[Review] 2NE1’s “CRUSH” has slight case of “hit or miss” syndrome; similar to SNSD’s release


2NE1, YG‘s favourite girl group, have finally released their second full length album, ‘CRUSH‘. After being pushed back more times than SME has released pointless trailers for SNSD‘s new music video, we finally have access to ‘CRUSH’, the first 2NE1 collection in Korea since 2011. That was nearly three fucking years ago, so this had better be spectacular. —– 2NE1 ... Read More »

Pop Goes The Music: Nell – “Four Times Around The Sun” + ‘Newton’s Apple’ Album


Your random reminder that the whole of Korean and Japanese music is more than just the summation of idol tracks. So Nell is back with their music video for the track “Four Times Around The Sun“, and they also brought along their sixth album, ‘Newton’s Apple‘. The lyrics should help you get the gist of what’s going on: Slowly, frankly, ... Read More »

[Review] 2NE1’s ‘CRUSH’ doesn’t surprise (and in a good way)


After a slight delay to avoid dropping at the same time as SNSD’s “Mr. Mr.“ to properly celebrate Queen CL’s birthday, 2NE1 has finally released their second full-length album in “CRUSH“. After a year which featured three 2NE1 singles ranging from downright bad (‘Falling In Love’) to “not as bad as ‘Falling In Love’” (‘Do You Love Me’, ‘Missing You‘), ... Read More »

[Review] 2NE1 finally release “CRUSH” album after like 50 delays, was it worth the wait?


After a contest to see who could fail the worst with SM Entertainment/SNSD, YG Entertainment finally decided to actually release 2NE1‘s second full album, “CRUSH“, after like a dozen delays. Was it worth the wait for all da muzik improvement that YG claimed?! Let’s take a quick listen/review of all the tracks. —– The hook for “Crush” is terrible for ... Read More »

‘Homeland’ set to become North/South border Korean drama, starring Kim Nam Gil


So ‘Homeland‘ is being made into a Korean drama starring Kim Nam Gil, but I’m mainly interested in who will be playing Carrie and whether or not she can capture her neurotic psychosis. A Korean version of the popular American series “Homeland” starring actor Kim Nam Gil has been reported on extensively by international press outlets, gathering a lot of ... Read More »