Lee Min Jung basically had to stick with Lee Byung Hun because she’s pregnant


Lee Min Jung is pregnant with Lee Byung Hun‘s kid, and has been for the last 27 weeks. So any questions about why she’s still with him after he cheated or why she’s vacationing with him or whatever else can be put to rest.

Lee Min Jung’s agency MSTeam Entertainment announced through a press release on January 19, “Lee Min Jung is currently 27 weeks into her pregnancy.”

The press release continued, “It’s a blessing to be welcoming a baby into a family, but we were initially hesitant to announce this, due to the recent unfortunate circumstances. We also had to take her condition into consideration before revealing the news about her pregnancy. Please understand why we had to be careful about revealing her pregnancy to the public.”

Through her agency, Lee Min Jung commented, “I first want to thank everyone who were concerned about the recent issues. Despite my worries, I am going to stay determined and strong for the family. I will try my best to not disappoint those who have waited and looked out for me all this time.”

The agency concluded by saying, “Please send blessings and encouragement with a warm heart to Lee Min Jung, who is taking her first step toward becoming a mother.”

Some people are wondering why netizens are acting like she HAD to stay with him, and it’s quite simply because otherwise the kid will be bullied and looked at like something’s wrong with him/her. Everything he/she does or doesn’t do will be because he/she lacks a “proper upbringing” and so on and so forth. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy in the end.

So maybe LMJ does still love LBH or forgave him or whatever else, but there’s a good chance it’s all just because she cares about the child.


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