Hyomin & Jiyeon to both get solo debuts, Eunjung about to go ‘White’ on bitches


T-ara‘s Jiyeon and Hyomin will each be making solo debuts soon, which will either end in awesome realness or complete and utter disaster, either of which will be highly entertaining. T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media announced on March 10, “Jiyeon and Hyomin will be releasing solo albums that are completely different in style. Jiyeon teamed up with Duble Sidekick, while ... Read More »

[Review] TVXQ’s “Spellbound” does just that to the viewer


TVXQ is one of the most dependable duos working K-pop today, and both Yunho and Changmin could headline any group they damn well please and it would be solid. Together, they’re usually golden, and “Spellbound” is no exception. The production for “Spellbound” is pretty good. A smooth neo-soul beat straddles the line between cheesy and classy. Saxophones will always be ... Read More »

Music Core’s 400th episode special was full of special stages that gave me life


‘Music Core‘ had a special episode for their 400th broadcast, and it was full of special stages, which meant it shit on all the year-end programs, IMO. I love these types of things more than watching the idols perform their own songs like 99% of the time. —– Girl’s Day Covers S.E.S.’s “I Love You” SECRET Covers Fin.K.L’s “Now” Ga-In ... Read More »

CL’s “MTBD” deemed offensive to Muslims, but reaction more disturbing than action


2NE1‘s CL has been enjoying a great deal of positive press recently with the release of her group’s “CRUSH” album and fans enjoying her rap solo, “MTBD“. However, with the release of a solo live of the song today (don’t ask me why that prompted this), Muslim fans heard something in the song that sounded a lot like a melodic ... Read More »

YGE goes JYPE, plans to open “YG Land” in Orange County


YG Entertainment announced yesterday that they are planning on opening ‘YG Land‘ in Orange County. They are going full JYPE, you never go full JYPE. On March 7, YG Entertainment announced that it planning to open “YG Land” in North America. The entertainment company has partnered up with M+D Properties to secure a location that will act as their outpost ... Read More »

Music production & songwriting credits explained, or: Why the ‘true artist’ label is dumb)


It’s hard to think of any music fandom with an insecurity complex bigger than any given K-pop fandom. People who are into K-pop (regardless of which group is their fave) can’t just seem to say, “I like this bubblegum shit, because it sounds good to me, and that’s that, and if you don’t like it fuck you!” No, they have ... Read More »

Kitagawa Keiko is the newest Momoiro Clover Z member … why


Future wife #534114 Kitagawa Keiko is joining up with Momoiro Clover Z to form a special unit called “Kimoclo“. In other news, the world is ending. “Kimoclo” is the limited unit for her starring special NTV drama “Akumu-chan Special” which is scheduled to premiere in the spring. In the drama, “Kimoclo” will perform the drama’s theme song “Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimitachi ... Read More »