CCM announces Shannon Williams’ upcoming debut; now with improved vocals


Shannon (also known as Shannon Williams is Shannon Pix) a 15-year-old CCM trainee who will be debuting on May 15. Core Contents Media announced: Shannon, who showcased her explosive singing ability with “I Dreamed a Dream” from the movie “Les Misérables” OST, Beyonce’s “Listen”, and IU’s “Good Day” on “Hidden Singer 2″, will make her debut as a singer on ... Read More »

GNG Production has Tiny G’s Dohee’s vagina on LOCKDOWN


‘Reply 1994‘ star Tiny G‘s Dohee was a guest on ‘Beatles Code 3D‘ recently, where she revealed that her company regulates her vagina. When the MC Shin Dong Yeop asked Do Hee, “You have a lot of aegyo with your boyfriend, right?,” Do Hee avoided the answered by asking back, “Huh?” Shin Dong Yeop then commented, “That’s the common trait ... Read More »

2NE1 needs to calm down with all this “All Or Nothing” spacey bullshit


As far as I’m concerned, most teasers are absolutely pointless. Whether it be teasers that have nothing to do with the final product or teasers that don’t actually reveal anything about anything, they all make me quite angry. But 2NE1 have really taken this level of stupidity to inter-galactic proportions with their latest teaser for their world tour and mini-album ... Read More »

EXO’s Baekhyun and Sehun talk about soaping each other … alert the perverted shippers


EXO‘s Baekhyun and Sehun appeared on SBS Power FM‘s ‘A Night Like This‘ and talked about soaping each other up in the shower, because obviously they are trolling their fandom or something. “Se Hun and I shower often together, and I’m older but he always stands in front of the showerhead and doesn’t move,” said Baek Hyun. “And I’m pretty ... Read More »

[Review] Rainbow BLAXX’s “Cha Cha” has so much eye candy your pupils will get cavities

rainbow blaxx cover

For most of its career, Rainbow has merely just existed. The DSP Media girl group hasn’t had a runaway hit (“A” probably being the closest thing resembling one) and yet they’ve managed to do just enough to keep scraping by. That is as much a testament to the members’ marketable looks and talents as it is to the fact that ... Read More »

Dust Off: Chae Yeon’s “Two Of Us”


Welcome to the ‘Dust Off‘, where on a random basis we re-introduce our old pop favorites for the tired palate. To kick-off this new series, I’m going to bring back Chae Yeon‘s “Two Of Us“. Released back in 2004, “Two Of Us” became a #1 hit on several music charts, despite the video’s limitations on airplay. (You’ll see why in ... Read More »

Indie Focus: Rhythm Power bring funk-flavored hip-hop with “The Trio – Stage One”


Rhythm Power has been part of the underground hip-hop scene for a while, but not by name. The trio was part of 킹더형 레코드 in 2009. Through circumstances, however, the hip-hop collective was distilled into what we know today as Rhythm Power, comprised of Hangzoo, Boi.B, and Geegu In (or Mr. G for short). They fall into the standard nomenclature ... Read More »