Clara’s reps reveal a whole lot of nothing, her statements indicate not much more coming


When we last left off on the Clara/Polaris Entertainment drama, Clara was claiming that Polaris/Dispatch had given the public less than half the story, and that she had receipts in the form of messages and e-mails.

Reasonable enough, I figured, so I patiently waited for the rebuttal and backed a Shindong portion of popcorn into my driveway, ready to unload it into my mouth. However, when her reps released the “full” story, it was … well … underwhelming (read the whole 100000000 words here).


Don’t want to read it?

Okay, the upshot is this: Clara’s version of the text convos with the Polaris CEO didn’t have anything edited out except the conversations the two had about her apparent relationship with her former CEO, thus I don’t (and nobody else does either) really see what was supposedly missing besides the fact that she’s dating.

I kept scrolling down waiting for some kind of bombshell, but nothing ever hit at all. Unless her and her reps meant something else (a separate exchange from this one) by stating that there were texts the public haven’t seen yet, I’m not seeing anything that makes her look better or Polaris any worse.


But those weren’t the only statements Clara’s made about the controversy, and she talked earlier about the sexual harassment aspect of all this and the CEO allegedly asking her about her menstruation cycle.

“It wasn’t just the comment made on September 19 that was problematic. It was due to the fact that the chairman sent her 3 text messages in 5 minute intervals during the early hours of the morning past midnight. Seeing the texts sent after midnight while Chairman Lee had been drinking, it made Clara think, ‘Just how does he think of me to send me texts like this while drinking at this hour,’ making her feel very uncomfortable.

Also in the midst of this, at 1 PM later that day, when Clara met Chairman Lee, she heard something shocking from him. He told her ‘The agency has to know about your whereabouts and what you’re doing. You and I even discussed this before we signed the contract, about how the agency knows what kind of relationship some of our female celebrities have with their male managers, and even the dates of their menstruation.’

Hearing (1) the mention about menstruation (2) the previous late night KakaoTalk texts (3) and some of the Chairman’s previous inappropriate ramblings about him having a girlfriend despite being married — as a woman, Clara felt sexually humiliated.

Although they had mentioned the part about keeping track of menstrual cycle dates before the contract was signed, we had just passed over that in order to maintain a good relationship with them. But when Clara heard the mention of menstruation again, she could no longer take it. (We have submitted the evidence regarding this to the court and will reveal it to the media too if necessary.)”

The actress’s reps also revealed that Clara had also then sent an email to Polaris’s lawyer’s office at 5PM later that same day, writing, “After midnight last night, Chairman Lee sent to me these messages on KakaoTalk while drinking. Saying his heart fluttered, that he thought of me after drinking. How am I supposed to react? I feel so shocked and disgraced. What do I do?” However there was no response to her email, which apparently led Clara to feel even more ignored and disregarded.

Okay, the menstruation thing is pretty weird, but it’s a lot less socially awkward in Korea than in the West. Maybe Clara being American had something to do with it, but the fact that she agreed to it before isn’t helping. Nor does it help that her side keeps bringing up the CEO having a girlfriend, but don’t provide anything to back that.

Again, there’s intimation that there’s more to come and that they’re holding back right now, but we haven’t seen ANY of this damning shit yet. What the fuck are they waiting for? Their client’s being dragged through hell and back, and they’re not gonna go balls out with what they have? We want to see CEO dick pics already, come on.


Seriously though, if this is all there is, I’m not sure how one can read this and think “sexual harassment”. Or at least, if the CEO’s iffiest texts are worthy of sexual harassment, then so are Clara’s.


Later, Clara herself released a message on her Facebook asking for her day in court.

“Hello. This is Clara. Yesterday, before I could even start the formal trial process, I was given the death sentence by the court called the media and felt as if my death sentence had been finalized.

1) Yes, it’s true. Like ‘Dispatch’ reported yesterday, I sent my swimsuit and lingerie photos to Chairman Lee Kyu Tae. Although you may think I was trying to seduce him, I was doing my best to do my work. As he is someone whom I would be embarking on my future career path with, I had sent the Chairman some of the photos that would be included in magazines to ask him what he thought about them and receive confirmation. The photos and KakaoTalk that ‘Dispatch’ revealed were from right before and after my contract signing, a time period when we had the closest relationship. It was definitely a time period when I had to do my best to make sure I stay on his good side. And it was also a time when the chairman and I had direct communication rather than through various managing directors.

2) Afterwards, a dispute over the contract started with the Chairman not keeping his promise, and during this dispute, he started to suspect there was something going on between myself and my manager. During these circumstances, he sent me text messages in 5 minute intervals after midnight saying I was “refreshing and his heart fluttered” and that he “thought of [me] while drinking wine”, so I was very surprised. But I was mostly shocked and was at a loss that even when I told them that I won’t reveal my private affairs to them during this contract dispute, they told me they have to know about my personal schedules and even my menstruation dates. I thought these were words that should never be said.

3) I had no choice but to tell my father about these matters, and my father became very angry and sent a documented notice [certification of contents] to the agency that stated ‘If you don’t at once terminate her contract, I will report you to the police’. Chairman Lee Kyu Tae described this notice as a ‘threat’ and reported us to the police.

4) It’s also true what they said about me going to meet with the Chairman and apologizing saying it was my fault. But this was because I had believed the Polaris lawyer who told me ‘If you apologize then we will terminate your contract’. I wanted to apologize and quietly end all this. However, Chairman Lee Kyu Tae once again did not keep his promise and captured this apology with CCTV and has sent it in as evidence for their lawsuit. What’s even more astonishing about this is that Chairman Lee Kyu Tae was the one who had said to me before we started the meeting, “Let’s not record each other. Turn off your phone. I’ll turn off mine too…” And rather than recording, he video taped me. But luckily, I have recordings too that will back up my claims. The Chairman always told me he was confident about his ability to manage matters of politics, human networks, and the media. He is definitely not someone I can win over. I’m not asking you all to be on my side. However, what I’m pleading for is that the public be considerate and allow me to at least have the right to a fair trial that is promised to me by the law.

The most interesting part about this is the position that Polaris’ blackmail lawsuit against her is over an e-mail from her father just being pissed about a literal bleeding vagina. If that’s the case, it’s hard to see Polaris winning on those grounds, but all we have to go on is her word so far. So it’s interesting, but nothing that really absolves her of this mess at all.

I mean, I can wait for the trial, sure. But even so, I have no goddamn idea what her PR people are doing. I really don’t get the feeling there’s any more coming or that there’s anything else to this than what’s been presented thus far. That’s admittedly an assumption on my part, but nothing their side has released so far has supported their contentions, so saying there’s more again and again but not backing it up doesn’t provide confidence.

Put it this way, even if Clara does end up winning in court, her image will still likely be trashed and we’ll also know who had the worst PR team in the history of K-entertainment.


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