TaeNy shippers rage on Nichkhun over beanie pic; remember, your life ain’t so bad


Tiffany recently uploaded the above picture to Instagram, and this pissed off TaeNy shippers (Tiffany/Taeyeon) because she’s wearing Nichkhun‘s favorite color (red) and character (Mickey Mouse). So said shippers went to Nichkhun’s Twitter and spammed him with hate to the point where he even addressed it on his account.

If you needed a perfect example of what was going down, well:


I wonder what it feels like to have your life goal being getting blocked by somebody for having a girlfriend?

Remember, my readers, even if you’re currently miserable, no matter how bad your life appears to be going at the moment, at least you aren’t on Twitter for hours a day sending vile hate messages to a guy you don’t know because he’s ruining the fictional relationship you have between two OTHER people, two CELEBRITIES.

Shit ain’t so bad when you think about it like that, man.


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