Hwayoung speaks out about T-ara incident, details fit my thoughts on what happened


Hwayoung has resurfaced on the news recently, both because of her cameo in a ZIA music video and with her link to KARA‘s Nicole. In recent interviews about all this, she was inevitably asked about the T-ara controversy. Her answers? They seemed to fill in some of the blanks in the story. The interviewer then brought up the topic on ... Read More »

3 guesses/thoughts about what’s going on in Ga-In’s “Fxxk U” MV teaser


So there has already been a bit of discussion about Ga-In‘s upcoming single, “Fxxk U“, but this teaser trailer is almost everything I requested. Three immediate guesses/thoughts on what could be going on: 1) Ga-In and her man are having the most AWKWARD SHOWER SEX EVER. Motherfucker is doing jazz hands and shit … KINKY. 2) She’s revealing herself to ... Read More »

All hail the Great Deku Tree on BTOB’s Minhyuk’s abs!


In case you were wondering what the Great Deku Tree‘s been up to these days, he’s found a new home on a Korean idol’s abs. The forest guardian from the ‘Legend Of Zelda‘ series caused many to shout “Hallelujah!” or “Hey! Listen!”, as they drew attention to the miraculous reincarnation of the revered forest guardian. No word from BTOB‘s Minhyuk ... Read More »

Ga-In went from ‘classy sexy’ to ‘stripper slut’ in 1 day cause people see what they want to


As if sent from God to illustrate my point about concepts just being concepts and people seeing whatever they want to see, Ga-In‘s two teaser pictures for her upcoming release found very different netizen reactions on back-to-back days. 1. [+1,516, -86] Gain’s so tiny so she’s cute but still sexy ㅋ 2. [+1,070, -113] She’s really sexy 3. [+997, -59] ... Read More »

Netizens speculate on the identity of the supposedly hated ‘Actress A’


So the latest celebrity media-led netizen clusterfuck is underway, thanks to a rumor about an ‘Actress A‘ that supposedly everybody hates. This actress, who is labelled as “Actress A” by news source Newsen is constantly late to work, sometimes for three hours, making all the other actors who were punctual and ready to shoot wait. Despite her outer image as ... Read More »

CCM announces Shannon Williams’ upcoming debut; now with improved vocals


Shannon (also known as Shannon Williams is Shannon Pix) a 15-year-old CCM trainee who will be debuting on May 15. Core Contents Media announced: Shannon, who showcased her explosive singing ability with “I Dreamed a Dream” from the movie “Les Misérables” OST, Beyonce’s “Listen”, and IU’s “Good Day” on “Hidden Singer 2″, will make her debut as a singer on ... Read More »

Got7’s ‘Black Kids’ comment was insensitive, but the real problem isn’t with them


So the members of Got7 said dumb shit about hip-hop by stereotyping it according to race, and by talking about how they want to be known as black. It was all overtly insensitive, and ultimately, it was just a plain stupid way of phrasing what they really wanted to say. You probably haven’t heard much about this yet because nobody ... Read More »