I’m writing about Suho & his dad so I can update the EXO Battle Royale picture


EXO‘s Suho‘s father, Kim Yong Ha, is a professor at Soonchunhyang University, and both are now under fire because of Kim Yong Ha’s alleged Japanese sympathies. According to Professor Kim, a portion of internet sites started to post things that allegedly connected Professor Kim to the New Right movement and Chinilpa (Koreans who united with the Japanese government during the ... Read More »

Rain’s alleged nude photo is apparently a fake, so it’s totally cool to post it


Netizens recently released a nude photo of a man online, one that was alleged to be Rain, and the photo spread online via KakaoTalk. However, according to Cube Entertainment, the person in the leaked photo is not Rain and they’re going to pursue legal action against the original leaker. According to Cube Entertainment’s statement released on November 13th, “We are ... Read More »

Amuro Namie might be collaborating with Jolin Tsai. God is real.


Amuro Namie is in Taiwan under mysterious circumstances, and the rumor is that she’s working on a collab with Jolin Tsai. Namie landed in Taiwan yesterday and stayed silent despite being hounded by the media. When reporters directly contacted Jolin’s agency they neither denied nor confirmed the rumors, simply saying “no comment” . Last month Jolin’s agency quickly shot down ... Read More »

KARA’s Hara is ambushing Youngji on “Roommate” so she can steal some shine


On the next episode of “Roommate“, KARA‘s Hara will be dropping in for a surprise visit to “give support”. PD Park Sang Hyuk told Newsen on the 12th, “KARA’s Hara visited ‘Roommate’… Since Youngji joined ‘Roommate’ within a month into her debut, [Hara] came to cheer her on. Although she wasn’t there for a long time, Hara is also close ... Read More »

Ladies’ Code manager arrested, what will be the punishment? + members return to dorm


Prosecutors revealed yesterday that Ladies’ Code‘s manager was arrested and indicted for the fatal accident that cost the lives of members EunB and RiSe. The accident occurred during the early hours of September 3, and it has been determined by the prosecution that Mr. Park had sped at 135.7kmh (~85mph) before slipping on the wet road and colliding into a ... Read More »

Lovelyz’s Seo Ji Soo now on hiatus, police request warrants + what’s wrong with neutral?


The mess involving Lovelyz‘s Seo Ji Soo continued on recently, and she’s now on hiatus from the group. Perhaps more importantly though, Woollim Entertainment and Seo Ji Soo went to the police to clear this up, and the police subsequently requested warrants. Related: No new information (as far as evidence goes) in here that we didn’t know yesterday, but if ... Read More »

Seven Seasons gives shitty apology for Zico’s “Tough Cookie” lyrics


So as you may have heard, Zico‘s “Tough Cookie” was controversial. In response, his agency at Seven Seasons issued an apology and explanation that basically only made things worse. On November 11, a representative of Seven Seasons revealed to OSEN, “[The word ‘f****t’] was not used for the intention of degrading homosexuals or homosexuality.” Many have pointed out that the ... Read More »

The Lovelyz’s Seo Ji Soo Mess: Evidence of fabricated proofs emerge + accusations expand


Okay, wow, what a fucking mess this Lovelyz/Seo Ji Soo thing is. You know, when scandals like this come out with so many arbitrary claims and partial truths and partial lies, I understand why people go with jumping to conclusions, because it’s easier than fact checking and trying to think about the gigantic clusterfuck. Anyway, since we last left off ... Read More »