Lee Soo Man denies wrongdoing; SME agrees to deal with Korail to promote Hallyu


While a previous media report revealed that Lee Soo Man allegedly bought real estate with funds from a paper company, SM Entertainment said that it’s true the property was acquired but denies any wrongdoing. “When Producer Lee Soo Man and Polex Development acquired the real estate in Malibu on April of 2007, Producer Lee Soo Man followed the legal procedure ... Read More »

Block B’s teasers for their new reality show “5 Minutes Before Chaos” are … Block B-esque


Block B have an upcoming reality show on Mnet called “5 Minutes Before Chaos“. And because live stuff that Block B have done has gone so well in the past, they’re doing this show live. The teasers … the teasers are … them. Kyary Pussy Pamyu can’t resist them either, which means Block B are forever immortal. 友達が教えてくれた動画。サビのダンスめっちゃいいなBLOCK B – ... Read More »

Lee Soo Man was allegedly funneling SME profits through paper companies & buying property


When we last left off, SM Entertainment was reportedly under investigation for tax evasion via setting up paper companies in Hong Kong. Well, it’s now being reported that Lee Soo Man was making it rain on million dollar properties with money from the companies that were setup. KBS News updated on the situation on March 27, saying that Lee Soo ... Read More »

Bro’s “That Kind Of Guy” is the anthem for thirsty losers everywhere; reply is pretty dumb too


So this bro singer named Bro has had a song called “That Kind Of Guy” go viral in Korea recently, and it’s a song basically complaining about women with delusional standards and materialistic women. It’s done in ballad format with a KakaoTalk lyric MV, and it has done a good job of appealing to men who are bitter and mad. ... Read More »

Sones have crafted a conspiracy theory where Kim Tae Hee, Suzy, and others all hate YoonA


SNSD‘s YoonA is a perfect angel that nobody can possibly think negatively about, which is why Sones have crafted an elaborate conspiracy theory where apparently every other popular celebrity schemes against YoonA out of jealousy. The theory is basically that opposing companies pay journalists to write negative* articles about YoonA so that their celebs will be used in CFs instead. ... Read More »