Let’s all take a quick listen to Amuro Namie’s “Big Boys Cry” and “Beautiful” … just because


Stop what the fuck you are doing. The Queen of Okinawa (No Kuroki Meisa, not you. Please sit down. Editor’s Note: FUCK YOU!) Amuro ‘Les Miserables’ Namie has a double A-side single out. One song is for pussy-popping purposes and the other is about self acceptance … of your pussy and how it has the power to change the world. ... Read More »

DMTN’s Daniel’s street cred drops because he didn’t sell or use weed, netizens don’t care much


So yesterday, when we last left off with DMTN‘s Daniel‘s drug case, it was said that he had admitted to selling weed but not using it, therefore he didn’t think it was a crime. The label confirmed that he had not smoked it himself, revealing, “At first, the prosecutors suspected him of smoking it himself and ran a drug test ... Read More »

Critical Eye: How the fuck you confuse Girl’s Day Yura for Minah?


So … allkpop somehow managed to confuse a teaser picture of Girl’s Day‘s Yura with one for her groupmate, Minah. http://www.allkpop.com/2013/03/girls-days-minah-becomes-a-blonde-bombshell-for-expectation http://www.allkpop.com/2013/03/girls-days-yura-becomes-a-blonde-bombshell-for-expectation lol —– It’s not a big deal, obviously, but I was confused as all fuck because AKP has ties with DreamT Entertainment, so I would have figured some motherfucker would have been like, “Yo, this is Yura! Kthxbye.” ... Read More »

Girl’s Day is coming back for their first album, “Expectation”, and I’m hyped, son


Girl’s Day is releasing their first full-length album, called “Expectation“, and while I loved their throwback cutesy era, holy shit they look amazing for this comeback. Girl group Girl’s Day is releasing their first full album, “Expectation”, 2 years and 8 months after their debut. It contains 14 songs: 6 existing ones and 6 new ones, including the title track ... Read More »

Kim Tae Woo makes a basic marriage joke and international netizens can’t stand for it!


So Kim Tae Woo went on KBS 2TV‘s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” and talked about his married life because everybody always asks him about his married life. Curious fans can’t seem to get enough anecdotes about his married life. Kim Tae Woo shared, “Marriage is 50/50 in terms of pros and cons. First off, my heart becomes more comfortable, and ... Read More »

Actor Jang Hyuk proves that he is a virgin


That is a screencap of Jang Hyuk “kissing” Lee Da Hae in “Iris 2“, and it probably largely justifies my decision to not watch it even after enjoying “Iris“. Show quality aside, what the fuck is he doing? He’s either possessing her, is trying to kill her, or is a virgin, has mistaken her tonsils for her clit, and is ... Read More »

Photoshopped pic of Kang Min Kyung whoring herself out is somehow taken seriously


A horribly photoshopped picture that was supposed to be of Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung in a room salon with her sugar daddy got around the Internet recently, and some people managed to take it seriously. Around last night, a photo claiming to be Kang Minkyung with “servicing” a sponsor started to make its round around community boards. Netizens seem pretty ... Read More »

Agency CEO charged with sexually assaulting trainees, police see trend and plan crackdown


An unidentified 29-year-old entertainment agency CEO has been arrested by police and charged with sexually assaulting trainees, as well as theft. It’s been revealed on February 28 that the Seoul Gangnam Police gave Mr. Kim a warrant for arrest due to his prior stated crimes involving about 30 female trainees. Mr. Kim recruited singer trainees whose ages were between 15 ... Read More »

KBS’s “Moonlight Prince” drops a Kunta Kinte reference for laughs, I-netizens think racism


So apparently, about a week ago on KBS‘s “Moonlight Prince“, one of the panel members, Tak Jae Hoon, flippantly made a Kunta Kinte reference while talking about being strung up as punishment on the show (as seen above). For those who have no idea why this could be misconstrued, this is the reference: Note: The music is either trolling or ... Read More »