Polaris Entertainment says that Clara is lying about sexual harassment claim


Polaris Entertainment released a statement in response to Clara‘s claim that she was sexually harassed by the company’s CEO. In the statement, Polaris asserts that Clara was lying about the sexual harassment and that it’s all about contract issues.

“Following the signing of our contract last year, Clara repeatedly violated the contract so we sought to rectify [the situation], but she didn’t respond so we sent her multiple documented notices [certification of contents]. When we didn’t grant her request to cancel the contract, she threatened us with accusation of sexual harassment, and boldy filed her lawsuit. After we pressed charges first, she went and filed a civil suit against us.

Clara has already been sued and went under investigation by the authorities and her father Lee Seung Kyu is also currently under investigation as an accomplice. If Clara’s [sexual harassment] claims are true, it is common sense that she files a criminal suit, not a civil suit. But because she can be charged for lying in court in a criminal suit, she opted for a civil suit against us. The claim that she felt sexual humiliation is totally not true, and it is an abusive attack against the agency chairman who places importance on honor.

The agency reps had previously requested for Clara to either fulfill her contract or pay the penalty for breaching the contract. After she received this notice from us, she said that she wanted us to terminate the contract on the term that she was sexually harassed and that if we do not comply with her demands, she will report us to the police.

We told Clara to officially apologize for threatening us with that false claim, and Clara visited the agency [office] and said that everything about the claim of sexual harassment was not true and she had made them up to cancel the contract, as she asked for forgiveness in tears.

In sincere concern for Clara’s future and activities, we did not reveal any of this to the public beforehand and hoped that Clara would officially apologize and continue on with her activities as normal, but she then went and filed the lawsuit and the contents of the lawsuit became known to the public. So, because of this, we regrettably have no choice but to reveal the truth about the matter to protect the image of the agency and its other celebrities.”

Interesting rebuttal, because I thought the only way out of this in terms of “context” was if the text messages were sent under the pretenses of a relationship. However, again, Polaris don’t deny the alleged text exchanges occurred, and they’re basically skipping and saying that her interpretation of it all is only due to the contract dispute. Also, why would she obviously file criminal charges? Seems reasonable to just want out from the company and not have to deal with them ever again. Weird logic there.

In any case, so far this seems like a bunch of he-said, she-said stuff, and it’ll most likely come down to who can provide the most receipts, either in court or to whatever media outlet that will then leak them from “anonymous sources”.

I’m assuming Clara’s side will now release a statement on the matter as well since public perception is more important than anything in today’s day and age.


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