Crayon Pop coming back in February with Shinsadong Tiger


Crayon Pop are making a comeback in February … with Shinsadong Tiger. This is surprising for a variety of reasons, but I’m really curious about what the concept will be now.

On 2 Jan 2015, it was announced that Crayon Pop is preparing a comeback with dance music created by Shinsadong Tiger. As this spells the first meeting between the artists, there is much expectation over their synergy.

An official stated that, “they’re neck deep in doing the finishing touches with Sinsadong Tiger and Crayon Pop’s comeback will be around the coming late February”. “Whether it be a single or mini album is something we have to wait and see”.

Is the full album just never happening?

I like their CEO cause he seems to have a good relationship with all of them … but the fucking guy is worse than YG when it comes to promising shit and not following through on dates, so this will come out in June for all we know.

Either way, I am excite. Shinsadong Tiger’s track record is solid.


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