Nine Muses has Kyungri to save “Drama”, but is it enough to vault above average?


Nine Muses, who never seem to find stability, are back with new members and their “Drama” music video.

I understand the throwback concept and all that, but man they were better with Sweetune.

It’s not that the concept, or the music video, or the song are bad. It’s just that they just … exist and there’s not a ton there. It reminds me of the title tracks Rainbow get stuck with, and unsurprisingly they’re in the same K-pop purgatory.

Visually, Kyungri instantly stands out any moment she’s on the screen, almost distractingly so.




I’m sorry, but they look like her goddamn backdancers.

Also, the lack of Sera was evident because she was another member that stood out, and not just visually. On that note, while Nine Muses have had quality releases before, I can’t ever imagine a fan getting attached to them or investing in them because the lineup changes so often, and the concepts/songs simply aren’t THAT good where they simply command attention no matter what.


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