JYP Entertainment’s fall to 2013 irrelevancy shown in 2 easy charts


There’s been a lot of talk recently about how JYP Entertainment has fallen off, how they should add another company to the Big Three, and how JYP is generally doing a shitty job in charge, but I don’t think any of that can show people why JYPE is currently down in the dumps more than two Gaon charts could. So ... Read More »

3 guesses/thoughts about what’s going on in Ga-In’s “Fxxk U” MV teaser


So there has already been a bit of discussion about Ga-In‘s upcoming single, “Fxxk U“, but this teaser trailer is almost everything I requested. Three immediate guesses/thoughts on what could be going on: 1) Ga-In and her man are having the most AWKWARD SHOWER SEX EVER. Motherfucker is doing jazz hands and shit … KINKY. 2) She’s revealing herself to ... Read More »

All hail the Great Deku Tree on BTOB’s Minhyuk’s abs!


In case you were wondering what the Great Deku Tree‘s been up to these days, he’s found a new home on a Korean idol’s abs. The forest guardian from the ‘Legend Of Zelda‘ series caused many to shout “Hallelujah!” or “Hey! Listen!”, as they drew attention to the miraculous reincarnation of the revered forest guardian. No word from BTOB‘s Minhyuk ... Read More »

Ga-In went from ‘classy sexy’ to ‘stripper slut’ in 1 day cause people see what they want to


As if sent from God to illustrate my point about concepts just being concepts and people seeing whatever they want to see, Ga-In‘s two teaser pictures for her upcoming release found very different netizen reactions on back-to-back days. 1. [+1,516, -86] Gain’s so tiny so she’s cute but still sexy ㅋ 2. [+1,070, -113] She’s really sexy 3. [+997, -59] ... Read More »

Rhythm Power show everybody how to make a rap video with “Game Of Thrones”


Rhythm Power, who we just covered this week, has recently made a comeback with “Game Of Thrones“, and it’s every bit as awesome as “Bond Girl” was. This is how you actually standout in a crowd. The subtle idol shade, the subtle try-hard rapper shade, the throwback vibe to the 90s, actual rappers rapping, and a funky-ass beat. So much ... Read More »

Netizens speculate on the identity of the supposedly hated ‘Actress A’


So the latest celebrity media-led netizen clusterfuck is underway, thanks to a rumor about an ‘Actress A‘ that supposedly everybody hates. This actress, who is labelled as “Actress A” by news source Newsen is constantly late to work, sometimes for three hours, making all the other actors who were punctual and ready to shoot wait. Despite her outer image as ... Read More »

CCM announces Shannon Williams’ upcoming debut; now with improved vocals


Shannon (also known as Shannon Williams is Shannon Pix) a 15-year-old CCM trainee who will be debuting on May 15. Core Contents Media announced: Shannon, who showcased her explosive singing ability with “I Dreamed a Dream” from the movie “Les Misérables” OST, Beyonce’s “Listen”, and IU’s “Good Day” on “Hidden Singer 2″, will make her debut as a singer on ... Read More »

Lee Young Ae returns as ‘Jang Geum’ for ‘Marie Claire’


Actress Lee Young Ae is readying to slay ratings once again, starting with a stunning PR effort on the cover of ‘Marie Claire‘ magazine. The titular star of the epic costumed foodie drama, ‘Dae Jang Geum‘ (or ‘Jewel In The Palace‘) donned ethereal spring silks for the magazine’s February 2014 issue. No one can rock a hanbok as effortlessly as ... Read More »

GNG Production has Tiny G’s Dohee’s vagina on LOCKDOWN


‘Reply 1994‘ star Tiny G‘s Dohee was a guest on ‘Beatles Code 3D‘ recently, where she revealed that her company regulates her vagina. When the MC Shin Dong Yeop asked Do Hee, “You have a lot of aegyo with your boyfriend, right?,” Do Hee avoided the answered by asking back, “Huh?” Shin Dong Yeop then commented, “That’s the common trait ... Read More »

What the fuck, Qri? Thanks, now I can’t sleep tonight.


Hi Qri, about that picture … so … those are prosthetics, right? That’s not really your face at the moment, right? Cause you look like somebody injected synthol into your eye bags and I hope this is an awesome prank. Anyway, I can no longer sleep because this image is burned into my memory bank. So I’m just going to ... Read More »

2NE1 needs to calm down with all this “All Or Nothing” spacey bullshit


As far as I’m concerned, most teasers are absolutely pointless. Whether it be teasers that have nothing to do with the final product or teasers that don’t actually reveal anything about anything, they all make me quite angry. But 2NE1 have really taken this level of stupidity to inter-galactic proportions with their latest teaser for their world tour and mini-album ... Read More »

EXO’s Baekhyun and Sehun talk about soaping each other … alert the perverted shippers


EXO‘s Baekhyun and Sehun appeared on SBS Power FM‘s ‘A Night Like This‘ and talked about soaping each other up in the shower, because obviously they are trolling their fandom or something. “Se Hun and I shower often together, and I’m older but he always stands in front of the showerhead and doesn’t move,” said Baek Hyun. “And I’m pretty ... Read More »

BoA’s back with Fergie-style fierceness for “Shout It Out”


BoA‘s gearing up for a comeback attempt of sorts in Japan with her first single of the year, “Shout It Out“. Vibrant and fun, fans will get a feel reminiscent of her “Quincy” era. In the PV, BoA has swapped out ballroom for the block, rocking Forever21 like she’s at Fergie‘s backyard kegger circa 1994. “Shout It Out” will be ... Read More »