2PM’s Nichkhun’s drunk driving controversy has more witnesses, but who cares?

Despite no new, meaningful information being revealed, the story of 2PM‘s Nichkhun‘s drunk driving scandal persists as a lead story, even if they have to roll out everybody who thinks they may have seen what happened. Previously, an eye-witness who was at the scene of the accident claimed to have seen Nichkhun step into a convenience store following the accident ... Read More »

avex is either the best company ever or they have completely lost the plot

Well here’s a sign that Avex might be running out of ideas. They are going to be holding auditions for their new girl group, but are asking specifically for delinquent girls. FUCK THE POLICE avex is currently taking applications from juvenile delinquent girls (known as ‘yankees’) in the country for the “‘Yankee’ Idol Audition“. They’re calling for these girls to ... Read More »

BEAST’s “Beautiful Night” music video did have non-white women there … like two

So remember a while back when a supposed craigslist ad for white models in New York went out for BEAST‘s “Beautiful Night” music video? Well after much mocking, people argued over the validity of it, and now that the music video has been released, Asian Junkie I-Team can investigate. Through the course of our investigations, we have discovered that there ... Read More »

Witness defends 2PM’s Nichkhun despite the public release of accident video, is pointless

A new wrinkle has been thrown into the events of 2PM‘s Nichkhun‘s drunk driving scandal, where a witness has come forward to say that Nichkhun wasn’t 100% at fault. While I don’t mind new facts coming forward, the witness account is puzzling, especially when contrasted with the actual video of the event. “Nichkhun’s vehicle and the motorcycle were coming towards ... Read More »

[Review] [Album] BEAST – “Midnight Sun”

From the release of their first teaser for this mini, I pretty much knew that BEAST would be taking a very different route in this year’s album promotions. As mellowyel noted, BEAST have generally been rung dry of their angst and moody concepts. It’s what molded their style in “Shock Of The New Era” and “Mastermind“, and it’s what propelled ... Read More »

Video surfaces of 2PM’s Nichkhun running over the motorcylist and it’s worse than I thought

2PM‘s Nichkhun was driving drunk the other day when he struck a motorcyclist, allegedly resulting in the victim being taken to the hospital. The incident resulted in JYP Entertainment apologizing for their artist and also a ton of speculation and bullshit from fans. Well, in a follow-up to those events, SBS has obtained CCTV footage of the accident and has ... Read More »

2PM’s Nichkhun plows into guy on motorcyle while driving drunk, no excuses should be made

2PM‘s Nichkhun recently hit a motorcylist with his car while driving drunk. JYP Entertainment, his agency, has apologized for his actions, but the victim is allegedly still hospitalized with injuries. Excuses will inevitably be made for Nichkhun, and fans will come to his defense, but they shouldn’t, because there are no excuses and there is nothing to defend. On July ... Read More »