30 actresses investigated for prostitution, but government conspiracy angle is the best part


Suwon District Public Prosecutor’s Office‘s Ansan Branch recently revealed that they are investigating close to 30 female celebrities for prostitution, many of whom are being linked to company execs and other rich men. They also noted that some of the women are supposedly top stars. Needless to say, this could be a major mess and one of the biggest news ... Read More »

Mass wig yoinking in 2014: Utada Hikaru to celebrate 15th anniversary of ‘First Love’ with a re-release


To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Asia’s BEST SELLING ALBUM OF ALL TIME –Utada Hikaru‘s ‘First Love‘ — a special anniversary re-master of the album will be released on March 10, 2014. The re-release will be available in a standard and a deluxe edition, which should be re-named ‘basic’ and ‘money’ edition, and you’ll soon find out why. —– The ... Read More »

B1A4 chosen to be ambassadors for Korea’s Girl Scouts. Yup, seriously.


Idol group B1A4 has just scooped an endorsement deal for … the Girl Scouts of Korea. On December 11, WM Entertainment announced that Girls Scouts Korea selected B1A4 as the honorary ambassador. Girls Scouts Korea revealed that it selected the B1A4 members after seeing their talent and charms. B1A4 also put on donation concerts and positively contributed to society in ... Read More »

Han Hyo Joo’s blackmailers cop to the crime, but ask to be rewarded for their incompetence


Han Hyo Joo‘s dad was blackmailed by his daughter’s ex-manager and friends just a while ago, and since then the perpetrators have admitted to the crime, but are trying to skirt serious charges by saying that what they did was like totally not THAT bad, you guys. On December 10, Han Hyo Joo‘s ex-manager, who previously threatened to expose her ... Read More »

Psy says he’s releasing a new album, netizens respond by throwing shade at Rain


Korea’s pop icon, Psy, has announced that his new album is in its final stages (comeback date TBA). Netizens responded with the usual comments about his “world star” status … and something else. 1. [+270, -18] It is quite amazing but can we please stop asking foreigners, “Do you know Gangnam Style?”… I think even foreigners are tired of it. ... Read More »