[Review] “Miss Korea” is literally an underrated gem of a period drama


You may be wondering what is so special about an SM Entertainment-produced drama starring Lee Yeon Hee that only averaged seven percent in ratings. Normally, I would be right there with you in your skepticism in regards to “Miss Korea“. However, if you can peer straight through your misconceptions regarding Lee Yeon Hee and SM Entertainment, you will be able ... Read More »

WORLD ORDER takes a trip to Akihabara, visits AKB48 in “HAVE A NICE DAY” MV


WORLD ORDER, the group fronted by former MMA fighter Genki Sudo, recently released their latest robotic choreographed masterpiece, called “HAVE A NICE DAY“. If you haven’t heard of them before … well: Going to Akihabara? Minus whale involve AKB48, right? Basically have to. But more than their entertainment value as a quirky unit, to me WORLD ORDER is a perfect ... Read More »

Let’s Pretend: Crayon Pop’s songs have deep, insightful lyrics peons cannot understand


Recently I’ve went over the amusing nature of the reaction to the Crayon Pop/Lady Gaga collab from the international K-pop fandom. While Koreans seem to understand what Crayon Pop and K-pop exist for on some level, international K-pop fans appear to be taking K-pop extremely seriously, as if they have a complex about it. As such, they’ve cultivated a particularly ... Read More »

Crayon Pop release “UH-EE” MV teaser that basically trolled me


Crayon Pop recently released their music video teaser for “UH-EE“, and it appears they’ve trolled us all. Oh god … oh god. The dance to this already looks fucking ridiculous which means it’s going to be amazing. GIF Link Crayon Pop helmet guy/Dhalsim from Street Fighter/Yoon Sung Ho looking amazing. K-Much and basically every Chrome Entertainment trainee is in there ... Read More »

Crayon Pop’s “UH-EE” MV theme is now a mystery to me; Orange Caramel show love


Okay, so when Crayon Pop released their album cover and concept photos, I figured they were going with some type of rural/traditional concept throughout the whole promotional cycle. Being Crayon Pop though, they’re apparently including something I didn’t really expect. Now there’s pictures coming out of DJ DOC‘s Kim Chang Ryul, Bumkey, and Yoon Sung Ho in a club setting ... Read More »

Indie Focus: Urban Zakapa successfully employs a band-centric approach in ’03’


My history with Urban Zakapa was different from their actual trajectory to notoriety. Instead of becoming enamored with their titular songs “Caffe Latte” and “Sweety You” like most others, I first encountered the group as part of the Tribute90 project, with their cover of “Just A Feeling”. I fell in love with their three-part harmonies and mistook Urban Zakapa as ... Read More »