Sunny & Tiffany proclaim SNSD is OT8 4 LYFE, Jessica is old news


I figured the SNSD drama was essentially all done, but Sunny and Tiffany recently declared that they are now fucking DONE with Jessica and that SNSD is officially OT8.

Sunny started it off on Instagram by talking about diamonds and eight sides or whatever typical shitty allegorical attempt idols make.


[TRANS] @svnnynight While internet surfing, I saw this and thought of SNSD~ 8 hearts, 8 arrows. Diamond is forever… SNSD is forever too. #sone

Sunny followed that with an Instagram comment basically talking directly about the breakup situation.

[TRANS] @svnnynight Instagram comment: I can’t forget. No, I won’t forget. That’s why it hurts. But I can’t continue on hurting. Just because it’s difficult and scary, I can’t run away like a coward or not face the truth. I am accepting it. Now I will become stronger. So I can protect everyone. And I will continue to protect. Because it’s important. So let’s continue to make more beautiful memories so we don’t ruin the beautiful memories of the past. Together…


Then Tiffany chimed in.


But you can destroy a diamond with simple tools once a weakness has been found and can be targeted. That’s how they used to cut the fucking things back in the day.


For real though, I’m just glad that this shit isn’t done yet. Idols and their incessant need to appear insightful, or philosophical, or to speak in code always keeps these issues alive well past their reasonable expiration date. Because K-pop is full of a bunch of people who either are tweens or act like it, and for that, I thank you.



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