Clara files lawsuit against Polaris for sexual harassment by CEO; Polaris says “out of context”


Clara filed a lawsuit against Polaris Entertainment to terminate her contract, claiming that she was sexually harassed and humiliated. Previously, Clara’s agency filed lawsuit against her, and though the reason is said to be due to doing activities under her own (father’s) agency, nobody really knew why.

Clara originally signed with Polaris Entertainment in June of 2014 for a contract that extended until 2018, however, due to issues with the agency’s CEO Mr. Lee, her relationship with the agency became strained. She notified the company of the cancellation of her contract back in September 2014 as she sets up her own agency, Koreana Clara. She claims that she filed this lawsuit to confirm that her previous contract with Polaris Entertainment is invalid.

The agency previously filed a lawsuit against her for running activities under Koreana Clara, despite still being in contract to Polaris Entertainment.

That’s a clearer rundown on the situation, but then things got creepy.

The Polaris Entertainment CEO Mr. Lee allegedly texted her frequently saying things like “I am married but I have a girlfriend, and I think that you’re different from the other entertainers because you make my heart flutter.” He also invited her to evenings where there was alcohol present and sent text messages after assuming she was dating, claiming that,”If you get married, you’ll become unhappy.”

In Clara’s statement, she describes that, “She felt sexual humiliation and harassment from the words and actions of Mr. Lee, who is over 60 years old. Mr. Lee also fired her manager and Mr. Kim without cause.” Therefore, she notified the company of the cancellation of her contract and followed up with a lawsuit to confirm it.

So those would be creepy coming from a CEO if true, and instead of outright denying it, Polaris is using an “out of context” argument.

In response to Clara’s accusations, Polaris Entertainment stated that “Clara took everything out of context, cutting out what came before and after such events” and accused her of defamation. The company has sued Clara and her father, Lee Seung Kyu on charges of making threats and claimed that the truth will soon be revealed.

I want to keep an open mind about this, because anything is possible when accusations are exchanged without evidence, but usually when somebody says “out of context” in these types of lawsuits, what it means is, “I said fucked up shit, now I regret it, and I need to spin my intent a different way.” I mean, I guess it’s possible the two were dating and having a tiff, but it seems a lot more likely he was saying weird shit while talking about tangentially related issues or something.

We’ll see eventually, I suppose.


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