Lee Byung Hun & Lee Ji Yeon texts revealed by Dispatch, agency issues denial


Texts between Lee Byung Hun and Lee Ji Yeon that show the actor hitting on the model were released recently by Dispatch, and while they don’t absolve Lee Ji Yeon and GLAM‘s Dahee of their crime, it certainly doesn’t hurt their chances of getting their sentences reduced. Or at least, it’s a better play than writing 5000 apology letters.

In addition to the previously revealed details about Lee Byung Hun allegedly providing Lee Ji Yeon with gifts and a recording of him asking sexual questions, text message conversations were revealed.

LBH: What’s for dinner?
LJY: What do you like?
LBH: You.

LBH: Is it going to be romantic tomorrow?
LJY: Perhaps.
LJY: Are you still filming???
LBH: Why not?
LBH: It must be nice to be able to choose.

LBH: We’re seeing each other tomorrow, right?
LBH: Will it be romantic?
LJY: We’ll see how you do.
LBH: I’ll be good.

LJY: This is your brain map.
LBH: There’s tomorrow, you, romantic, and success in my head.
LJY: What do you mean by success?
LBH: It means whether or not I’ll succeed romantically.
LJY: Did you know it’s my birthday this week?
LBH: Then we’ll celebrate it tomorrow together.

LBH: I hope you’ll keep the secret.
LJY: Don’t worry.
LBH: I really looked forward to this.
LBH: When can I see you tomorrow?
LJY: My mom’s coming.

LBH: Is your friend there today?
LJY: Yes.
LBH: When are you free out of today and tomorrow?
LJY: I have to go to cram school today.
LBH: When will your friend not be there?

LBH: I stepped out of line today. I’m sorry..
LBH: I think we should stop seeing each other. We’ll only hurt each other.
LJY: You’re cutting off human relations like this, huh?

The most important revelation in all this? Even international star actors can come off as desperate and thirsty when they’re on a booty drought. Good god, man. Get it together.

Anyway, the prosecution previously said they weren’t in an affair. That depends on your definition of an affair, I suppose, but if they didn’t do anything physical, then LBH certainly wanted to, and if they weren’t “dating” in terms of an affair, then they were at least fuckbuddies.

None of this, of course, absolves the duo of blackmailing him, but certainly it’s relevant since adultery is still illegal in Korea, and it could generate calls for leniency to get their sentence reduced. Thing is, we sort of assumed stuff like this was the reason from the beginning, right? I mean, the released audio of him asking awkward sex questions was worse than this, and I still don’t quite understand how they were expecting to extract a house from him over this.

BH Entertainment, Lee Byung Hun’s agency, released a statement on the matter, claiming the reports are false.

“We’re disappointed that false information without confirming facts were reported. We’ll be looking over legal responses and look over the source of the report that was published on purpose right before the sentence. We’ll also be taking legal measures against the false report.”

Well, that should be interesting.

In any case, Lee Byung Hun should’ve just accepted an apology and walked away, because their actions didn’t harm him much, and this would’ve been all over months ago.


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