SNSD’s comeback speculation has reached Illuminati conspiracy levels


SNSD is coming back in the first half of this year and basically everybody is anticipating it (even the haters, I bet). So it’s understandable that fans are looking for clues, but the speculation on the exact comeback date has reached insane conspiracy theory levels. Fans have been wildly speculating on Girls’ Generation’s fan cafes and various online communities in ... Read More »

DSP Media is a mess, give different answers in regards to KARA member recruitment


DSP Media has unofficially responded to the reports that KARA are recruiting two members to replace Nicole and Jiyoung, but their answer depends on who you ask, as the company hasn’t really responded with a united front. One rep stated, “We’re currently leaving a wide variety of options open regarding KARA… As there is a risk associated with all this, ... Read More »

[Review] SPICA’s “You Don’t Love Me” is hawt soul food for the ears


SPICA is the best thing out of all things. With that out of the way, here’s a completely unbiased review of SPICA’s “You Don’t Love Me“. —– SPICA is composed of vocal trainers and singers who weren’t able to gain traction as trainees. It’s why, for a relatively new group, SPICA has the look, age, and polish of a much ... Read More »

2NE1 on “The Bachelor” leads to awesome YGE fed lines fit to start fanwars


2NE1 made their media-played-to-death appearance on ‘The Bachelor‘ and I thought they came off well themselves. But my god, those lines that the contestants were fed are just ripe to start fanwars. “Just to be able to utter the sentence, ‘Yeah, I danced on stage with Korea’s most popular K-pop group.’ That’s incredible. Who can say that?” Oh my god… ... Read More »