Why? Because 2NE1‘s Minzy recently removed the ‘2NE1′ identification from her Instagram and Twitter, and YG Entertainment has apparently announced plans to debut their new girl group. All that movement has left fans reading ... Read More »

Luhan’s reps claim discrimination, health problems + reportedly earned ~$500,000


As The SM Entertainment World Turns has been an entertaining show in 2014, and the case of EXO‘s Luhan is no exception. The latest news is that his representatives went into more specific details regarding his grievences, and reports have been released about his alleged income. Luhan’s representing attorney will be the same attorney who handled Kris’ case in May. ... Read More »