[Update 2] Taeyeon fell in a hole, pulled stomach muscle, went to hospital; Seohyun injury


Taeyeon fell through the stage, as the title says.

I’m GUESSING that’s the platform cause it looks like it’s in the middle of the stage or so, but who knows? Regardless, either it was an awesome prank or Taeyeon just fell into the floor.

She needs to be okay so we can laugh about it later without feeling like assholes.

It’ll be Tiffany‘s fault somehow. Revenge for this, I suppose.


Update 1

Taeyeon sustained a “pulled muscle” and got painkillers as treatment. No serious injury.

Jessica, Baekhyun stans, and Tiffany absolved of responsibility, as they are blaming it on a platform malfunction. Was probably Way’s Girls.

Update 2

Taeyeon’s “pulled muscle” was somehow a stomach issue, though I figured it would’ve been an ankle or knee or something of that sort. Also, Seohyun sprained her ankle, probably while trying to avoid the pit of doom, according to Top Star News.

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