JYJ & SM Entertainment settlement attempt fails, new court date set, nobody is surprised

JYJ (their representatives) and SM Entertainment attempted to reach a settlement in their court case recently to end their contract dispute, and to the surprise of absolutely nobody, it didn’t get anywhere. As a result, there will be another court date on September 13th. SM Entertainment and JYJ have been in trial since last May, going through a total of ... Read More »

Analyzing Analysis: “Could These English Speaking K-Divas Make It In The U.S.?” It’s Complicated…

The inspiration for this post came from a recent article published on allkpop, written by a friend, Jeff Benjamin. If you haven’t already read it, here’s a quick summary: NS Yoonji and G.NA are two female K-pop artists who have a shot of achieving mainstream success in the United States because: They speak English fluently. Their sex appeal would work ... Read More »

Music chart manipulation, huh? You don’t say…

Late last month, a report came out that basically was a gift to conspiracy theorists, as it stated that companies were manipulating music chart rankings so that their groups would appear more popular than they actually were. The issue surrounding the method of ‘album hoarding’, used by middlemen to fabricate music charts rankings, was investigated on the most recent episode ... Read More »

KCSC criticizes use of English in broadcasts, issue is deeper than the title blurb

The Korean Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) criticized several radio broadcasters in Korea recently for incorporating English into their shows in favor of Korean words. Specifically, the KCSC criticized their use of English words such as “nice” and “activity” when a similar Korean word could have been substituted in its place. “There is a need for a concerted effort to use ... Read More »

2012 Olympics: News anchor Yang Seung Eun trolls netizens & media with her hats

If you hadn’t noticed by now, Asian Junkie isn’t exactly a fan of Korean journalism. IATFB takes a jab at it every chance he gets, and as if attempting to further prove his point, Korean reporters have gone and released another onslaught of useless shit, this time about an anchorwoman and her choice of style. But why? MBC anchorwoman Yang ... Read More »

Super Junior’s Siwon’s dad, Kiho, shits on Japan, doesn’t understand why America is down with gays, is generally nuts

If you didn’t already know, Super Junior‘s Siwon‘s dad (Kiho) has a Twitter account that he generally uses to talk about his religion and what not. That’s fine and good, but the problem is that he tends to use his religious beliefs as an excuse to drift into insanity, as he recently showed once again. South Korea is at the ... Read More »

Analyzing Analysis: The Prophet Correctly Names CCM & Netizens As Villains Of T-ara Scandal

In the midst of the T-ara bullying scandal/Hwayoung‘s expulsion, a run of insanely stupid reaction from fans, which was not only anticipated but expected, emerged as one of the most amusing parts that came out of all this. I wanted to write something where I got to mock netizens, but I saw this article over at The Prophet Blog and ... Read More »