Sojin wrote “I Do” or whatever on her nails like a year ago and EXO fans are flipping out


Sojin loves D.O. again or something, cause of her nails even though the nail artist did the design and … yeah, you get the picture. Anyway, now her latest Instagram posts have like 8000 comments on them.

And yes, the ’41’ means 41 weeks ago, because EXO stans are going back through everything for evidence. I honestly don’t think they’re dating, but at this point, I hope they are and I hope they just troll the fuck out of the EXO fandom.

If they are dating, I can’t wait, CAN’T WAIT, for dumbass EXO stans to start with the whole, “OMG IT’S NOT ABOUT THE DATING, IT’S THE WAY THEY’RE DOING IT RAKEKALKFAKDFKAKFAKE”. Get fucked, like literally, cause that might help.


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