Texts between Clara & Polaris CEO leaked, Dispatch turns Clara’s career into a disaster area


When we last left off in the ClaraPolaris Entertainment dispute, Polaris wanted to reveal the texts, while Clara told them to see her in court. By what I’m sure is a total coincidence, texts between Clara and the Polaris CEO leaked today, courtesy of Dispatch, and I can see why Dispatch wanted to leak stuff.

The amount of texts they got is extensive, so it’s probably just best if you read it for yourself instead of having me copy-paste everything. It’s worth the read.


In any case, the main problem for Clara right now is this: unless these texts were fabricated — and no matter what you feel about Dispatch, they haven’t done that to this point — even if this was just what Polaris leaked cause it makes them look better and there ends up being further context to this that proves her point about harassment or whatever, Clara still comes off very poorly because she sent flirty texts to the CEO, sent photoshoot pics to the CEO, and, perhaps most importantly, essentially tried to leverage the situation with Ladies’ Code for sympathy.

So really, the only other situation I can see that would be possible here is if Polaris comes away looking a lot worse if/when more texts get filled in, but there’s not a lot of wiggle room here for Clara to come off looking better. Unlike a lot of situations where people jump to conclusions based on perceptions, this was a case where the rampant assumptions seem to have proved justified. I simply can’t find any other way around that regarding Clara, even if there’s more to come about Polaris.


It should be extremely interesting to see what the response will be, as this was sort of a drop the mic type of exchange that we figured one of them was going to have.




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