Hello Venus release ‘Wiggle Wiggle’ MV, and it’s as cheap as it should be


So that Hello Venus music video for “Wiggle Wiggle” was released, and theyellowslug‘s fears were 100% justified, because all the dance versions and teasers were vastly superior for what this was supposed to be.

Still, I’m here for Alice and Nara … and Seoyoung, but if it’s possible for a woman’s singing voice to turn me off her, then she’s trying her best to do so. Holy fuck, even in studio that note is grating as as everliving shit. The song is solid but sort of forgettable without the note, but with it? Fuck, I have to mute it during those parts.

Besides the usual *Yawn* comments about them being sluts or whatever other crap, it’s primarily a bunch of people calling the company cheap for this music video. My question though, what the fuck else would it be?


Thot Leaderâ„¢