B.A.P release rebuttal of TSE’s statement, basically point out the problems I mentioned


Earlier today, TS Entertainment finally released a rebuttal of B.A.P‘s reasons for wanting out of the company and their contract, though the company did so while leaving a bunch of stuff purposely not addressed. Given that, B.A.P decided to release a rebuttal of TSE’s statement, once again stating the main issues. “Starting from March 21 of this year until June, ... Read More »

NU’EST & Pledis rumored to have been banned from China by Yuehua Entertainment


Boy band NU’EST and other artists have apparently been blacklisted in China by Yuehua Entertainment after Pledis Entertainment withdrew the group from the Chinese drama ‘Intouchable‘ at the last minute. According to a Chinese journalist on Weibo, NU’EST’s contract to appear in Intouchable was suddenly cancelled only one day before filming. Even on December 1, there were still proof of ... Read More »

TSE say rival agency is behind B.A.P’s lawsuit; address accusations but avoid key points

(Via Koreaboo)

TS Entertainment has been under heavy scrutiny recently, not only for the recent B.A.P lawsuit, but also for their alleged treatment of SECRET and Untouchable. In the meantime, TSE had not stated much in their defense, instead preferring to seemingly pretend nothing was happening. Today, though, TSE decided to address all the controversies in an official statement. —– TSE starts ... Read More »

Chrome Family’s ‘Love Christmas’ features theme of family violence + Loki out of K-Much


Chrome Family have released the music video for this year’s Christmas song, “Love Christmas“. Supposedly it’s about Christmas, but really it’s about violence. As evidenced by the following visuals: When you read the lyrics, try to imagine a guy tied up to a chair in the basement of a well-decorated Christmas-themed dungeon, and a psychotic woman chanting the song lyrics ... Read More »

JoAnne, one of the original ‘second BoAs’, recently passed away after a car accident


Former singer JoAnne recently passed away at the age of 26 due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Sports Donga has reported that former singer Joanne has passed away at the young age of twenty-six. The report states that, according to an industry insider who spoke with Joanne’s family over the phone, the singer was involved in a car ... Read More »