Clara’s lawyers say only ’30-40%’ of texts revealed, they have recordings & e-mails


After the damning texts were released by Dispatch/Polaris Entertainment, Clara fired back (of course) against, well, basically everything.

For starters, they say the sexual harassment labeling didn’t come from them.

Regarding the issue of “sexual harassment”

“The article that was released about ‘sexual harassment’ had nothing to do with us. We never revealed any documents or information. The first ones to mention ‘sexual harassment’ in reports was Polaris,” says Clara’s legal rep.

The two cases in court right now are Polaris accusing Clara of blackmail using sexual harassment threats, and Clara suing Polaris for contract nullification. The contract issue was allegedly at least partially due to sexual harassment, but now Clara’s lawyers are saying that didn’t come from them.

Perhaps most importantly, though, they’re saying only 30-40% of the texts were leaked to Dispatch.

The reason for being against revealing the full text content?

“These types of celebrity conflicts always result in relatively larger hits on the celebrity. And that’s why our actions were continuously passive. (Polaris requested) to reveal the full content of the texts, but from the point of view of the celebrity, who would want to do that? For the civil and the criminal suit, we revealed all the texts to the judge and investigative chief, respectively.”

Regarding the messages that were revealed

“They only make up about 30-40%? It doesn’t even come to half of the texts exchanged. Polaris claims that it was revealed by media with no connection to the agency, but we believe that Polaris is attempting to avoid any legal responsibility regarding libel and defamation. We can only see the report as something backed by Polaris, as the claims made are identical to those of the agency. It seems the statement that the contract ‘was no different from an exclusive contract’ is something taken straight from the analysis of Polaris’ legal expert. The content of the report is edited so that it’s favorable to Polaris and disadvantageous to Clara, and was just released at an opportune time.”

Anybody with a brain figured this was coming. Like a day after Polaris calling for texts to be released, Dispatch magically gets them? Of course Polaris leaked them to the media and it would be what looks favorable to them.

The most interesting part to me is the claim that Clara’s side have e-mails and recordings.

Is there any evidence other than the texts?

“We have emails and recordings. Those contain information so sensitive it’s difficult to release to the media.”

I hope this is true and we get to hear it cause I’m curious, but I dunno. Once this got out in the open, Clara sort of has to fight the war in the press even if they think they can win the court case. Because if they win in court, the public will just think the judge screwed up and won’t believe her side of the story anyway. Simply put, Polaris is winning the PR war by a ton.

So if the lawsuit wasn’t about sexual harassment, what was it about then?

The main content of the lawsuit is?

“It’s been made out to be ‘sexual harassment,’ but that is not the only reason for [Clara] wanting to end the contract. Overall, the decision to cancel the contract was made considering the fact that Polaris didn’t follow through on their promises. The one who sent the certification of contents and started the legal dispute is Polaris. The focus of the lawsuit is that Polaris didn’t keep their promise, which led to the request for contract nullification. It is a matter that should have ended with the civil suit but [Polaris] suddenly revealed their criminal suit to the media, and Clara has received a major impact on her image as a result.”

Plans for future legal action?

“If we are attacked 10 times, we will defend ourselves each time. That is all. (Polaris’ plan) seems to be one similar to previous celebrity legal disputes, pressuring Clara through media and subsequently attempting to take hold of the stronger position in negotiations.”

This was always a likely scenario, where only one side of the story came out and that there was going to be a different side of things revealed eventually. That’s fine, legally, but celebrities have to fight their battles publicly because what actually matters is the public perception, for better or worse.

And my problem is still what I said before, that no matter what happens legally or what dirt comes out about Polaris, it still comes off like Clara is sort of a dick. Granted, Polaris could come off like an even bigger dick after all the dust settles, but the fact of the matter is that it ends up lose-lose at best for her.


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