Amuro Namie ditches agency after 22 years, signs exclusively with Avex


Five months ago, there were rumors that Amuro Namie wanted out from under her current agency, and it was recently announced that she would indeed be parting ways with Vision Factory (now Rising Productions) after 22 years with them.

Avex then announced that she would be signing an exclusive contract with them.

As of 1/14/15, we would like to announce that Namie Amuro has terminated her contract with Rising Productions and will begin a new exclusive contract with us on 1/15/15. She will also remain with new sub-label Dimension Point, which was created two years ago.

As a result of this, music production, promotion, live activities, management, and other activities will all be centralized and we will strive to improve all further musical activity.

We humbly thank you for your encouragement and guidance.

Obviously she does whatever the fuck she wants, but the speculation earlier was that she’ll be blacklisted for leaving. I find that hard to imagine if she’s backed by Avex. I mean, they still let Hamasaki Ayumi do whatever the hell she wants, so why not Namie even if her sales go the same direction (into shit)?

Really though, what are they gonna do? Threaten to take away her promotional activities?



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