Block B's friendly trolling turns into a controversy because netizens have no friends IRL

So Soompi came out with this article on a new Block B controversy, titled “Block B Says Female Idols Look Ugly Without Make-up“, which sounds terrible but was predictably a bunch of bullshit. Idol group Block B has done it again. The problem occurred on November 8, on Cable TV, MTV “Match-up: Block B Returns.”The team was asked whether they ... Read More »

IU probably getting Super Junior's Eunhyuk's dick, company denies everything but netizens don't care

So IU and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk are embroiled in a dating scandal, which is bad enough, but the real issue here is the nature of how it was supposedly revealed, with IU putting a picture up with Eunhyuk that seemed a lot like a post-coitus activity. A photo of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk shirtless and IU in her pajama’s is currently ... Read More »

KARA's sales in Japan tumbling as well, setting a worrying trend

KARA‘s sales in Japan for their latest single, “Electric Boy“, represent a disappointment, which means SNSD now has company. “Electric Boy” placed second on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart, and I thought that maybe it would have staying power, but so far it has sold around 70k units, which is about half of what they pushed during their last release. ... Read More »

HyunA's "Ice Cream" Music Video: A Freudian Analysis

If you’ve read my analysis of SHINee‘s “Sherlock” music video, then you know that I’m a person who looks past the glitz and glam of K-pop music videos and delves into the dark and gritty meaning behind it all. Well, 4minute‘s HyunA recently released her new solo MV, entitled “Ice Cream“, and I thought it would be the perfect video ... Read More »

Wonder Girls' Sohee tried to be sexy and it looks more like she's having menstrual cramps

If we’re to believe the media, these are “risque photos” of Wonder Girls‘ Sohee, because apparently she’s supposed to be simulating sex or acting sexy … but all I see is a woman in pain, probably because it’s her time of the month. Risque photos of Wonder Girls‘ Sohee, titled “Devlish Sohee” were uploaded online. In the photos, Sohee is ... Read More »

HyunA tries to fetishize her dark skin in "Ice Cream" and it doesn't sit quite right

Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard. HyunA and her cartoon tattoos (a handful of them are actually real, though) have already broken some records, most notably matching SNSD‘s record for “Fastest Video To Reach 10 Million Views” (a title previously held in splendid isolation by “The Boys“), as reported by Soompi. In other words, all it took was a mere four days — ... Read More »