‘Malay warriors’ to prevent evil B1A4 and K-pop from corrupting Malaysian women


Before I wrote this, I had to check and make sure I was not in the satire section of a publication and that The Rakyat Post was not the Malaysian version of The Onion. Even after that, I’m still not sure this is a real news story. And that’s the ridiculous nature of these ‘Malay warriors’ who are rescuing all Malaysian women away from dirty, sexual K-pop men.

Several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have lodged a police report to protest against the recent touching, hugging and kissing of a few tudung-clad Malay girls on stage by South Korean pop artistes.

Pertubuhan Martabat Jalinan Muhibbah Malaysia (MJMM), Gerak Kerja Ayahanda Negeri Selangor(Gegas) and Majlis Ayahanda Malaysia (Permas) lodged the report at the Gombak police station here at 11am today.

They also took to staging a mini protest, carrying banners and placards, condemning the incident, with some dressed as traditional Malay warriors and paramilitary uniforms.

Also on the banner were the words “Kami membantah kumpulan K-pop. Budaya K-pop bukan budaya kita. K-pop merosakkan akhlak anak bangsa Melayu.“

(We oppose K-pop groups. K-pop culture is not our culture. K-pop is disrupting the morals of our youths.)

I obviously feel shitty for the girls and don’t feel like I have to elaborate further after my previous posts on this topic, but my god, this is B1A4‘s street cred dream right here. They got motherfuckers so mad about their sexy asses that dudes are in paramilitary gear and shit, ready to march on the capital over it.

When will your oppars?!



“The authorities should ban all activities that will erode the moral values of society,” said Abdul Rani, who had lodged several hundred police reports last year on similar matters.

Emphasis mine, cause HAHAHAHAHA.

Not to worry, Mr. Abdul Rani, that is the same mindset many K-netizens have whenever a K-pop girl group uses sexy concepts, and we all know they’re never absurd or wrong.


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