Vocals 101: Judging


Vocals 101: Introduction Vocals 101: The Voice Vocals 101: The Technique – Part 1 Vocals 101: The Technique – Part 2 Judging Vocal Performances A vocal performance is judged by focusing on the following criterion: Primary Aspects: Pitch, breath support, and stability. Secondary Aspects: Musicality and musicianship. Judging Vocalists A vocalist is judged based on their consistency within the limitations ... Read More »

Jessica H.O. making comeback with Lucky J, will probably call everything “gay”


Aw yisssssssssssssss! Jessica H.O. AKA Untouchable Queen Tryhard AKA Extreme Makeover: Jersey Spray Can Tan Edition AKA Da Human Asian American Identity Crisis is coming back to Korean entertainment with a new face after “disappearing” from the industry after 2006 despite never really starting to begin with. She’s returning with a new group called Lucky J and with a new ... Read More »

YG’s statement on Park Bom continues to get picked at + a new accusation from Segye Ilbo


Segye Ilbo continues to release information on Park Bom‘s drug scandal in an effort to defend their version of the story and get another YG response. Their latest news recaps the decision to import/”smuggle” medication/drugs overseas due to Bom’s condition, which is basically what I had already assumed. According to prosecutors on the 6th, Park Bom’s parents had told Yang ... Read More »

Vocals 101: The Technique – Part 2


Vocals 101: Introduction Vocals 101: The Voice Vocals 101: The Technique – Part 1 Vocal Resonance During vocal resonance, the vibrations of the vocal cords are amplified with the help of the vocal resonating cavities. The air fills these cavities to produce a rich reverberating sound before the air leaves the body. Vocal resonance is good voice projection and vocal ... Read More »

Vocals 101: The Voice


Vocals 101: Introduction The Voice When most people sing they mainly use three parts of the voice: lower register (chest voice), middle register (modal voice), and upper register (head voice and/or falsetto). Each part of the voice requires a different placement (which I will get to later) and produces a different sound. However, the basic technique required remains the same ... Read More »

Crayon Pop gets their company a promotion + Soyul wants CEO’s sausage + sexy time


Chrome Entertainment has become an independent label under Sony Music Entertainment Korea, which is basically a promotion of sorts. The two firms had already been in a licensing and strategic cooperating relationship, which let Sony Music Entertainment Korea distribute all music and albums produced by Chrome Entertainment. The new contract elevates the relationship and makes Chrome Entertainment an independent label ... Read More »

Vocals 101: Introduction


What Is “Singing”? Singing is a physical manifestation of our increased emotional expression, state and personality, through the production of musical sounds, a larger and sustained form of speech. The act of singing consists of three components: Body: Skilful use of the body parts in order to sing properly, also known as vocal techniques. Mind: Consciousness, habit, concentration/focus, musical creativity ... Read More »

YoonA cast as lead for Korean remake of ‘Nodame Cantabile’, which is … interesting


YoonA is playing the female lead character of ‘Nodame’ for the Korean remake of the hit Japanese drama, ‘Nodame Cantabile‘. She has been cast with Joo Won and Tiny G‘s Dohee, but while the other two appear to fit their roles pretty well, YoonA seems like an odd choice for multiple reasons and I wonder if she’ll do what’s necessary ... Read More »

BABYMETAL seems to have made a positive impression at Sonisphere


BABYMETAL performed at Sonisphere (as seen above), and everything had seemingly gone without incident, so I assumed all was well. TeamRock released a video of reactions from those actually at Sonisphere, and everybody seemed generally complimentary: Hell, even downright thrilled. Even better, famous metal bands seemed to have enjoyed their presence. @BABYMETAL_JAPAN with Bill Steer and Jeff Walker from @CarcassBand ... Read More »