2014: The Year Of #TeamSchadenfreude


I wanted to publish this recap during the dead period between Christmas and New Year’s Day, but the way 2014 went, I was hesitant to assume nothing major would happen during that time. Such was 2014 in K-pop, which was an absolute mess of a year. And while I can’t tell if it’s just recency bias, arbitrary endpoints, or the proliferation of news sources, if there’s been a year in K-pop that’s been such a clusterfuck before, I certainly can’t remember it.

This was certainly a banner year for #TeamSchadenfreude, with all types of drug scandals, company issues, and relationship news, but it was also a terrible year in terms of violence and tragedy.

To get a handle on the scope of it all, I’ve done my best to compile a list of the carnage.


January 1 – SNSD’s Yoona & Lee Seung Gi Relationship
January 3 – SNSD’s Sooyoung & Jung Kyung Ho Relationship
January 6 – Super Junior’s Leeteuk’s Father & Grandparents Suicide
January 6 – NU’EST’s Aron & Chocolat’s Tia & Lori Make Sexist Remarks
January 15 – KARA’s Nicole & Jiyoung Withdrawal
January 24 – SHINee’s Taemin Smoking Picture Revealed Due To Fandom War
January 29 – Nine Muses’ Lee Sem & Eunji Withdrawal

February 5 – VIXX’s Fandom Receives Apology From Jellyfish Entertainment

March 7 – CL’s “MTBD” Draws Complaints From Muslims
March 10 – WINNER’s Nam Taehyun Stalked Through Security Cameras

April 1 – SNSD’s Hyoyeon Accused Of Domestic Violence, Revealed To Have Been Dating
April 4 – SNSD’s Tiffany & 2PM’s Nichkhun Relationship
April 23 – Leessang’s Gil Drunk Driving
April 25 – SHINee’s Taemin Chased Down Street By Fans

May 9 – Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In & Joo Ji Hoon Relationship
May 15 – EXO’s Kris Withdrawal

June 19 – SNSD’s Taeyeon & EXO’s Baekhyun Relationship
June 23 – SM Entertainment Fined $10 Million After Tax Evasion Investigation
June 24 – Nine Muses’ Sera Withdrawal
June 30 – 2NE1’s Park Bom Past Drug Smuggling Investigation Revealed

July 21 – f(x)’s Sulli Goes AWOL … Probably Because Of Netizens
July 25 – Seo Se Won Elevator Domestic Violence Caught On Tape
July 29 – Girl’s Day’s Minah & Son Heung Min Relationship
July 31 – Hello Venus’ Yoo Ara & Yoonjo Withdrawal
July 31 – Red Velvet Debut Music Video Shows Love For Mass Death

August 3 – A.KOR’s Kemy Disses 2NE1’s Park Bom
August 6 – Kim Yuna’s Boyfriend Kim Won Joong Caught Getting Rub & Tug
August 10 – Sung Hyun Ah Prostitution
August 20 – f(x)’s Sulli & Dynamic Duo’s Choiza Relationship
August 21 – Kim Hyun Joong Domestic Violence

September 1 – Lee Ji Yeon & GLAM’s Dahee Blackmail Lee Byung Hun
September 2 – Ladies’ Code’s Car Accident & EunB Death
September 4 – Ryu Si Won Stalks Wife/Threatens Wife/Domestic Violence
September 6 – Ladies’ Code’s RiSe Death
September 6 – EXO Sasaeng Commits Crimes To Stalk EXO
September 11 – Big Bang’s Seungri’s Car Accident
September 20 – ZE:A’s Lee Ho Threatens Star Empire Entertainment CEO & Entire K-Pop Industry
September 25 – Julien Kang Has Drunk Adventure
September 29 – 2PM’s Jun. K’s #EverybodyKnows
September 30 – SNSD’s Jessica Kicked Out Of Group

October 6 – Cha Seung Won Sued For Raising Another Man’s Son
October 10 – EXO’s Luhan Withdrawal
October 12 – Jang Ja Yeon Ruled To Have Been Abused
October 13 – EXO’s Tao Caught Kissing Woman
October 17 – Vent Collapse Leads To 16 Deaths At K-Pop Event
October 18 – Planner Of K-Pop Event That Left 16 Dead Commits Suicide
October 27 – Shin Hae Chul Death

November 4 – Red Velvet’s Wendy Does Shitty Race Impressions
November 7 – Noh Hong Chul Drunk Driving
November 10 – Lovelyz’s Seo Ji Soo Accused Of Being Everything Terrible
November 13 – Rain’s Alleged Nude Photo Leaked
November 25 – Megan Lee & Gil Gun Sue Soul Shop Entertainment
November 27 – B.A.P Sue TS Entertainment

December 1 – LOCO & WASSUP Draw Complaints From Muslims
December 4 – JoAnne Death
December 9 – VIXX’s Ravi Disses iKON’s Bobby
December 10 – SM ROOKIES’ Taeyong Was A Scamming Asshole
December 11 – Bumkey Charged With Dealing Meth & Ecstasy
December 12 – JYJ’s Junsu Sued Over Hotel
December 13 – Super Junior’s Sungmin & Kim Sa Eun Marriage
December 16 – MBLAQ’s Lee Joon & Thunder Withdrawal
December 17 – M.I.B’s SIMS Disses iKON’s Bobby
December 18 – Polaris Entertainment Sues Clara
December 23 – Park Han Byul & Se7en Breakup, Park Han Byul & Jung Eun Woo Relationship
December 27 – Yoon Mi Rae Sues Sony Pictures
December 31 – After School’s Jooyeon Graduation


The year started off as a mess, but quickly reverted to normalcy for a few months. Things then heated up again in the summer, and it all just snowballed into an absolute clusterfuck towards the end of the year.

The scary thing is that even this list doesn’t quite do justice to it all, because some of these items were sagas that extended over multiple updates for days or even months. And that’s why, especially later in the year, it seemed like there wasn’t a day that went by without a scandal going down … because sometimes there literally wasn’t.

Here’s to hoping 2015 is a better year on the violence and tragedy side of things … but an even more glorious mess on the entertainment side.



If I’m missing anything significant, let me know.


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