Kahi leaves Pledis, piles onto growing perception that company is absolute mess


Kahi, the former member of After School and founding member of Pledis Entertainment, has left the company. But that’s not even the worst of it for Pledis.

On January 19, she posted on Twitter, “It’s the sixth anniversary of After School, as well as the time for me to leave this managing agency.”

She showed her gratitude towards her agency by saying, “Thank you Pledis, for taking me in, even when I wasn’t ready, and helping my dreams come true. I will be working my hardest to become better, wherever I may be.”

A Pledis representative said, “It is true that our contract with Kahi has expired. Both sides decided to part since she has a field that she wants to focus on.”

I think she’s going to focus on the musicals she’s been doing.

In itself, this really isn’t something I would normally cover, since she’ll probably pop up elsewhere and hasn’t been all that relevant for a while now. But Pledis as a company has been struggling, and this is just the latest evidence. While this post has stan smeared all over it, the entry does make a convincing case that Pledis is a disaster.


Basically, Pledis is bleeding money and they can’t seem to reverse the trend, which leads to no comebacks since they can’t afford them. Really, it seems like Orange Caramel is the only profitable asset they have at the moment, which explains why they’ve basically been the only ones promoting.



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