Hyun Bin & KARA’s Hara win Korea’s most asinine award


Typically, celebrities receive awards based on their projects, their looks, their fashion sense, and their humanitarianism. On Oct. 29, two of the industry’s hottest stars will collect trophies for… Being mince as fuck with their money. “A representative from the Financial Services Commission revealed that Hyun Bin and KARA‘s Goo Hara have been included in the list of recipients accept ... Read More »

Mizuhara Kiko allegedly complains to friends about G-Dragon’s little ding-a-ling, needs to get with Seungri


Half-American, half-Korean model Mizuhara Kiko allegedly whines to friends about G-Dragon‘s tiny ding-ding and that he’s bad in bed. Take it with a mound of salt considering the source, but maybe if she wants dat good diq, she needs to go see Seungri for a towel-throwing session. “‘Miss M’, who likes to party every night, always talks about this whenever ... Read More »

Netizens believe & support Busker Busker’s Brad’s sharing of experiences, lament CJ E&M’s power


So a lot of you were waiting for the netizen reaction to Busker Busker‘s Brad‘s interview with VICE magazine’s NOISEY, expecting mainly negative reactions due to a foreigner talking shit about how their music industry works. However, netizens actually supported/believed Brad 100%, which in a lot of ways, makes total sense. 1. [+2,856, -32] Brad, you’re the best for revealing ... Read More »

DSP Media announces that Nicole is effectively out of KARA, Jiyoung’s still thinking


DSP Media has released a statement confirming that KARA‘s Nicole won’t be KARA’s Nicole by January, as she’s decided to not renew her contract with the company. Group member Jiyoung is considering her future with DSP as well. DSP Media announced through an official press release, “We are announcing our official position on the matter of Nicole’s domestic contract with ... Read More »

Baek Ji Young sues netizens who mocked her miscarriage, yes really


Baek Ji Young … was mocked … by netizens … for having a miscarriage. ‘Mocked’ is probably being kind, but whatever. Ugh. On October 3, Seoul’s Suseo Police Station stated, “Baek Ji Young’s agency sued the netizens who left spiteful remarks regarding her family affairs on internet blogs and we’re currently investigating the case.” The police station revealed that one ... Read More »

Busker Busker’s Brad exposes the reality of the Korean music industry, starts a logical fallacy parade


Busker Busker‘s Brad has generated a controversy in Korea due to his recent interview with Vice‘s music arm, NOISEY, in which he dishes on ‘Superstar K‘ and CJ E&M. Most importantly, he tells all about the Korean music industry status quo. Note: Lengthy post ahead. —– It’s a solid story that I recommend reading in full, but the controversies can ... Read More »

JYJ and SM Entertainment may meet in front of government, could mark further progress


JYJ and SM Entertainment may meet each other for the first time since 2009 while testifying before the National Policy Committee regarding the state of the entertainment industry. On October 2nd, Democratic congressman Min Byung Doo requested to the National Policy Committee to have SM’s chairman Lee Soo Man, the Korea Pop Culture and Arts Industry Coalition chairman Yang Yi ... Read More »

Netizens say Kahi’s too old to be in the game, but she’s bringing the sexy anyway


Most of you know that I’m practically salivating over Kahi‘s new mini-album, due to be released on Oct. 10. Yet it appears that the audience that matters most isn’t as thrilled about her return. In fact, they’re practically disturbed by it. 1. [+248, -14] Not curious for some reason 2. [+209, -16] She’s at that age now.. not much interest ... Read More »

EXO members call-out sasaeng fans, and while I hope it works, I doubt it will


Just yesterday, EXO sasaengs flipped out at member Baekhyun‘s brother‘s wedding, basically ruining the entire mood of the event. However, that wasn’t particular insane considering the stories of what they’ve done in the past. That said, I think it’s the straw the broke the camel’s back, as the EXO boys themselves have been motivated to speak out publicly about sasaengs, ... Read More »