Crayon Pop release “UH-EE” MV teaser that basically trolled me


Crayon Pop recently released their music video teaser for “UH-EE“, and it appears they’ve trolled us all. Oh god … oh god. The dance to this already looks fucking ridiculous which means it’s going to be amazing. GIF Link Crayon Pop helmet guy/Dhalsim from Street Fighter/Yoon Sung Ho looking amazing. K-Much and basically every Chrome Entertainment trainee is in there ... Read More »

Crayon Pop’s “UH-EE” MV theme is now a mystery to me; Orange Caramel show love


Okay, so when Crayon Pop released their album cover and concept photos, I figured they were going with some type of rural/traditional concept throughout the whole promotional cycle. Being Crayon Pop though, they’re apparently including something I didn’t really expect. Now there’s pictures coming out of DJ DOC‘s Kim Chang Ryul, Bumkey, and Yoon Sung Ho in a club setting ... Read More »

Indie Focus: Urban Zakapa successfully employs a band-centric approach in ’03’


My history with Urban Zakapa was different from their actual trajectory to notoriety. Instead of becoming enamored with their titular songs “Caffe Latte” and “Sweety You” like most others, I first encountered the group as part of the Tribute90 project, with their cover of “Just A Feeling”. I fell in love with their three-part harmonies and mistook Urban Zakapa as ... Read More »

Netizens react favorably to Crayon Pop/Lady Gaga, the media play should be coming


Crayon Pop‘s announcement that they would be Lady Gaga‘s opening act has been received favorably by netizens, which doesn’t mean shit in terms of the actual results, but it’s great for Crayon Pop’s image, so yay. 1. [+1,708, -99] “Lady Gaga directly cast Crayon Pop for her opening.” Random but very daebak!!!! 2. [+1,292, -80] Hul, chosen by Lady Gaga ... Read More »

Crayon Pop is going to open for Lady Gaga in North America … YES YES YES #OPERATIONGETMONEY


Crayon Pop are opening for Lady Gaga‘s concert tour, “artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm excited to announce June 26 through July 22 of Lady Gaga's artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball will be opened by CRAYON POP! — Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) March 20, 2014 She linked to “Bar Bar Bar“, what is life? The dates in question are all over ... Read More »

Yano Shiho talks about family and … diarrhea in April 2014’s InStyle


Yano Shiho modeled for and talked with InStyle for their April 2014 issue. She discussed her relationship with her husband Choo Sung Hoon, her daughter Choo Sarang, and appearing on ‘The Return Of Superman‘. Yano Shiho revealed her thoughts on appearing on ‘Superman is Back’ as a family, “I agreed to star in ‘Superman is Back’ because of my faith ... Read More »