Ulala Session’s Yoon Taek, who netizens accused of faking cancer, died … and is being mocked


In July of last year I published a story on netizens basically saying that Ulala Session‘s Yoon Taek was faking stage four stomach cancer, which is just as ridiculous as it sounds. Well, unfortunately, he has recently died of the ailment, and as anybody who has lost a loved one to cancer knows, it’s not the prettiest process. Ulala Session‘s ... Read More »

Girl’s Day wants to get some diq, Minah begs CEO to lift dating ban so they can quest for it


After winning a gold medal during MBC‘s “Idol Star Athletics Championship“, Girl’s Day‘s Minah asked her CEO (DreamT Entertainment) to end their dating ban so they can quest for some dick. During the ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship‘, Minah won over the favorite, SISTAR‘s Bora, at the women’s high jump and snagged the gold medal for herself. She had won the ... Read More »

Rainbow’s Jaekyung pulls an AKB48′s Minegishi Minami and shaves her head in shame


Rainbow‘s Jaekyung made an appearance on television recently with a cropped haircut, much like that of AKB48‘s Minegishi Minami when she made her apology to fans, obviously indicating that she’s repenting to Rainbow fans. Obviously this haircut is penance for her action of… …wait, no. ‘Rainbow Syndrome’? You mean … no … they did that to her on FUCKING PURPOSE? ... Read More »



No, not really, but there are announcements to make. Seriously. If you hadn’t already noticed, the site has been overloaded for a week or so now (server errors), and I recently took down basically all the plug-ins just so that the site can stay generally up and running. The good news is that the site is getting more popular thanks ... Read More »

Netizens pissed at treatment of Kusanagi Tsuyoshi on “Knee-Drop Guru” + apology perspective


Korean netizens defended a Japanese celebrity recently … shock! Well, not really. I suppose one could chalk this up to a surprise, but I’m not, especially considering that SMAP‘s Kusanagi Tsuyoshi has long had the support of Korean netizens for being friendly to Korea and owning up to comfort women and other stuff. Therefore, to disrespect him on one of ... Read More »

Open World Entertainment CEO Jang Seok Woo is asking for more time because of his family

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Open World Entertainment scandal by now, and I’ve been covering it since it started because it’s sort of a significant issue given the nature of the entertainment industry. Well, the latest news is ugh-worthy because admitted rapist/CEO Jang Seok Woo now wants the execution of his sentence delayed because he has ... Read More »

Go Young Wook’s lawyer doesn’t want to be around him anymore

Former Roo’ra member Go Young Wook previously had been indicted on sexual misconduct/assault (?) charges, and now his lawyer basically bounced on him for unknown reasons. Back in May 2012, police reports were released regarding Go Young Wook and how he had sexual relations with minors in exchange of promises of making them into a celebrities. There were three cases ... Read More »

G.NA says they’re real and they’re spectacular

Koreans apparently refuse to believe that … well … Koreans can have gigantic natural breasts like G.NA, so she’s apparently had to deal with rumors of breast augmentation, but on MBC‘s “Radio Star“, she decided to put an end to such talk. The topic shifted towards her chest size and the rumors stating that she received breast implants. G.NA’s chest ... Read More »

Leslie Kee got arrested for selling pictures of dicks and balls in Japan

Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee was arrested in Japan recently for selling picture books of dicks and balls at a gallery. Really. The 41-year-old photographer, known for his pictures of Japanese pop stars including Ayumi Hamasaki, Yumi Matsutoya and Kumi Koda, was arrested along with two Japanese publishing firm employees. The trio sold seven copies of a book “containing many photographs ... Read More »

AKB48 manager makes shitty excuses and Minegishi Minami apologizes again

Togasaki Tomonobu, AKB48 theater manager, made excuses on the group’s official Google+ page regarding the ridiculous Minegishi Minami apology/punishment. □ Why did you have to stream a video like this? When we were in a hurry preparing for the streaming and we have received a report that Minegishi really wants to apologize personally with her hair shaved. We felt how ... Read More »