Nana & Hong Jong Hyun rumored to be dating; Pledis & WGM deny


After School‘s Nana is dating actor Hong Jong Hyun, according to a report from Woman Sense, a source that I don’t recognize at all. Additionally, the magazine reports that they’ve been together for seven months, which would potentially make him being on ‘We Got Married‘ with Yura awkward.

According to the February edition of magazine Woman Sense released on the 23rd of January, the two met during Onstyle’s “Style Log” and began dating after the show ended.

The two were known to be on a date during Christmas at Incheon Wolmido and witnesses state that they were very noticeable due to the fact they both used to be models. Others state that they witnessed the two near Hong Jonghyun’s new apartment in Gangnam. Nana who is known for her honest personality has been calling him “Jjong~” and not hiding her affection for him.

Both Pledis Entertainment and ‘We Got Married’ have denied the relationship, however.

Nana’s agency meanwhile has told OSEN in a statement that, “The two are close but they are not a couple, the rumors are groundless.”

We Got Married producers have already released a statement revealing, “I heard of the rumor previously a few months ago and asked Hong Jonghyun and he stated that they are just close friends. WGM gets the celebrities to sign a contract agreeing that they will not act in a manner that defies the reality of the show and Hong Jonghyun was no exception.”

Who knows?

But it’s not like this is necessarily out of the blue as they’ve been publicly close before, which makes me think this source is just starting shit more than anything.

Hong Suk Chun actually brought it up on ‘We Got Married’.

In the midst of this “lesson,” Hong Suk Chun brought up After School/Orange Caramel’s Nana, as Hong Jong Hyun and Nana worked together as MCs on the cable television program “Style Log,” saying, “It seems you get along well with Nana. I felt ‘something’ [between you two],” as he jokingly referred to Girl’s Day’s song titled “Something.”

Hong Suk Chun continued to probe deeper by asking Hong Jong Hyun, “Who do you have a better connection with, between Nana and Yura?” Instead of answering right away, Hong Jong Hyun took some time to think seriously about the unexpected question.

After seeing Hong Jong Hyun hesitate, Hong Suk Chun couldn’t hide his frustration, scolding the model-actor for having no sense when he could have just answered “Yura” without thinking so hard about it. Hong Suk Chun caused a round of laughter, as he compared the question to choosing between a wife and a childhood schoolmate.

Hell, Yura brought it up on the show herself.

While the couple drive along to get there, Yura brought up about After School’s Nana saying “Oppa, when did you and [After School’s] Nana unni get close?” He responded saying, “It was really awkward at first,” and Yura replied, “You seem awfully friendly.”

Either way, I’m sure people will take this rumor rationally.


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