BESTie’s Haeryung & Dahye on their sexy image, marketing reality, and idol sex education


Rookie idol group BESTie talk about various things, from company sex education to speaking frankly about sexy concepts and why they happen. ===== BESTie is a rookie group that released three singles last year. The team of four members prepared for over seven months for their debut, and the members individually invested over ten years of their lives to become ... Read More »

Pop Goes The Music: Club505 – “Telepathy”


Your random reminder that the whole of Korean and Japanese music is more than just the summation of idol tracks. Club505 is an electronica group, and their new single (a few months ago) is called “Telepathy“. It’s supposed to showcase their female vocal, Gaeun. A quality throwback to the 70s is never not welcome with me. Read More »

Ga-In releases “Truth Or Dare”, the Korean mockumentary “Blurred Lines”


Ga-In‘s released the music video for “Truth Or Dare“, and it’s basically like a female mockumentary version of “Blurred Lines“, except without Emily Ratajkowski‘s male equivalent walking around naked … so it sorta blows to me. In reality though, it actually sounds closer to the song that “Blurred Lines” was “inspired” by, “Got To Give It Up” by Marvin Gaye. ... Read More »

Soooooo … blackface happened again on “Gag Concert”


So … that happened on “Gag Concert” the other day. Um … yup. The corner “Nom Nom Nom” used it in their skit where comedian Yoo Insuk said he would buy coffee for Song Pilgeun’s girlfriend Ahn Somi. Song stated, “Our Somi only drinks Americano” in rebuttal and, to this, Yoo introduced a group of indigenous Africans from the coffee ... Read More »

VIXX fandom gets a win as Jellyfish Entertainment apologizes in statement


Well … that was quick. One day after Jellyfish Entertainment basically said they were stalling for time over the VIXX fandom boycotting their DVD sales due to staff mismanagement, the company released a statement apologizing and promising to improve going forward. Hello. This is Jellyfish Entertainment. We sincerely apologize for causing anxiety and discomfort to fans throughout this series of ... Read More »