Han Ye Seul thirsted after Teddy’s ding-dong and got what she wanted


Han Ye Seul shocked everybody at the SBS Drama Awards this year by daring to declare that she had feelings for a man that she’s been dating for a while now.

She said, “To my lovely boyfriend Teddy, I want to tell him that I love him. I loved you a lot this year, and let’s love more next year,” sending a kiss to the camera.

In a recent interview, Han Ye Seul shared, “Before I got any older, I wanted to comfortably and freely love, without caring about what other people think. I wanted to watch movies, drink, hold hands and walk on the streets. I am happy that I get to freely do what young lovers do. Right now a lot of people stare, so we date abroad. (laughter)”

Oh my god, I can’t believe she said that…

Anyway, whatever, that’s not what was interesting to me. Rather, it turns out Han Ye Seul was pursuing that Teddy penis like a lion on the hunt.

She recalled her first meeting with Teddy, “It was like a [scene from a] movie. Two years ago, we met at an end-of-the-year gathering hosted by a mutual acquaintance. Like in slow motion, he passed by. I could only see him. After introducing ourselves, I asked him for his number. I was also the one that asked him out for the first date.”

Han Ye Seul revealed that although she and Teddy are both at an age to get married, they want to fully enjoy dating. This is not to say that she hasn’t thought about tying the knot. She shared that she thinks they “will be happy” even if they get married and that she even considered proposing to him during her acceptance speech at last year’s year-end awards!

Translation: “I saw him, then I realized I could drown a baby in my panties, and I knew I had to have him.”

Also, props for throwing out the marriage pressure in public. Get that ball rolling downhill, right?

Regardless, Teddy seems like a good dude and they seem happy.

“Although the ratings for this drama weren’t really good, I still consider my comeback a success. I don’t look at the Internet at all. What’s the point; you just feel crummy. But whenever there is a good article [Teddy] clips it for me, or if there is a nice comment he screenshots it and sends it to me […] He is my center of gravity,” Han Ye Seul gushed.

See, you can be a good person and still let G-Dragon ruin your company’s sound.


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