Clara hits back against Polaris Entertainment, says she has receipts


The ongoing lawsuit/contract drama between Clara and Polaris Entertainment recently took another step forward after Clara rebutted Polaris claims that she was basically making the whole sexual harassment angle up. So what started as a mysterious contract dispute has now taken a much more ugly turn, and this doesn’t look anywhere close to over.

This is especially true since Clara, through SW Law, said in statements of her own that she has receipts on all that went down and that she submitted them to the police.

Let’s start from the top, though:

“Clara’s exclusive company is KoreanaClara, which Clara’s parents have established, and the opposite party, Ilkwang Polaris, is an agency company that was delegated a portion of authority from KoreanaClara to enter into casting negotiations for Clara’s CF and movie appearances.

On that note, Ilkwang Polaris is not Clara’s agency. Furthermore, KoreanaClara was first established after which KoreanaClara and Ilkwang Polaris signed an agency contract; the rumor going around that Clara signed an exclusive contract with Ilkwang Polaris and then after she started doing well wanted independence from the company is not true.

This section addresses the point of contention that Clara was violating her contract by doing individual activities apart from Polaris.

Clara has actually already underwent a police investigation in two parts that went over 12 hours, resulting in a huge mental and physical trauma, not to mention Clara’s mother even received hospital treatment due to trauma. Despite that, Clara is faithfully fulfilling her schedule for celebrity promotions as planned in order to avoid disappointing the people around her.”

This reveals that Clara has already went through a police investigation, which I’m assuming was due to the company filing suit against her and claiming that she was lying about the harassment, though it doesn’t go into all the details here.

On top of that statement, Clara later released another statement (presumably after they saw the Polaris statement and/or the public reaction), which goes into further detail.

“We filed a civil suit because it would take extra legal investigation into whether a criminal charge can be pressed even if words that bring about sexual humiliation are said, and Clara herself did not want to make this into a criminal issue in the first place.

Also in the position of a celebrity, no matter how wrong the other side is, it is very difficult for a celebrity to press for a criminal suit. This is because it is in the best of the celebrity to carry these matters out quietly as it is the celebrity who suffers more harm [due to their public image] while the court process takes place with their privacy being revealed, rather than the opposing party.

This part of the statement reveals why she went civil instead of criminal with the harassment accusations. In other words, she’s saying a criminal case would’ve drawn out longer and gotten even more attention, and that as a celebrity (especially her), she was gonna be blamed when placed under the spotlight more than the company, regardless of the truth (worth noting that she’s been right so far).

Then shit got sort of real:

In regards to Polaris’ statement that Clara had come to apologize and admit that she had made up the claims about sexual harassment, this is also the twisted version of the truth.

On September 22, 2014, when Clara’s father had sent a letter notifying their wish to terminate the contract due to Polaris chief’s inappropriate words [to Clara], the lawyer from the agency told her father, “First, you have to apologize for one-sidedly asking for the contract to be terminated with no penalty fee and for threatening to report the chief to the police. Then we will negotiate on terminating the contract and the amount of penalty fee.” This was sent by KakaoTalk messenger, and we have this in evidence.

This day, Clara made up her mind to apologize to the Polaris chief in order to get her contract terminated, and visited the chief at the law office to do what the agency’s lawyer had told her to do and apologized. However, Polaris recorded this conversation and tuned it over into the police and filed a criminal suit against Clara by saying that she had demanded for her contract to be terminated without penalty and that she had threatened to report the Polaris chief to the police. And this criminal suit had been filed after Clara had done exactly what Polaris’ lawyer told her to do.

So during the police investigation, Clara had told the police, “I only did what I was told by the Polaris lawyer and apologized because I had believed that they would terminate by contract if I did. However, it is the truth that I had received words of sexual harassment which is what caused me to ask for the termination of the contract.” She then submitted the various KakaoTalk messages as evidence to the police.”

Oh boy.

So basically, it comes down to these two dueling views:

-Polaris Entertainment: Clara was violating her contract by working independently from us, and she wanted out of her contract. Clara didn’t get what she wanted, so she fabricated harassment charges against our CEO that she then apologized for. We offered to let bygones be bygones if she would continue with the contract, but now Clara is suing us, so we countered.

-Clara: I was never exclusively linked to Polaris Entertainment to begin with. When I requested out of my contract, I got creepy texts from the Polaris Entertainment CEO that requested I stay. Polaris Entertainment then said that if I apologized for wanting to break contract then we could negotiate a settlement and I could get out from under the contract, but Polaris Entertainment recorded my apology and tried to frame me for false charges instead. However, I have documented our KakaoTalk conversations, and I submitted my evidence to the police.


What’s the truth? Who knows.

It looks like it’ll come down to the recording of Clara’s apology to the CEO, which may or may not have come under duress, against Clara’s KakaoTalk documentation of the situation, which we don’t know much about except to assume that she wouldn’t hand it over as her side of the story to police unless there was something to support her narrative.

Either way, we wanted receipts, right? Well, it looks like we got them.


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