Jonghyun’s “Crazy” builds to glory with Iron, but MV features like 500 SME ads


SHINee‘s Jonghyun made his solo debut with the mini-album ‘BASE‘, and expectations were high since he had his hand in the lyrics, composition, and (obviously) performing. The lead single from the album is “Crazy“, and it features rapper Iron … and like 5000 advertisements.

I’m not quite as sold on him going to the ‘Adam Levine falsetto’ well so often, because it doesn’t quite come off as clean or pleasant as I think he thinks it does. But apart from that, I’m loving this.

It’s weird, because in the comments I’m seeing a lot of complaining that this wasn’t a dance track or a rock track or that he wasn’t given enough long, extended high notes to vocal scream over like Ariana Grande or something. But the fact that he only really goes in during the bridge is a POSITIVE for me. Everything else is generally subdued at the start, so that it builds, and I liked the switch of pace with both the bridge and Iron’s rap as well. Iron’s verse starts off with me thinking “I can barely hear this motherfucker, overrated hype wtf”, but then he starts going harder, and I ended up loving the effect it had.

As for the hook, I’m not comparing it to Gnarls Barkley‘s “Crazy“, but it reminded me a lot of it, so that helps it stick in my memory bank and made it a very effective title track for me.

The music video, on the other hand, was interesting in spurts, and obviously there’s eye candy there (which I’m sure fans appreciated more than me), but it really didn’t seem all that creative or effective. And by that I mean the song was far better when I just played the music video in the background and started writing this post.

Oh hey, and maybe, just maybe, it distracts from the presentation when this shit pops up like 50 times.




The most confusing part of the reaction I’ve seen thus far is those who say two other songs off the EP, “Deja Boo” and “Love Belt“, were superior choices as the lead single. Not even fucking close.

Zion.T didn’t fit well at all with “Deja Boo”, though the song itself has a nice, creative instrumental (too much going on, but still, I liked it overall). However, it’s a track that you’ll listen through all the way whenever you come across it on the playlist, but it’s not something you’re gonna be sitting around one day and saying, “Oh shit, I have to go listen to that ‘Deja Boo’ song.”

There’s no build or change of pace. It’s like cruising music, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s not a lead single.

1) Get Younha on board.

2) You are Jonghyun.

3) You sing coffee-house indie music, except you do it shitty that it sounds like you’re breathing over a piano track like Jo Se Ho whenever he sees a semi-attractive woman.

Really, the most important thing this track does is that it puts a premium on artists like Nell because it proves making somber, coffee-house type shit is harder than it seems in terms of composition, lyrics, and execution of soft, subdued vocals.


TLDR: Enjoyed Jonghyun’s lead single, EP is solid, Younha is wasted, music video sucked, SM Entertainment are shameless fuckfaces.


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