4minute asks “Whatcha Doin’ Today?” and I think my answer is “being confused”


So 4minute released the music video for “Whatcha Doin’ Today?” recently, and it was … interesting? Like it had so many amusing moments that I simply couldn’t dislike it on merit, but I did find myself a bit confused more often than not. More than anything, the music video is an intensely visual experience. —– It’s really only fitting that ... Read More »

Crayon Pop’s jacket pictures hint at new concept, exceed expectations


So when we last left off, it was speculated that Crayon Pop‘s concept would have something to do with hanboks because of the word “traditional” when describing their costumes. And while it still could be hanboks, their album cover pictures … well … they’re basically in a farmer, “Invincible Youth“-esque concept. And it’s glorious. Fucking rubber boots and all. A ... Read More »

2NE1 beats SNSD on Inkigayo, SNSD & Sunny allegedly mad as fuq + AlphaBAT creeper


So after the #JUSTICEforCOMEBACKHOME clusterfuck the other day on M! Countdown, 2NE1 and SNSD squared off on Inkigayo, and 2NE1 came out the winners. Unfortunately, I have not seen psycho Sones go off about SBS and bias for 2NE1 yet, but I’m sure it’s out there. Inform me if #JUSTICEFORSNSD is started and fans start blaming the globalization and Westernization ... Read More »

Dust Off: Do As Infinity’s “Fukai Mori”


Welcome to the ‘Dust Off‘, where on a random basis we re-introduce our old pop favorites for the tired palate. I’m bringing back Do As Infinity‘s “Fukai Mori“, which was released back in 2001 and is probably best known for being an ending theme to the popular anime ‘InuYasha‘. If you couldn’t tell by the sound, “Fukai Mori” is sort ... Read More »

Indie Focus: Taru uses a variety of styles to impress with ‘Blind’


I’m a big fan of Taru‘s voice when she expands beyond the more pop-style songs she sometimes sings. ‘Blind‘ comes after ‘Puzzle‘, but carries a much more mature sound. Containing five songs, with one of them being an iPhone version of “나는 나를 미워해요”, ‘Blind’ contains just the right sound that I enjoy the most. The single “Rainy” is a ... Read More »

[Review] Orange Caramel’s “Catallena” is pure-strain Orange Caramel


Orange Caramel operates in a weird space for one who doesn’t like aegyo or cute concepts (me). On the one hand, Orange Caramel does a lot right. The group has it’s own visual and musical style. They don’t follow trends and their concepts are often visually memorable. In a sea of similar sounds and looks, Orange Caramel sticks out like ... Read More »

YGE to reportedly remove section from CL’s “MTBD”; Korean Muslim Federation statement


After CL‘s “MTBD” live performance was released, it quick became controversial, with many Muslim listeners saying that a portion of the track sampled a verse from the Quran. People were not pleased, and so now it’s being reported that YG Entertainment is set to remove the controversial parts from the song. There has not been any official word from the ... Read More »

What the fuck is m-flo doing though? Like seriously.


So this is m-flo’s music video for their collab with Kawakami Yoohei on “FLY“. The song has a music video, so I assume it’s a lead single. And it’s terrible. ) Besides all the poorly executed switches in tempo, the Engrish of the vocalist, and all that stuff, what the fuck is Verbal doing with his flow? Trying to be ... Read More »