‘Monday Couple’, Song Ji Hyo & Gary, captured snuggling up; Song Ji Hyo’s ex (?) in denial


Running Man‘s ‘Monday Couple’, Song Ji Hyo and Gary have been captured snuggling up to one another, and it’s basically leading to the mental instability of their shippers. Weird thing is, for once I’m inclined to agree.


The picture was taken at the after-party of the SBS Entertainment Awards by a staff member, and while I’m generally skeptical about what Korean netizens consider “too much” skinship (OMG ARMS TOUCHING), it seems unlikely to me that she sits on his lap and his head is resting at breast-feeding level over nothing. Maybe not dating, but YOU KNOW.

Of course, Song Ji Hyo’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, denied it.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “This picture is just one cut out of many taken at a recent ‘Running Man’ gathering. We heard that the picture is just a pretend shot of the ‘Monday Couple’.”

The label added, “There were a lot of photos taken, and because the members and staff are so close, this kind of friendly picture came out.”

The awkward part is that the CEO of the company, Baek Chang Joo, is her ex. Well, the pair never officially broke up after being revealed to be dating, but the speculation is that they had done so a while back. So either way, I like to imagine him seeing this news, immediately start hammering away at the keyboard, selecting “TO: ALL” in the e-mail address book, and unilaterally denying the rumors, while weeping, “It’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not real.”

Good times.


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