Clara would give more evidence to us, but her dog ate her homework


Remember how the texts that were revealed by Clara‘s side didn’t help her case at all against Polaris Entertainment? Well, there was indeed more … but Clara says she dropped her phone in water so they couldn’t recover two months of texting. Only those two months, though. Of course.

On January 21st, Clara’s lawyers stated that while there are more text messages that implied sexual harassment, however, they are currently unrecoverable. “The messages between May and June have been lost. The cell phone was dropped in water, and the messages are unable to be recovered through the KakaoTalk servers.”

The main thing this leads me to believe, much like public responses to many other events that happen in the world, is that I could absolutely work in public relations if I wanted. Apparently the ability to issue enough bullshit to placate the morons but still keep the explanations reasonable or plausible is a completely lost art.

The funniest thing? Based on what we know to this point, it’s likely both sides still lose their lawsuits. Clara doesn’t seem to have grounds to nullify her contract like she wants, but Polaris hasn’t proven a criminal case that she was blackmailing them either (ESPECIALLY if they’re interpreting a defensive father ranting as “blackmail”).

Granted, I have to assume there’s more to this court case than what they’ve both gone public with thus far, but the damage to Clara’s public image will remain the one constant in all this. And while you know I love to get after people for bandwagon jumping, based on the way her lawyers have been doing PR, they deserve the ridicule they’re getting for giving us explanations that were roll-your-eyes worthy back in elementary school.


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