3 Malaysian girls in viral video with B1A4 will not have arrest warrant issued against them


The three Malaysian fangirls of B1A4, who dared to touch them, are no longer in danger of going to prison over it, as the threatened arrest warrant will not be issued.

The Federal Territories Islamic Department (JAWI) has admitted it cannot pursue the three Malay girls shown embracing Korean pop stars in a recent viral video, despite previously saying it would seek their arrests for public indecency.

JAWI director Paimuzi Yahya confirmed today that the girls have not turned themselves in as directed and that the religious authority’s one-week deadline for them to do so has since lapsed.

“There is nothing we (JAWI) can do. Nothing.

“If they turn up, we can give them advice. But if they don’t, and for now, they have not turned up, we cannot do anything,” he told Malay Mail Online when contacted here.

Paimuzi also conceded that JAWI has no legal authority to compel the girls, who remain unidentified, to come forward to aid in the department’s investigation.

“They have not come here, so we feel that perhaps they (the girls) have been advised by other people,” the JAWI official added.

Obviously they and K-pop as a whole were in real danger, because the super-duper scary ‘Malay warriors’ were after them, but thankfully either cooler heads prevailed after throngs of people called them ridiculous … or they were just grandstanding to begin with.

Unfortunately, a lot of public backlash against the trio, B1A4, and K-pop was still real, and since the latter two don’t really have to deal with it on a daily basis, I’m just hoping the three girls won’t have to face anything worse than they’ve already dealt with.

Talk about ruining a moment for them.


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