Taeyeon unfollows boyfriend Baekhyun, Oreos around the world hold prayer circle


SNSD‘s Taeyeon has unfollowed like everybody on Instagram, including boyfriend EXO‘s Baekhyun. Fans first noticed that Taeyeon began unfollowing a massive number of people, beginning with Beats by Dre, and other brands as well. She then unfollowed EXO-M member Luhan, but what really caught the attention of fans was when she unfollowed her boyfriend, Baekhyun. This doesn’t mean they’ve broken ... Read More »

Jolin Tsai’s agency scoffs at the notion she plagiarized TaeTiSeo for latest MV


Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai came under fire recently from netizens suspecting her of plagiarizing SNSD sub-unit TaeTiSeo and their music video for “Twinkle“. The Chinese media reported that suspicions were spreading about Jolin Tsai’s “PLAY” music video, and it got to the point where the issue needed addressing. As far as the validity of the accusations go … um … ... Read More »

Rap phenom Clara drops the MV teaser for “Fear”, the anthem of a generation


Where were you when Clara released “Fear“? That’s the question we’ll have to be able to answer from our kids, for this release will define our generation. Humanity has always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible. And we count these moments. These moments when people like Clara dare to aim higher, to break barriers, to reach for ... Read More »

AOA get literal with their MV teaser for “Like A Cat” + individual teaser pics


I’m not sure what I was expecting for AOA’s latest comeback, but I don’t think it was this. Fashioned somewhere between a furry convention, Madonna’s “Vogue”, and the soundtrack to an H&M* department store, AOA has released their first teaser for “Like A Cat”. *Editor’s Note: Not Prada. While the sexy concept isn’t a surprise considering that AOA has gone ... Read More »