MBC’s Gayo Daejun was the only year-end show that wasn’t a waste of time

Hey, random guy. FUCK YOU!
Hey, random guy. FUCK YOU!

MBC‘s Gayo Daejun was the only year-end program that had enough special stages and remixes and variety to make it worth watching.



Everybody is jerking off to stage presence or live vocals or whatever, but I liked the way they worked old school songs into their song. Personally, I value that ability in them as performers more than the other stuff.

People kept commenting, “Oh wow, the crowd is into this! Really popular rookies!” And yeah, they’re popular for rookies, but the actual reason the crowd was into it was their callbacks to old school favorites. It could’ve made everything sound like shit, but it was great and not many others could’ve done it without making it lame.

Girl’s Day

1) Clever way to avoid Minah having to move.

2) Sojin is still sexy just standing there and glaring.

3) The fanboy chants. Rofl.

Ailee, Hyorin, Lucky J’s Jessi

Please give Ailee non-boring songs because she can do whatever genre, thanks. Also, Hyorin can obviously sing, but pairing her with two Korean-Americans for an English song was obviously gonna make her look worse and more uncomfortable. Eh. Also, it’s great how they made a non-rapper rap because she was probably the only one who could do the verse in English (or because she’s from the same company as Ailee, whatever). Turned out about as expected.


1) Band is back.

2) They look great.

3) I’m going to murder that motherfucker.


The song has grown on me over time, honestly. It ages better as we get less jaded from the clusterfuck of a release SM Entertainment had, which I think (at least for me) influenced my opinion of the track. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still missing SOMETHING to bring it out of “solid” territory, but it’s better than I remembered.

But that’s not important. I’m posting this so you can listen to Tiffany murder a dying cat on stage. And I’m not one of those who thinks Taeyeon has flawless vocals, but this … was a bad night.

Dynamic Duo, CRUSH, Zion.T

Choiza wins at life for getting with Sulli, but it’s obvious how much better of a rapper Gaeko is. Jesus.

CRUSH and Zion.T are always welcome.


Another song that grew on me over time, not necessarily because I didn’t like it at first, but I think I was busy with work and stuff so I didn’t really give it an extended try.

For as much as I love Youngji, and I think she’ll be a variety star, she’s rather invisible musically, which is probably for the best.


You can find the rest of the stuff from this program here.


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