In which we all hope former T-ara member Ahreum is trolling when she says she talked with an unborn child


So we covered this before, but there’s still either something strange going on with former T-ara member Ahreum … or she’s trolling something special. On Nov. 27, Ahreum posted the following message on her Instagram: “I’ll be revealing the truth about my possession rumors. Nobody knows but my aunt’s unborn son briefly came to me once. Ghosts are superstitions. We ... Read More »

Linked Horizon is going to be on Kohaku this year, all because of ‘Attack On Titan’


So they recently announced the performers for this year’s NHK‘s Kohaku Uta Gassen, and it’s sort of an indictment of how far the event has fallen as it desperately clings to ratings and relevance. But there were a few standouts for me. Red Team (Women) aiko(12) E-girls(debut) Ikinomogakari(6) Ishikawa Sayuri(36) AKB48(6) SKE48(2) NMB48(debut) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu(2) Kozai Kaori(17) Godai Natsuko(20) ... Read More »

Hamasaki Ayumi shits out a physical single, has no idea what sounds good, is a human struggle face


Hamasuck-so-hard-mutha-fuckas-don’t-wanna-find-me Ayumi will be releasing her first physical single in for-fucking-ever, because homegirl has been scared of physical singles ever since Amuro Namie began outright slaughtering her on the Oricon charts and making Hamasaki Ayumi‘s sales figures look like an ATM card PIN code. So to try and make sure people buy this damn thing, she is releasing it on ... Read More »

Can people just back up off Hyorin a bit? Maybe she just has ‘Bitchy Resting Face’, okay?


SISTAR‘s Hyorin has been under fire before for a “bad attitude”, but what people really meant was that she just LOOKED like she was grumpy, disinterested, or was generally a mega-fucking-bitch. Even in Korea, though, rational people defended her, but the issue has come up once again. Personally, I always default to the side of the idols because I know ... Read More »

Netizens claim ‘K-Pop Star 3′ contestant Kim Eun Joo was a bully, kangaroo trial ensues


So for those of you who watch ‘K-Pop Star 3‘, there might be a shakeup in the lineup coming soon due to one of the contestants allegedly being a school bully. After “K-Pop Star 3″ premiered on November 24, the official “K-Pop Star” viewer’s forum as well as many online community sites have been pouring with requests to have a ... Read More »

YGE now admits Minzy had plastic surgery on her nose, comes up with dumb excuse


So you know how YG Entertainment denied that 2NE1‘s Minzy had plastic surgery on her nose despite basically everybody seeing it? Well, they backtracked on their claims and now both the company and Minzy herself have admitted it. Of course, that didn’t stop them from lying. The lie now? That it was JUST WHAT WAS MEDICALLY NECESSARY! YG Entertainment stated, ... Read More »

Woollim FINALLY confirms L is dating “Chocolate Girl” Kim Do Yeon, and she should be pissed


Back in September, INFINITE‘s fanbase imploded after rumors alleged that L was dating an ulzzang named Kim Do Yeon. She’s known for her appearance on the TV program ‘Martian Virus‘, where she claims she ate only chocolate for six years. INFINITE’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, swore up and down the block that the two were NOT dating, and that L was ... Read More »