Live from Korea: Insight into the Ailee scandal, the Melon Music Awards reaction, and allkpop’s PR disaster


I never thought I would see another singer receive more applause than EXO in 2013. But at the 2013 Melon Music Awards, those same, crazed EXO fans cheered louder for someone else. That someone would be Korean-American singer Ailee. When the sultry singer came out to perform just days after her nude pic scandal, tens of thousands cheered her on, ... Read More »

Paris Hilton to perform at 2013 MAMAs, K-pop fans scream “WHY?”


It’s almost time for the MAMAs, Mnet‘s annual music awards ceremony, and its organizers have just released a nuke of an announcement. “Paris Hilton will attend the 2013 MAMAs on November 22 and throw a surprise performance. Always under the radar for being stylish and trendy, Paris Hilton has been actively visiting many different countries around the world as an ... Read More »

Ringo Sheena educates Ayu on how to be sexy in her “Netsuai Hakkaku Chyuu” MV


When word got out that Ringo Sheena collaborated with Nakata Yasutaka, wigs got tossed in the air like wedding bouquets. The question on everybody’s lips was, ‘What the fuck will this sound like?‘ The answer? “Like a song produced by Nakata.” Which means the vocals don’t matter for shit, but the bass drops right and the melodies are on fucking ... Read More »

K-netizens & I-netizens don’t think Suzy compares to Megan Fox, probably haven’t seen the latter recently


IU “supported” her friend Suzy recently, saying that she looks like Megan Fox now, and both K-netizens and I-netizens flipped the fuck out and mocked her. 1. [+6,234, -379] Don’t think you can go and say anything you want just because Megan Fox doesn’t know Korean 2. [+5,217, -257] Suzy could never live up to Megan Fox’s body 3. [+4,625, ... Read More »

Phantom wusses out in their MV for “New Era”


Phantom, the trio with the full-on nudity in their music video teaser, toned the concept back significantly for their actual music video for “New Era“. Granted, it includes pole dancing, but if there was any doubt the nudity was for attention whoring by the group, then you can put it to rest. Honestly, I don’t have much to say about ... Read More »

Stupid Comments On Serious Photos: Taeyang, G.NA, Kim Kang Woo, Jaejoong, Hyoyeon


I love me some great pictorials. But sometimes, I can’t help but wonder why editors select certain shots for publication as they are either laughable, horrifying, or bizarre. This edition of ‘Stupid Comments On Serious Photos‘ features pictures from Korea’s ‘Elle‘, ‘BNT International‘, ‘Esquire‘, and ‘High Cut‘. There’s also a shot from Italy’s ‘Vogue‘. ===== Big Bang‘s Taeyang for ‘Elle’, ... Read More »

K-media outlets preparing multiple ~$1 million lawsuits against allkpop for copyright infringement, according to reports


One news item making noise in Korea that has been seemingly glossed over by Western K-pop publications recently is that a bunch of Korean media outlets are preparing to go after allkpop on grounds of copyright infringement. The title of one of the articles reporting on this is ‘allkpop & Ailee controversy, allkpop facing lawsuit for habitual copyright infringement‘. It ... Read More »

Block B & Seven Seasons end confusing legal battle with BE JAPAN, who apparently don’t have Google


A while back, BE JAPAN filed suit against Block B, Seven Seasons, and Very Good Entertainment (?) due to contract issues, which prevented Block B from performing in Japan. It was confusing at the time, and it still sort of is, but apparently that issue got sorted recently. On November 14, Block B’s agency Seven Seasons commented, “It has been ... Read More »