Clara to Polaris, “Real gangstas don’t flex nuts, cause real gangstas know them got ‘em.”


This Clara versus Polaris Entertainment contract shit is the best. Usually there is a pretty good idea of what was going on in entertainment drama, or something leaks out to the press where people could know details. This one? Who fucking knows? It’s a ton of posturing, not much relevant shit being revealed, and there’s so much shit being talked ... Read More »

Big Byung, their “Ojinggeo Doenjang” MV, and its groundbreaking CG


Big Byung are VIXX‘s N, GOT7‘s Jackson, VIXX‘s Hyuk, and BTOB‘s Sungjae, and they were formed by Jung Hyung Don and Defconn through the show, ‘Hitmaker‘. Their new song/music video is called “Ojinggeo Doenjang” or ‘squid soybean paste’, with the squid part referencing (turn the lyrics on) an ugly person. Most importantly though, they have the best use of CG ... Read More »

Yoon Mi Rae is going forward with legal action against Sony Pictures


The excuses that came from Sony Pictures regarding the use of Yoon Mi Rae‘s “Pay Day” in their movie, ‘The Interview‘, wasn’t sufficient for Feel Ghood Music, so they’re going to go ahead with legal action. On January 16, Yoon Mi Rae’s agency, Feel Ghood Music, said through their public relations agency that Sony’s explanation that there had been a ... Read More »

Around The Web: Koreaboo, ‘One Fine Day’, Sojin, EXID/BESTie, JAV Boobs For Charity


Time to start this shit up again, my god. —– Koreaboo (1|2): Koreaboo have announced exclusive partnerships with Dispatch and TV Report. In theory, this sounds like a significant announcement since they’ll get video and pictures that others don’t have, and they’ll get articles out first. However, I’d like to see evidence this will actually be the case, because allkpop ... Read More »

Clara hits back against Polaris Entertainment, says she has receipts


The ongoing lawsuit/contract drama between Clara and Polaris Entertainment recently took another step forward after Clara rebutted Polaris claims that she was basically making the whole sexual harassment angle up. So what started as a mysterious contract dispute has now taken a much more ugly turn, and this doesn’t look anywhere close to over. This is especially true since Clara, ... Read More »

Polaris Entertainment says that Clara is lying about sexual harassment claim


Polaris Entertainment released a statement in response to Clara‘s claim that she was sexually harassed by the company’s CEO. In the statement, Polaris asserts that Clara was lying about the sexual harassment and that it’s all about contract issues. “Following the signing of our contract last year, Clara repeatedly violated the contract so we sought to rectify [the situation], but ... Read More »