Jay Park takes it down a notch to up the baby-making with R&B track, “The Promise”


Yes, Jay Park has indeed returned with his latest single, “The Promise“. But more importantly, he’s also returned to R&B, which almost always ends well. This wasn’t an exception. Seriously though, why does he rap? I mean, he can do whatever he likes, but he’s actually pretty great at the R&B vibe, and him doing this type of stuff helps ... Read More »

Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar” done classical Korean style on “The Three Musketeers”


Crayon Pop‘s “Bar Bar Bar” will continue to live on forever, like a zombie song, and apparently the track can even time travel. Recently, on the drama ‘The Three Musketeers‘, a scene featured a version of “Bar Bar Bar” playing in the background, one that was done with classical Korean instruments for an interesting remix. Flawless. #1 on Billboard, IMO. ... Read More »

Heechul writes fanfic about him & Leeteuk, ovaries heard exploding from miles away


Heechul is providing the ultimate fanservice on Instagram by writing his own fanfic that involves his relationship with fellow Super Junior member Leeteuk. It’s sort of amazing in a weird way. “Teuk and I have the complete opposite personalities. Teuk just bears with everything and keeps it in, and I always scream and take care of it on the spot. ... Read More »

[Interview] Ex-TAHITI member Sarah Wolfgang talks about her experiences in K-pop


A few months ago, Sarah Wolfgang’s Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) caught my attention. Sarah, also known as Hanhee, was in the K-pop group TAHITI during their training days, but didn’t stick with the group long enough to debut with them. Sarah’s revelations about her time in TAHITI were refreshingly honest and candid, and you can read more about them ... Read More »

Park Bom returns to the stage from e-prison as a hardened criminal


Park Bom, e-convicted thug lyfe practitioner, has returned to the stage with 2NE1 at YG Entertainment‘s recent concert. 2NE1 performed their hit songs “Fire” and “Crush” wherein Park Bom was seen belting out her powerful voice and performing with the usual energy that she has always had. She performed in front of 10,000 fans who loudly clapped and cheered for ... Read More »

While f(x) are performing on SME world tour, Sulli stays performing in bed


f(x) performed at SM Entertainment‘s recent world tour stop in Seoul recently, but without member Sulli, who’s still on vacation hiatus. Krystal, Amber, Victoria, and Luna took the stage without Sulli, who started a temporary hiatus at the end of last month. A rep from SM Entertainment confirmed before the concert, “Sulli won’t be attending the SMTOWN concert. Only 4 ... Read More »