Kitagawa Keiko is the newest Momoiro Clover Z member … why


Future wife #534114 Kitagawa Keiko is joining up with Momoiro Clover Z to form a special unit called “Kimoclo“. In other news, the world is ending. “Kimoclo” is the limited unit for her starring special NTV drama “Akumu-chan Special” which is scheduled to premiere in the spring. In the drama, “Kimoclo” will perform the drama’s theme song “Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimitachi ... Read More »

E-Girls finally go with mature concept for “Dance All Night”; results mixed but it’s progress


Just yesterday I was complaining how they always make E-Girls (and everybody in EXILE‘s tribe) perform to happy/upbeat tracks when they basically all have the talent to be far more diverse with their shit. Well I got my wish, as E-Girls have started going down that rabbit hole of diversity with “Dance All Night“, which samples YMO‘s “Rydeen“. It’s a ... Read More »

Soyul reveals Crayon Pop’s pirate comeback concept


Crayon Pop is coming back in April with a full album, and everybody is looking forward to what their new concept will be. Well, apparently it’s going to be pirates, and Soyul is a method concept actress, so she’s getting into the pirate mode early. This is my way of dealing with my top K-pop bias being down with an ... Read More »

BASED GODDESS Hashimoto Kanna’s group, Rev. from DVL, is making their major debut


The group of idol sensation Hashimoto Kanna (AKA DA BASED GOD’S GOLDEN DAUGHTER), Rev. From DVL, is making their major debut, basically because she’s relevant now due to borderline creepy online worship. Fukuoka-based dance and vocal unit Rev. from DVL which Hashimoto Kanna (15) belongs, will be making their major debut. On March 1, 2014, during a live performance in ... Read More »

[Review] 2NE1’s “Happy” is the filleriest filler to ever fill


2NE1 decided to go all out with the release of “CRUSH” by releasing two music videos for it. While one could understand the sentiment of wanting to go big, “Happy” doesn’t justify its own music video release, as it’s definitely lacking compared to “Come Back Home”. It all starts with the song, which was reviewed on this site here: “Happy” ... Read More »

Hamasaki Ayumi now officially hitched to Mr. Clean


Around three months ago, Hamasaki Ayumi announced out of nowhere that she was getting married, apparently to Mr. Clean. Being thirsty for attention and relevance, she then allegedly leaked her whereabouts so the paparazzi could photograph her. Fast forward to today and now she’s actually married to the UCLA medical student. On March 3, singer Hamasaki Ayumi who previously announced ... Read More »

[Review] 2NE1’s “Come Back Home” was well worth the wait


2NE1 decided to celebrate the release of “CRUSH” with two music videos, one for “Come Back Home” and the other for “Happy“. While “Happy” can best be described as empty calories, “Come Back Home” is clearly the one where 2NE1 devoted most of its resources. Thankfully, all that effort and all those delays have resulted in an incredibly worthwhile video. ... Read More »

Boy band Mr. Mr. admit self-titled “Mr. Mr.” is an SNSD diss … HAHAHA


In an all-time attention whore move, nugu boy band MR. MR. has said that their recently released self-titled track, “Mr. Mr.” is indeed a diss towards SNSD. Regarding this connection to Girls’ Generation, a rep of MR.MR told Asia Economy on March 3, “The portion of netizens pointing out that MR.MR’s ‘Mr.Mr’ was dissing Girls’ Generation, who made a comeback ... Read More »