‘Roommate’ highlighted by cover of EXID’s “Up & Down” + Lee Guk Joo & friends with Youngji


Roommate” clusterfuck time once again!


As you can see, Taecyeon showed up to help Jackson make breakfast. Weird thing is he wasn’t in the episode so this was like a cocktease.



Lee Guk Joo and friends Hong Yoon Hwa and Kim Min Kyung showed up at the house and they all ate with Youngji … then danced to Block B‘s “HER“.

They did great on the show because it was three comedians together who don’t give a shit about image and were just doing whatever, including extreme male idol thirst.



Later, Jo Se Ho calls and they troll the shit out of him, acting cute and pretending to be hot KBS/SBS announcers so he rushes home.

One problem:



I lol’d.


Youngji, Jackson, and Lee Guk Joo did their interpretation of EXID‘s “Up & Down“.

This is perfect.


Wejang, I anticipate your debut.







The talk between Otani Ryohei, Lee Dong Wook, and Park Hyun Joong that started at the end of the last episode continued this week, and the latter admitted that bullying while he was young in America led to him having claustrophobia.

Park Joon Young opened up about his personal struggles, “Everyone has at least one phobia. I have one too. Whenever I put a blanket over me or am in a cramped space, I feel stifled.”

He revealed how his claustrophobia developed, “During P.E. at school, they would have blanket-like things on the floor. The kids would put me under the blanket and beat me.”

Lee Dong Wook asked, “They were just playing around, right?”

“No, they weren’t playing around. It had to do with racism,” Park Joon Young explained.

Unfortunately, not all that surprising considering the bullying statistics of Asian-American kids in school.


While we’re on the subject of talks, Sunny, Lee Guk Joo, and Nana talked about marriage and relationships.

Lee Kuk Ju started off the conversation with, “Do you guys have any thoughts on dating these days? Sometimes don’t you just get that feeling of loneliness?”

Nana said that she never felt that way, but after she hit a certain age, she started to feel differently and thought about getting married. She said “Before I turned 20, I did not want to marry, but I changed my mind afterwards.” Sunny replied, “I am still fine with being single. Is it a must that I have to get married? I think it’s the same with dating. I don’t think you have to date, you just date if you want to.”

Despite her thoughts on being alone, Sunny said, “I do really want to be in a ‘some’ with someone right now though.” She explained that this was just because she liked the fluttering feelings of excitement, saying,”You understand what I’m saying right? That pit-a-pat type of feeling. If I get a message [from that person], I want to hold my phone and wonder things like, ‘oh? what does he mean?’ and whether I should reply a minute later or three minutes later.”

I’m glad they managed to get Sunny and Nana screen-time again, and this chat is gonna continue into next week.

In any case, the main point was that it got Nana to admit she’s dated since debut, and Sunny has dated enough that she had to think and count to figure the amount of relationships she’s had.






You can watch the episode with English subtitles here.


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