Park Si Hoo’s alleged victim was carried into his residence, his defense appears screwed


Park Si Hoo‘s sexual assault case has brought out the worst in both K-netizens and I-netizens so far, but the facts remained relatively unclear until a recent revelation showed that the alleged victim of the sexual assault was carried into Park Si Hoo’s residence by an assumed friend of his. After the initial findings, the police were able to obtain ... Read More »

Park Si Hoo, sexual assault, and how both netizens are turning justice into a sporting event


News broke yesterday that Park Si Hoo was accused of sexual assault by a trainee, and today further details were released by the police to the public. Korean netizen reaction to those details were predictable, but just as disturbingly, so was that of international netizens. It was previously assumed that the trainee had filed the lawsuit directly through legal representatives ... Read More »

“Damn, Alicia Keys/Bo Derek looking fine in that dress for Vogue!” “That’s Taeyang.” “Oh…”


I know it’s Vogue and I know Big Bang‘s Taeyang (and G-Dragon, even more so) likes to go crazy with the fashion, but what in the world possessed him to rock those Alicia Keys/Bo Derek dreads while wearing eye-liner and rocking a white dress? I’m all for being comfortable with your masculinity, but … uh … you look fucking ridiculous. ... Read More »

YG Entertainment drops SuPearls after getting their star in Lee Hi, YG Family disowns each other


YG Entertainment has decided to drop the rest of SuPearls and hold on to soloist Lee Hi, and the announcement comes along with the excuse that SuPearls decided to breakup for the benefit of the group members. YG Entertainment stated, “We’ve decided to nullify the contracts of Lee Michelle, Lee Jung Mi, and Lee Seung Joo without any conditions“. Out ... Read More »

Seven-year-old Park Min Ha has an anti-cafe, which means we’ve reached a new low


It has recently been revealed that Park Min Ha, a seven-year-old child actress, has an anti-cafe. That was revealed a while back, but the hate comments have continued recently, and international netizens have gotten in on the “fun”. Child actress Park Min Ha who’s been in several variety shows as well as ‘Yawang’ was revealed to have an anti-cafe full ... Read More »

Comment Of The Day: Co-Ed’s Kangho is a rapist because that’s what I want to believe!


Co-Ed‘s Kangho, who has basically had his career ruined due to online accusations of rape and bullying, which have since been taken back, had been cast in a movie, but netizens shut that shit down with their outrage. Post about the popular webtoon ‘Secretly, Greatly’ being turned into a movie. Once the still cuts were released, netizens were “shocked” upon ... Read More »

Comment Of The Day: Plenty of unfair shit happens, so why do we care about T-ara’s Eunjung?!


Here’s part of the news I needed to catch up on, as YEIN E&M gave T-ara‘s Eunjung a long, detailed, itemized official apology for unfairly making her walk the plank for the “Five Fingers” drama. The best-rated reaction from K-netizens on the issue shouldn’t surprise you, but the logic goes to show the lengths they’re willing to go to in ... Read More »

[UPDATE] “Asian Junkie, website. A blog barely alive. Everybody, we can rebuild it. We…


…have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first not-a-piece-of-shit Asian pop website. Asian Junkie will be that blog. Better than it was before. Better, sexier, faster.” Sup, everybody. The site has moved and stuff looks different for now, but it should be getting back to normal soon. Over the next week or so, we’ll be tweaking ... Read More »

[Review] [Single] DMTN – “Safety Zone”


Boy-band DMTN may have changed their stage name(s) – they were formerly known as Dalmatian, each with their own nicknames, which they seemed to have dropped as well – but their original style is all intact just as we remembered it. DMTN’s suave R&B pop blend resurfaces this year in “Safety Zone“, the group’s first comeback single since 2012′s “E.R.”. ... Read More »