2 international fans link arms with Kai & Sehun at airport, fandom world war imminent

EXO members Kai and Sehun (and two others, whatever) are in London for some shit, but the real story is that after arriving at the airport, it quickly became a fangirl clusterfuck. That’s not necessarily abnormal, but two fangirls managed to get way up close and personal.

At the exit of the terminal a lot of fans pushed forward and I almost fell on Kai, but then I spread my hands and blocked the way to quite a few of the fans (was so damn proud of that moment haha) but that annoying chick from the beginning managed to get through to Kai and at first I didn’t notice she was clinging at his arm. I shouted like a maniac for people to stop touching them but she wouldn’t let go so the manager tried to push her away and shouted “Don’t touch him!” and I grabbed her from behind and pulled her away and she finally let go. However the second later she was running after Kai again but I somehow managed to stand in between her and Kai and she didn’t get through anymore.




Basically, K-fans are fucking pissed that dirty foreign whores are touching oppar. Best-case scenario? A full-scale fangirl-on-fangirl world war that results in massive casualties for both sides.

Remember ladies, there can only be one. Murder them all.



Thot Leader™