T-ara’s Soyeon is dating Oh Jong Hyuk, which reflects badly on him because people are pathetic


Since ERRYBODY in K-pop be fuckin’ nowadays, T-ara‘s Soyeon and former Click-B member Oh Jong Hyuk were revealed to be off the singles market as well. It’s a done deal since it’s been confirmed by their agencies, but the reaction is what I want to talk about. ‘Sports Seoul’ is the one to break the exclusive this time as they ... Read More »

f(x)’s Sulli tests out “older is better” with Dynamic Duo’s Choiza


There’s been a ton of breaking news involving surprise celebrity couples, but this latest ‘duo’ highjacked headlines with their unexpected relationship. On Sep. 25, ‘TV Report‘ released an exposé involving f(x)‘s Sulli and Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza. Despite their 14-year age gap, Sulli and Choiza looked happily in love during their early-morning date around Seongdong, Seoul on the 25th. The two ... Read More »

Asian Junkie on dat Daum’s Telzone shit … might be media play, lulz


It was brought to my attention last night by staff member RISKCAUTION that an Asian Junkie story lauding SECRET‘s Hyosung was being voted up on Daum‘s Telzone. In itself, this means nothing, as it isn’t the first time Asian Junkie has been posted on Korean sites. But the amusing part is that the staffer thinks this could be a possible ... Read More »

Lee Jong Suk is looking sexy as fuck in ugly sweaters


Actor Lee Jong Suk continues to cream my pants with another set of photos, this time for ‘Vogue Korea‘ magazine. The concept is who gives a fuck a highlight of Fall’s trendy fashion points, which includes “plaid shirts, leather jackets, and thick scarves.” Take me home, Lee Jong Suk. Take me home so I can purge your closet of its ... Read More »

Armed with a new album, Kahi’s finally leaving K-pop purgatory


K-pop’s 2013 ‘Q4′ showdown is reaching new heights, thanks to the sudden announcement of Kahi‘s comeback for Oct. 10. The former leader of After School (and best ever member) surprised everyone with the news, particularly since many assumed she would be working behind-the-scenes in production or trainee development post-graduation. Thank God we were all wrong, though. Would’ve been such a ... Read More »

Prepare for the K-pop’s 2013 ‘Q3-Q4′ clusterfuck!


Alright, lads and lassies, we’re reaching that wonderful time of year when K-pop stars don intense eyeliner for the 2013 ‘Q3-Q4′ showdown. ‘Q3′ and ‘Q4′ are periods in the financial calendar that refer to the months of July-September and October-December, respectively. The final quarter gets particularly hectic for K-pop, as agencies push comebacks of their top artists in dramatic form ... Read More »

JYP unveils projected 2014 schedule … without the Wonder Girls


There’s been a ton of chirping over JYP Entertainment‘s mishandling of their artists, but it looks like the agency is ready to finally hit back against their complainers. Behold! JYP’s projected release schedule for 2013-2014! According to the newly revealed chart, JYPE plans to release 2PM and Sunmi’s mini-albums, miss A’s full-length album, and a single from ‘BOYBAND 1′ in ... Read More »

[Review] [Album] Ailee – “A’s Doll House”


As we near the end of 2013, Ailee has made it very clear that she’s a force to be reckoned with in K-Pop, even when the tunes she’s singing aren’t always intriguing. It’s been a battle Ailee’s had to face recently: applying her talent on original material and making sure the balance between quality and uniqueness is correct. Ailee’s 2012 ... Read More »