Polaris comes back over the top on Clara, says to put nuts on the table


Going back to the start of this, it was frankly confusing why Polaris Entertainment was filing suit against Clara. Then Clara said it was for sexual harassment and inferred she had texts to prove it, which made me lean her way in the lawsuit. Then Polaris came back and said she’s making it all up, which put things closer to neutral again. And yesterday, Clara’s side came back again and stated that both her side and their side had some version of evidence, and that they’ve submitted it to the police. It was an interesting case that I thought was debatable going forward (maybe both sides at fault?).

The latest news, though, has Polaris basically challenging Clara to put her nuts on the table and show everybody the cards being held.

They stated, “We will release what seems to be the focal point of the controversy, the Kakaotalk messages between Clara and the agency’s chairman along with the full text of the contract that she claims is a non-exclusive contract in order to prove that it is an exclusive contract.”

The agency also added, “However, if we were to release the details of the messages and the contract one-sidedly, then there might be an issue of confidentiality obligation or issues with defamation. So we ask for Clara’s approval in publicly releasing the documents that are listed above.”

Polaris Entertainment stated that, in order to protect their artists and employees, they were willing to release documents in full. They said, “The Kakaotalk messages and the contract have already been submitted to the investigation agency and it’s a matter of time until the truth will be revealed, but because the issue has become a controversy within the media, we are proposing a public release in order to protect the morale of the company’s employees and the artists, despite the fact that it is something that directly deals with the chairman’s status in society.”

To me, this honestly changes a lot, because a lot of my doubt about their side of things was that they didn’t seem to be directly confronting her accusations regarding the texts sent by the CEO. This latest statement, however, shows a lot of confidence in their side of things if revealed in the public domain, at least to the point that they’re willing to let us judge.

Could this just be a threat to generate the exact reaction they’re now getting out of me knowing well that the legal system might rule otherwise? Perhaps, but it’s hard to not see this as the action of somebody who has the truth on their side.

It’s also possible that they’re simply overplaying their hand and what comes out won’t be all that great for them, but again, if there was any ambiguity, why would they want to risk it? So it’s advantage Polaris right now for me … at least until the next counter-punch is thrown.


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