Korean media/netizens say miss A’s Suzy makes Chinese celebrities look like shit … classy

It’s hard to believe what passes for journalism in Korea, but apparently netizen comments saying that miss A‘s Suzy makes Chinese celebrities look like shit passes for a story. Recently an online community board revealed a picture of miss A’s Suzy standing with Chinese celebrities. The title of the post read, “After Suzy stood next to Chinese celebrities…” The post ... Read More »

Zhang Ziyi Allegedly Prostituted Herself To Politician Bo Xilai & Other Powerful Figures

“Wait, what is Chinese entertainment news doing on Asian Junkie? I thought you only focused on Japanese and Korean entertainment?” Yes, yes, I know. However, due to the similarities of the entertainment industries of China, Japan, and Korea, I thought this story was highly relevant. If you haven’t heard yet, Zhang Ziyi is accused of selling her body for millions ... Read More »

Kim Tae Hee Received Positively By Japan, Negatively By International Assholes

Kim Tae Hee in Japan made news in Korea once again, but this time it wasn’t about those stupid fucking rocks. The image, posted on May 24, contains cuts of the star on a Japanese TV show. As their facial expressions reflect, the Japanese MCs and guests seem to be completely stunned by Kim Tae Hee’s innocent and divine beauty. ... Read More »

Gong Yoo either has a tiny cock, is face fucking Lee Min Jung, or is jizzing on her face

Gong Yoo‘s hand placement on Lee Min Jung‘s head would seem to indicate that he’s attempting to extract a blowjob from her. Lee Min Jung’s intense squinting and usage of her thumb and pointer fingers around his groin area would seem to indicate that she’s searching for a penis that she cannot find. Personally though, I’ll go with him jizzing ... Read More »

[Review] [Single] IU – “Spring Of A Twenty Year Old”

The follow-up to 2011′s wildly successful “Last Fantasy” – which not only solidified IU’s position as Korea’s sweetheart and led to some short-lived Japanese promotions – is not, as her management would want you to think, that big a deal (musically). Yes, she’s turning twenty (she’s a legal adult, so no longer do uncle fans have to feel like creepy ... Read More »

CROSS GENE tries to unite China/Japan/Korea through its members, will flop horribly

CROSS GENE is a new K-pop group project consisting of members who are of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean ethnicity. Surely the idea is that the group will have appeal in all three countries, leading to an Asian pop culture sensation, but I would bet the opposite happens. The group is comprised of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese members like Shin Won ... Read More »

AKB48 break record by selling 1.62 million in debut week, making people pressed

“Manatsu No Sounds Good“, AKB48‘s latest single, has sold a staggering 1,617,000 copies in its debut week, setting a new record. AKB48’s newest single “Manatsu no Sounds good!” topped the Oricon Weekly Single Ranking Chart for the week of June 4th by selling a whopping 1,617,000 copies in its first week of sales. This sales figure marked a new record, ... Read More »