Matsushita Yuya creates/joins 4-member group on own label, called X4


I don’t think I’ve covered Matsushita Yuya here before, which is a shame cause he’s one of the few Japanese male pop soloists I enjoy. But better late than never, and it’s sort of ironic that my first article about him is news that he’s joining a group.

Yuya will be a member of X4, who are now signed to Japanese Dream Records, which is Yuya’s independent label.

The group is a union between Japan and South Korea, seeing as how half of the group’s members are Korean. As part of their debut, X4 will be embarking on a tour of Japan in the spring. This will be Yuya’s second time in a group. His first group was called Suger. It was composed of classmates from The Caless Vocal & Dance School in Osaka. One of his group members was R&B singer Shota Shimizu.

The group consists of Yuya, Koudai, SJ, and T-Max, the latter two being the Korean members.





My first thought regarding this news was, “What the fuck are you doing?” But since the group’s on his own label and was probably his idea, I’m guessing he likely realizes that a little help could propel his career forward in the long-run as well. I think Yuya has the tools to be a star in Japan, but it’s tough road to sled with the industry idol monopoly and a lot of the successful male solos coming out of those idol factories.

Hope this venture works out.


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