“You Who Came From The Stars” sold to China for arm/leg; Jeon Ji Hyun can do no wrong


“You Who Came From The Stars” AKA “Man From The Stars” AKA “My Love From Another Star” AKA “My Love From The Star” AKA “This Is Why We Make Official English Titles, You Ungrateful Assholes, So Never Complain Again” was recently sold to China for like a trillion dollars, the highest ever for a Korean drama, basically off the star ... Read More »

miss A performs for a sausage fest of lonely penises, THE THIRST IS FUCKING REAL


If it wasn’t bad enough that Min got smacked in the fucking grill during yesterday’s KBS Gayo Daejun, miss A had to perform on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook“. Normally this isn’t a problem, but today was a special episode in which the audience was full of lonely, desperate penises. Yes, the place was filled with 1200 untouched cocks desperately clawing ... Read More »

Songwriter Hyori uses “you gave me poop” in SPICA song; turn off the lights, she wins


Glorious Hyori has written a song for her proteges, SPICA, and it’s getting the smackdown for indecent lyrics. But what are those lyrics for “You Don’t Love Me“, right? Surely something sexual. Song review results (13.12.26) Album: 35 (1 track) Song name: You Don’t Love Me Singer: SPICA Composer: Hyori Lyricist: Hyori Decision: Unqualified (Lyrics use an indecent expression ‘You ... Read More »

Girl’s Day’s “Something” comeback is going to result in my death


Girl’s Day is coming back with “Something“, and it’s already amazing because look at that shit. We sort of knew it had potential from their initial press release, but it’s living up to my expectations so far. Here’s Hyeri and Minah… …and Sojin. A;DFLKJA;WE;T3884A8G;FJCCJZKZ;JFKEJKKEKFJA388A I assume Yura‘s wasn’t released because it would cause an extinction level event. ===== Also, as ... Read More »