Taeyang said to be dating Min Hyorin, who is friends with imperialist Mizuhara Kiko


Taeyang and actress Min Hyorin were recently spotted on a date at a restaurant, according to one eyewitness account. Interesting.


Tracking back a bit, these are not necessarily new rumors, as they popped up when Hyorin starred opposite Taeyang in his music video for “1AM“.

Due to the intimate nature of their scenes, it seemed like typical speculation without much merit, so stuff calmed down. However, near the end of 2013, the rumor popped up again after people claimed to see Taeyang and Hyorin on vacation together and that he gave her rent for a property.

Fast forwarding to more recent times, an eyewitness said that they saw Taeyang and Hyorin dining, along with a manager that looked a bit like him.

Statements stating that they saw the two stars together began to appear more frequently. One such post stated “I saw Taeyang at a restaurant (Il Ho Sik) with Min Hyorin, there was someone else there I think it was Taeyang’s hyung (he looked a bit like Taeyang). The three of them looked very close.”

The story was helped along when Taeyang himself posted up a picture of himself at a restaurant with his manager, as that really stoked the flames.


From there, shit got serious for fans, with the typical over-analysis of everything the two did on their SNS accounts. The best evidence that was dug up (to me) was probably the alleged couple rings and shoes…





…along with the fact that Mizuhara Kiko (G-Dragon‘s girlfriend) is friends with Hyorin.


Whether this rumor is true or not doesn’t matter to me, but the sleuthing does seem to have some merit at least. Regardless, I wouldn’t expect a statement from YG Entertainment on the matter if the treatment of GD/Kiko’s status is any indication. And that’s probably for the best.

Perhaps more importantly, fans appear encouraged at the prospect of this relationship. That, of course, is amusing since Hyorin and G-Dragon are close with Kiko and fans/netizens hate Kiko so fucking much. The mental gymnastics needed going forward to justify why three great oppars/unnirs would be friends with such an allegedly terrible individual should be a sight to see if this progresses.


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