Hong Jong Hyun’s agency denies he’s dating Nana; source close to him says he is


In the wake of rumors that Hong Jong Hyun and Nana were dating — followed by denials from both Pledis Entertainment and ‘We Got Married‘ — Jong Hyun’s agency (Widmay) also denied the relationship.

Widmay, the management agency of Hong Jong Hyun, responded to the dating rumors by releasing an official statement on January 23. “After checking [with them], we want to clarify that Hong Jong Hyun and Nana are simply close oppa (older brother) and dongsaeng (younger sister). Unlike what earlier reports suggested, they are not in a relationship,” the statement says.

It continues, “As both of them were originally models and have many things in common, it is true that they have been friends for a while. However, the report about them being in a relationship is not true, and thus we would like to ask everyone to refrain from publishing speculative articles [about them].”

“We would also like to thank everyone for showing interest in Hong Jong Hyun, and we will work hard to show an even better side of him in the future,” the agency concludes.

Undeterred by the denials, a source close to Jong Hyun said that the actor was definitely dating Nana and had been doing so for a long time.

A press released interview of Hong Jong Hyun’s acquaintance, who wished to be kept anonymous, claimed that the rumors were true. He also wondered why the rumors came out so late, as Hong Jong Hyun and Nana have been “dating for a long time.”

He shared, “Hong Jong Hyun and Nana were going through hard times together around last year. So after featuring in ‘Style Log’ together, Hong Jong Hyun showed interest in Nana first, and she accepted his feelings and they became a couple. Hong Jong Hyun and Nana talk on the phone in front of their friends without hesitation, and say each other’s names out loud. Hong Jong Hyun calls Nana by her real name ‘Im Jin Ah.’ They usually go on dates in Gangnam area.”

He also added, “Both of them have straightforward personalities. They don’t care about others’ eyes and have been going on dates without hesitation. So I thought they would admit that the rumor was true, but I was surprised they denied it.”

On one hand, giving netizens even more reason to hate Nana is shitty. On the other hand, the fact that netizens believed Jong Hyun was so smart for denying Nana’s “sly fox” advances (BECAUSE THERE’S NO WAY THAT WAS FOR THE TV SHOW) would then make it amazing if they were hooking up in real life the whole time.

Despite my Nana love, we must always side with #TeamSchadenfreude.


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